Upgrade Your Coffee Experience with Filtered Water

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Coffee is a beloved part of the everyday ritual for millions of people across the globe. While it might not be the most hydrating beverage, it is certainly one of the most stimulating. And one of the most varied, too. There are literally thousands of different selections of coffee, dozens of ways of brewing it, and countless aficionados with their own tastes and methods. Those deep into the world of coffee may have already given some thought to the quality of the water in their coffee, but for those who have yet to really consider it, it’s time to have a taste.

Filtered Water – Making Coffee More Delicious

Usually, most people make their coffee with either tap or bottled water. It’s a matter of taste, after all. However, recently, there has been quite an intense controversy revolving around whether or not these two are the best options for brewing coffee.

What if there is a type of water that is better than both bottled and tap water? There sure is: filtered water. Even though the vast majority of people don’t really care what water goes into their coffee as long as they get their beverage, there are some advantages one can reap from using filtered water.

You probably have no clue what we’re talking about. But then again, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? In the remainder of this article, we will show you the perks of using filtered water for brewing coffee.

Berkey Water Filters

The Downsides of Using Tap and Bottled Water

Cup of coffee brewed with filtered waterIf you’re a regular drinker of coffee, then you must have observed that if you use tap water to brew it, it gets an unpleasant aftertaste. It tastes metallic. That is due to the rust in the pipes and perhaps to several chemicals, especially chlorine.

There are many people who won’t even drink tap water, and understandably so. Depending on where your tap water comes from, the quality of your pipes, and dozens of other factors, your tap might let out a nasty mess of bacteria and contaminants. How, then, would you expect your coffee to taste good? Even though bottled water looks like a better alternative to tap, it isn’t. In fact, it’s much worse! There are many reasons why you shouldn’t drink bottled water anymore. Not only is it terrible for the environment, bottled water is rarely much cleaner than tap – in fact, sometimes it is just bottled tap water!

In addition to this, you pay for it. A large chunk of your salary can go towards your monthly supply of drinking water if you rely on bottled water. Ditch disposable and pick up a reusable water bottles so you can save money and the environment.

How Do I Get Purified Water?

Brita Stream 10-cup Pour-Through Filter Pitcher
You can filter water for your coffee with a water filter pitcher.

When you say filtered/purified water, people automatically think it’s something you buy in a drugstore or a mall. While you might find purified water in a store, the best and cheapest way to get it is with a simple at-home filter. You could pick up a simple filtered water pitcher that will get the job done, or invest in a countertop gravity water filter, which requires no installation and can equip your kitchen with some amazing filtration technology.

Your filter can remove particulates, heavy metals, get rid of the taste and odor of chlorine, and even trap tiny microorganisms like bacteria and protozoan cysts. Subsequently, the water you drink will be considerably cleaner, and the coffee you brew with it will be that much more delicious and even healthier.

While they might seem like something complicated or expensive, water filters are widespread and are probably cheaper than you think. They can be as easy to use as literally pouring the water in and waiting for it to come out clean. In the case of something like a filter pitcher, you just fill the pitcher and pour from it normally! Once you’ve experienced the difference you’ll realize immediately what an easy and worthwhile step filtering your water truly is.


The Advantages of Using Filtered Water for Coffee

Coffee maker making coffee with filtered waterUnfiltered tap water is a lot more prone to leaving deposits of limestone on your device. Over time this build-up can cause issues and require extra maintenance. Because the filter removes microscopic limestone from the water, your coffee machine is going to be safe from limestone build-up. Limestone is not the only potentially damaging contaminant a water filter can remove, but makes a very noticeable example if you ever come across its buildup in your coffee maker!

Not only might it save your coffee maker, it could save you the agony of a kidney stone. Believe it or not, tap water is one of the most common risk factors for getting those. You’ll definitely prefer the taste of filtered water to the pain of lithotripsy!

  • The coffee will taste better

Espresso made with filtered waterThis means that it won’t have that metallic aftertaste anymore. There was some speculation that filtered water would remove the minerals that are vital in the coffee’s extraction process. That is not entirely true. It actually depends on what type of filter you decide to use.

There are many brands made specifically for letting nothing but those crucial minerals pass through the sieve. Instead of getting a coffee that tastes like chlorine and wet steel, you’ll get a sweet, flavorful one.

  • It does not have an unpleasant odor

Cartoon graphic of coffee aromaTap water can smell like sewage, especially when you live in an area that is known for its contaminated water sources. Even in the cleanest places it can still smell strongly of chlorine, the disinfectant most commonly used in tap water. A good filter can remove both of these sickening odors completely. And of course, it also removes the substances that cause it in the first place.

If you’ve ever felt a strange odor emanating from your cup of coffee, then you can rest assured that you will get rid of that problem by using filtered water.

Final Remarks


Filtered water has many advantages to offer to those who use it for brewing their coffee. You will find evidence on numerous coffee blogs and throughout the coffee-drinking community. But better yet, prove it to yourself by filtering some water and brewing up a pot!

We are far from being the only ones that praise it. Coffee enthusiasts all over the world are already turning to it because they felt the difference it makes both in taste and quality.

Hopefully, you will start using it, too. Make the right call, and you won’t have any health problems caused by the various contaminants in tap and bottled water.

(Don’t hesitate. Check out Hydration Anywhere’s Water Purifiers & Filter Reviews for some ideas on how to get started today.)

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Contributor and coffee-expert Rudy Caretti walks us through the many benefits of brewing with filtered water.

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