Tips to Escape Burnout to Stay Hydrated


When there is nothing else to do, people believe that the best thing to do is throw yourself at work. While hard-working is a positive characteristic, working too much can be dangerous for your health. The burnout phenomenon happens when you work more than you can handle. As a result, your body and your mind can no longer endure exposure to stress. Your mind becomes occupied with too many things going on at the same time that you can’t concentrate on one thing anymore.

Energy Test                                                                                                               

No matter how much you love the job you’re doing, there are some activities in your ordinary workday that just drain your energy. The question is, how can you recognize the activity that does you no good? 

Employees can do the so-called “energy test” to check how much energy they spend on performing a task. That way, people can come up with ideas about what they can do before they work on the tasks that drain their energy. You will save more energy that will keep you on the right track.

Playing Games

There are many things that you can do in the meantime to escape burnout. One way is to play online games. For example, online casino games are a very entertaining pastime. The number of online casino games available online is getting bigger as developers are constantly working on new games. Slots are a great example of quality casino games that come in many variations on reliable casinos like

They also care about your gaming experience, and they have improved visual graphics and sound presentation. Otherwise, when you play online games, your brain has a chance to focus on something else that is not related to work. Luckily, there are many free mobile games available on mobile devices. 


Staying hydrated is an important factor when you’re sitting most of the day in front of a screen. Your energy levels also depend on your hydration. In order to drink enough water, especially if you like caffeinated drinks like coffee, make sure to bring a large glass with water or a water bottle. But, if you’re still too occupied to drink enough water, then you can put reminders on your phone or download an app that lets you track your water intake throughout your day and reminds you to drink more water.

Another tip if you feel tired is to drink tea like chamomile tea or ginger tea in case you want something spicier. It is a good way to stay hydrated and enjoy your favorite tea at work.  


A proven technique is prioritizing tasks. People want to have everything completed on time and are in a rush to meet deadlines. Still, doing too many things at the same time, the so-called multitasking, can take the focus out of you and decrease your productivity level. 

Another problem is constantly checking your phone for missed calls and new messages. Not every notification needs your immediate reaction. In case you want to have a better overview of your tasks during the week, you can use a bullet journal or a digital planar. 

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