Unbreakable Glass Bottle: The Pure Glass Bottle with Safe-Shell

Unfortunately, the Unbreakable Glass Bottle has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. Sorry! But don’t despair: view our always-up-to-date Best Water Bottles Guide to find something even better!

By far the best material we have available for a water bottle, the main reason most people would cite for using Pure Glass Bottleanything else is how easy glass is to break. As we covered in the “Why You Want a Glass Water Bottle” article, there are many advantages to using glass both for the health of the user and the environment. Yet far more common than glass water bottles are plastic and stainless steel or other metal varieties – because they are far more durable.

Amazingly, advances in technology may eventually make this no longer true. We may one day see truly “unbreakable” glass – for now, the Pure Glass Bottle (~$27 on Amazon.com) is taking us one step closer.

Hoping to solve the problem of the fragility of glass, the Pure Safe-Shell technology was pioneered by an environmental chemist hoping to make the world a safer place by reducing the hazard of broken glass.

What Safe-Shell Does

While the Pure Glass Bottle is not truly unbreakable, Safe-Shell insures that if it does break it won’t shatter and no water or glass debrisPure Glass Bottle with Safe-Shell is produced. The glass fractures yet the bottle holds its form, not fracturing into small shards or moving across the ground. This is due to the proprietary Safe-Shell technology which forms a protective yet more or less invisible coating over the bottle to insure it holds its form and doesn’t expose any sharp glass or liquids.

But in addition to preventing a huge mess of glass and potential injury, Safe-Shell also acts in some capacity to reinforce the glass from breaking at all. Composed of super tough borosilicate glass (the stuff Pyrex is made from,) the Pure Glass Bottle should be quite difficult to break in the first place – and even if it does, it won’t be catastrophic.

If a Pure Glass Bottle does break, it can simply be thrown in its entirety into standard glass recycling.


“Unbreakable” Design Prevents Shattering


High Cost

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We take a look at just what makes the Pure Safe-Shell a truly unbreakable glass bottle.

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