Why You Simply Must Filter Your Water

Water is essential for humans. Without it, we wouldn’t survive. However, drinking tap water is not as healthy as it used to be. In fact, it can damage your health. Even spring water can give you much more than you wanted, and not in a good way. For example, you might get some chlorine which is often used to clean water, fluorine, THMs, and pesticides. 

Of course, buying bottled water probably works, but let’s face it – our environment is suffering because of it. It’s hard to argue in favor of bottled water when plastic is harming our world and water from plastic bottles may be even worse than the water from the tap. 

Here are some things that you need to know:

  • Tap water is filthier than it may seem – Even if the water is clean where you come from, or at least that’s what officials state, the water is not as clean as you may think. Imagine this. That water has been in miles and miles of pipelines which are full of pesticides and bad stuff for you. Those pipes are not clean, so you know that the water isn’t clean either. The water is disinfected, sure, but it still contains harmful components that are used to clean it. So, rethink how clean your tap water really is. 
  • Most of us don’t know about the chemicals that go into the water – It looks clean, so we believe it’s clean. Of course, we are aware that it’s not, but we choose to turn our heads away from the truth. Some research – see here –  has found that as much as 85% of people were using water that had more than 300 chemicals that had poor effects on health. The scary part is that this list is still growing. 
  • Bottled water is just as bad – As we already mentioned, bottled water is just as terrible for your health, but even worse for the environment because of the plastic, not to mention the transportation pollution and buildings where they package it. It’s an unregulated area and EPA says that it contains many chemicals too. Around three liters of water is necessary to make one liter of bottled water. A lot of oil is used for making those bottles and bottles wind up in the ocean, further poisoning our waters. It’s also way more expensive, especially when you look into some trendy titles. They all promise something amazing, but it’s just water, just as bad as your tap water, maybe even worse. 

So, stay away from bottled water, unless absolutely necessary. 

Use a Filtered Tap

The best way to get healthy water to your family is to use a filter. This goes on your tap and keeps all of the harmful chemicals away from you. Of course, start your journey by researching the best options. Remember that they have to be certified by NSF which tests your water and filters, like AquaOx Water Filters  then determine your budget and your needs. The best way to go is to put filters on each tap in your home, but if you don’t have the budget, you should make sure that at least the tap from which you drink water is filtered. If you can stretch your budget a bit more, a filter on your shower is recommended too.


Here are some of the best option for your drinking water:


  • Filters under the counter – These are great because they don’t ruin the look of your kitchen. The price is a bit higher but their filtration is excellent. Of course, there will be a bit of installation work, but nothing too complicated. 
  • Countertop filters – These devices use water pressure to push water through filtration and it helps the water be healthier. It removes more contaminants than most systems and they don’t require much work. It’s not permanent. If you’re worried about the space, you should know that it takes only a few inches of your counters. 
  • Water pitcher – These are portable and take up almost no space and they also don’t need any installation. You can put them in the fridge and buy them basically anywhere. They filter out some of the biggest contaminants but nor as many as the other two. The initial investment is tiny, but you will need to replace them more often. 


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