Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Own A Reusable Water Bottle

Hydro Flasks in Many Colors Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Own a Reusable Water BottleHere at Hydration Anywhere we are big advocates of proper hydration, saving people money, and protecting our planet – and therefore, we are big advocates of reusable water bottles! If you follow us then you are probably already the proud owner of a handy-dandy reusable water bottle, but if you’re new or looking into making the trade-up transition, then here are our top ten reasons everyone should own a reusable water bottle.

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1. The Environmentally Friendly Bottle

Environmental pollution from disposable water bottlesComing in at #1 is probably the most important reason you could imagine: our planet’s health and safety! According to The Water Project, an estimated >80% of all disposable water bottles in the US turn into “litter”, filling up and overflowing landfills internationally. In the United States alone landfills are packed with over 2 million tons of thrown out single-use bottles, which can take thousands of years to bio-degrade. And these statistics do not even begin to tell the story of the millions of bottles which never make their ways to landfills or recycling plants, instead creating hazardous pollution across the globe.

Heal the Bay tells us that the US uses over 17 million barrels of oil to create upwards of 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles every year. Only 1 out of every 5 of which are properly recycled. By using your own reusable water bottle, you stop supporting and promoting single-use environmentally damaging bottles and help protect our planet.

For more on the devastating impacts of disposable water bottles on the environment, read our piece 5 Shocking Ways Bottled Water is Ruining Our Planet.

2. It Will Save You Money

Save Money with a Reusable Water BottleYou might be surprised at how much you end up spending on water when you buy a new bottle every time you are thirsty. A one time investment in a reusable water bottle will ultimately save you a fortune. Bottled water is hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times more expensive than tap water. The average American spends about $5.00 per week on bottled water, meaning you will save enough to pay off your reusable bottle in a month, and save over $200 dollars a year by supplying your own water to drink.

Amazingly, prices for bottled water can be as much as 2,000 times more expensive than tap water. Even if you think a bottle of water is about as cheap as can be, it adds up fast. In 2012 Americans spent a whopping $11.8 billion on bottled water – for something almost all of us can get at home at equal or greater quality than what is in the bottle.

3. Control The Water Source

Know Where Your Water Comes From With A Reusable Water BottleA lot of people like to know where the things they are putting in their body come from. If you are drinking from your trusty reusable bottle, you can always keep track of the source of your water. If you live in the United States, your water supply is protected by law and should be safe for consumption. Although tap water sometimes gets an unfair rap, it should be perfectly safe almost everywhere.

Even if the water quality where you lives leaves something to be desired, there is a much better solution than opting to drink disposable bottled waters. Picking up a filtered water bottle can put an end to bad taste and odor from tap water and equip you with a quality filter that can accompany you where ever you go. Considering that more than 25% of bottled water sold in stores is just water filtered from a municipal source it makes sense to just cut out the middle man and carry your own filter. With companies like Aquafina, Nestle, and Dasani all publicly acknowledging that their water is pulled from public sources, it really makes one wonder why you’d bother with buying bottled water in the age of affordable filtering water bottles.

4. The Healthier Choice

Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle At The GymSo, now that you know your tap water is safe, lets talk about how it might be better for you as well. Plastic water bottles can release harmful chemicals into their water if left in ‘extreme heat’, such as the back seat of your car on a sunny day. If the bottles contain BPA, contamination is toxic to humans and can cause a laundry list of harmful effects including reproductive disorders, heart disease, asthma, and more.

In contrast, reusable bottles made from materials like BPA-free Tritan plastics, stainless steel, or best of all glass, are almost entirely non-leaching. Not only do they not contain potentially toxic chemicals, they also save your water from picking up that nasty taste when its spent too long in the bottle. Glass bottles are certainly the way to go for anyone concerned with having the most contaminant-free method of water storage. Read our article Why You Want a Glass Water Bottle for more.

5. The Tastier Option


At least 25% of bottled water on the market is just refiltered tap water and has that “bottled water” taste that you put up with because it is supposedly ‘clean’. Only one out of every third taste tester in this tap water taste test from Boston University could correctly identify the taste of tap water compared to bottled water. Why should you literally pay for something that you can get right from your own house? Especially if you have the added investment of a home water filter. Delicious!

If the water in your home or office tastes bad enough that you’ve been opting for bottled water, a more environmentally (and financially) friendly solution could be to invest in a simple filtration system. For low-cost, no-installation options, have a look at our guide to the Best Water Filter Pitchers or our feature Best Countertop Gravity Water Filters.

6. Drink What You Want, The Way You Want, Whenever You Want

Best Reusable Insulated Water BottlesSpeaking of deliciousness, your reusable bottles are not tied down to just hosting water. The right bottle could hold any drink you like, and even hot soup! A quality insulated bottle will keep your cold beer ice cold or your fresh coffee piping hot. Reusable bottles are a great way to carry any drink you want on the go! Don’t limit yourself – but do remember to drink a healthy supply of H20.

Picking up a reusable water bottle is a great chance to improve your daily hydration habits! You can even opt for an ultra-modern hydration tracking smart bottle and have a digitized water bottle that keeps track of your daily water intake and even offers reminders if you’re not drinking enough water. No disposable bottle is going to do that!

7. Cleanable and Reusable

OXO Water Bottle Cleaning Brush KitWhile this might be a downside for the lazy, the ability to clean and actually reuse your reusable water bottle is great! You might try to stretch the mileage out of your disposable bottle by cleaning it, but the tight openings will prove the task difficult. You are better off getting a bottle built for the task and most are dishwasher friendly!

With a bit of maintenance, reusable bottles can be kept clean and functional for years or even decades depending on the materials. Just like a water glass or a beverage cup, they should be washed regularly after use with soap and water, and scrubbed out if necessary. There are also quite a few products on the market specifically designed to keep your water bottle nice and clean.

Read our guide on How To Clean Your Water Bottle for all sorts of tips, tricks, and products to help keep your bottle good as new.

8. Long-Lasting Durability

Reusable water bottles are not messing around. Many are stainless steel and built for backpacking, camping, or travel and will still be there after taking a punch – or a fall. A single bottle, if properly maintained, will last you years! You could buy a reusable water bottle today and still be using it in a decade or two. And you can know for certain that it will not bend or break in your backpack and leak all over your supplies.


9. Appearance and Aesthetic

Simple Modern Wave Bottles in Many Colors Review PhotoAesthetic is not everything, but it sure does help. Reusable water bottles not only give off the appearance that you care about the environment and are a smart consumer, but their reusable nature means that they’ll be around a lot more than a disposable bottle and function as part of your appearance. It can even double as something of a fashion accessory: find a brand of bottle that can show off your favorite color, maybe customize your bottle with some accessories, or even turn your humble bottle into a sort of canvas for stickers of your favorite bands, movies, or politicians.

10. More Convenient

Woman Drinks From Hydro Flask While Doing YogaLast but not least, reusable water bottles are so much more convenient. If you have one, and remember to use it, you will always have your drink when you or someone else needs it, you will always know exactly what its contents are, and you’ll always be able to use it again next time. And, as we mentioned, most are fit for travel to clip on or attach to backpacks and to keep your drinks tempered and fresh. Properly cared for, a quality water bottle is a lasting investment in your everyday convenience.


So, if you haven’t already gotten yourself a reusable water bottle, we hope that this list has persuaded you to get one for yourself, your friends, and your family – they make for great presents! Be a part of the movement to help the environment, at great benefit to yourself!

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Looking for more reasons to ditch bottled water and pick up a reusable bottle for yourself? Check out this illuminating 8-minute YouTube video called “The Story of Bottled Water.”

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Learn about the many benefits of owning a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing disposable bottled water.

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