TUR Hydration Teton Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

TUR Hydration Teton Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle In Four Colors Review PhotoWe are always excited to see a newcomer to the insulated stainless steel water bottle game, especially one as colorful as TUR Hydration’s Teton. A lightweight, easily portable, and eye-catchingly colorful water bottle, the Teton offers a minimal footprint while still boasting high quality double-wall vacuum insulation. Rounding off the package with a few other neat features, TUR Hydration has proven capable of offering the world a quality example of a modern water bottle.

We do have a few qualms with the Teton, though, which we’ll explore below in our review. While we understand TUR Hydration’s goal of creating an ultra-portable bottle, the 12 ounce capacity leaves us wondering if maybe it is a little too tiny. Don’t get us wrong – there is plenty to get excited about from these Teton insulated bottles, and if portability is at the top of your list, this is certainly a bottle worth looking into.

Testing Out the Teton 12 Ounce Water Bottle

TUR Hydration Teton Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Blue and Green

The kind folks at TUR Hydration sent us two of their Teton Insulated Water Bottles to review, in green and blue. This is only two of the four bright, pastel colors available to choose from. The design of the bottle is certainly sleek and eye catching at a glance with its brightly colored yet minimalist aesthetic. On the exterior of the bottle is the colorful plastic shell, which encases the bottles insulated stainless steel construction to provide both durability and the distinctive look.

Inside the bottle itself we find 18/8 food-grade stainless steel with quality vacuum insulated construction. Offering 12 hours of cold insulation and 6 hours of hot, the bottle should provide plenty of insulation for its 12 ounce contents to be consumed at their ideal temperature. In our testing, our Teton bottles live up to their advertised insulating capabilities and maybe even manage to exceed them – we found ice still chunky after 13 hours, though it had certainly warmed up a bit.

An Ultra Portable Insulated Bottle

Teton Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The idea behind the Teton is clear: create the most portable bottle possible. To this end, the design of the bottle is streamlined. With a small footprint, it slides conveniently into any bottle holder, readily disappears into a backpack or purse, and never weighs in at more than 19.2 ounces (7.2 ounces for the bottle + 12 ounces of water at maximum capacity.) This makes carrying the bottle a breeze – it even feels quite light and comfortable in your hand. The “soft-touch” lid lives up to its name with a smooth and pleasant tactile experience, and the silicone carrying strap is stretchy and fun to play with, while also providing a convenient way to tote the bottle.

TUR Hydration has also includes a nifty padded bottom in the Teton bottle line, which enhances the durability of the bottle and provides stability. It is a very stable base, meaning the bottle stands upright on just about any surface easily.

We certainly appreciate the commitment to portability we see in the Teton bottle. However, for our personal taste, the Teton’s 12 ounce capacity is a little small. We like a lot of water, and we find ourselves filling up a 12 ounce very regularly. However, there is no doubt that carrying around a huge 40-ounce can be a bit cumbersome, and the featherweight design of the Teton bottle is a nice change, so ultimately it all falls to personal preference.

Some Nifty Extras

TUR Hydration Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Boxes

There are quite a few neat little inclusions from TUR which we like a lot: the soft-touch material used on the cap, the silicone strap, and especially the nicely sized mouth on the bottle. At first glance I expected the Teton to be a narrow-mouth opening bottle, and maybe compared to a giant wide-mouth it is a bit narrow. However, it affords room for average-sized ice cubes, which is a very desirable feature to make use of the bottle’s insulation capability.

While the TUR Hydration bottle is primarily stainless steel, the cap does include a BPA-free plastic which contacts the water if the bottle is inverted. For stainless steel purists this might be something of a downside, but plastic contact can be minimized by keeping the bottle upright.

Review Summary

TUR Hydration Insulated Portable Water Bottles in Blue and Green
At the end of the day there is a lot to like from the Teton bottle range. It comes in four pleasing colors, has some nifty bells and whistles such as its soft-touch lid, padded base, silicone carrying sleeve, and colorful plastic frame. With quality 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction and quality vacuum insulating design, the bottle is durable and capable of offering insulation rivaling bottles of similar design.

With a 12 ounce capacity, the Teton might be small for some people. However, if portability is of prime importance to you, the Teton’s tiny footprint might win out. Fortunately it is easy to fill with its affordably sized mouth, and weighing only 7.2 ounce empty means the bottle will never be much of a burden, full or empty.
Priced at around $20 on Amazon.com, the Teton doesn’t ask much for a bottle as feature rich as is on offer. However, it is certainly possible to get larger bottles for around the same price. The question becomes if the small size and portable design is something that interests you or not. It certainly has its benefits!

We award the TUR Hydration Teton Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle 4/5 stars. We look forward to seeing more from TUR Hydration!

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The TUR Hydration Teton is a simple, modern-looking, sleek vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle, ideal for everyday use and slim enough to slide into a cup holder.

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