“The Water-Wise Home” Book Review: A Great Guide To Sustainability

The Water Wise Home How to Conserve Capture and Reuse WaterWater is, without a doubt, our single most precious and useful resource. Proper management and care over our water usage and supply is a vital human skill necessary for sustaining our way of life. Taking a unique and in-depth approach to water conservation, water collection, and hundreds of similar and related topics, the book “The Water-Wise Home: How To Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape” is a truly wonderful and illuminating read.

While there are plenty of DIY plans for water conservation methods and tips available for free on the internet, in The Water-Wise Home author Laura Allen not only offers plans for DIY projects and helpful water conservation concepts, but also goes in-depth to explore where our water comes from and the fundamental ideas behind conservation.


Becoming a Water-Wise Citizen: Water Harvesting, Greywater Recycling, Getting the Most From Your Water

The ideas at the core of The Water-Wise Home dig deep into the methods we can all put to use in our everyday lives, in the designs of our homes and buildings, and in the way we manage and use water, to get the most and make the most effective use of the world’s water supply. There are literally hundreds of brilliant concepts focused around saving water introduced in the book, and along the way the reader is informed about fundamental concepts such as their local water table, how water is collected and delivered, and dozens of details both obvious and intricate.

Along with useful concepts and ideas, the author also gives us very practical projects and solutions. Delving into questions like what are the best types of soil for moisture retention all the way to legal issues and how to deal with local laws and authorities when exercising your water rights. Water Harvesting and Recycling are important topics given a lot of focus in the book, and anyone interested in capturing run off, greywater recycling, or similar conservation efforts should look at this as a go-to guide to getting up to date with the state of the art.

Save Money, Save Water


The techniques in The Water-Wise Home, taken to their extreme, could definitely save vast quantities of water and money. But even more importantly, the book instills a deep understanding of the fundamental tenants of water conservation, giving attentive readers the chance to develop their own intuitions for conservation. Whether you read the book cover to cover or just skim some of the different ideas, it is sure to impart some useful and detailed knowledge.

Techniques and projects in the book can help you do everything from save money, to harvesting rainwater, all the way to how to tend your property for a more beautiful garden with nothing more than a little water wisdom and hard work.

Give It A Read!

We highly recommend this book. It is an excellent read for anyone looking to become more Water-Wise. Check out the Amazon listing for the book and click on the cover to “Look Inside.” You’ll be able to read the first few pages and see if you like it!

Available for ~$10 Kindle eBook or ~$20 Paperback.


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We take a look at The Water-Wise Home, a book which explores the many facets of water conservation and sustainable practices around the home.

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