Thermos Smart Lid – Water Consumption Tracking Smart Bottle Review

Thermos Smart Bottle ReviewImmediately I was a little sad when I learned that the Thermos Smart Lid Bottle is not an actual classic Thermos – rather, it is a simple uninsulated Tritan plastic water bottle. Regardless, the Thermos Smart Lid is a pretty nifty and budget execution in the budding smart bottle market. The Smart Lid is capable of syncing to Apple iOS devices or a FitBit to provide real-time monitoring of water consumption. Automatically tracking your water intake as you drink from the bottle, while simultaneously providing you the temperature of your bottle’s contents and reminders of when to hydrate, the Smart Lid aims to bring water bottles into the 21st century with some digital flair.

In our recent examination of a variety of smart bottles, we got to try out the Thermos Smart Lid for a bit. Our very first curiosity about it was if we could put the Smart Lid on any other bottles, but we quickly found that the answer is no – the Smart Lid has been made specially for the bottle with which it is included. Fortunately, the 24-ounce Tritan bottle included with the Smart Lid is a decent contender.

The Smart Lid: Digital Hydration Tracking From Thermos

Thermos Smart Lid CloseupThe Thermos Smart Lid’s iPhone app takes some basic personal data to calculate your daily hydration needs. It sets this goal automatically, but you can change it if desired. Providing you reminders throughout the day if you aren’t drinking enough water, the Smart Lid aims to help users improve their hydration for better health and overall daily wellbeing.

Compatible with iOS 7+ devices as well as some models of FitBit, the Smart Lid gives information in the form of charts, graphs, and real-time tracking of your intake and hydration goals. While I’m stoked on the FitBit integration, the lack of Android or Jawbone support is kind of a bummer. The app is okay, easy enough to use, but not providing a whole lot of detailed information. The ability to track the temperature of your water is kind of cool, but more or less a novelty. It would be a much more interesting feature on an insulated bottle.

Using the Thermos Smart Lid Everyday

Thermos Smart Lid AppThe Smart Lid is easy enough to drink through, though some water always is trapped at the bottom of the bottle out of reach of the straw. The bottle itself is just a plastic Tritan bottle – very standard and generic. We wish they would have splurged a little more on the bottle design, but oh well. The 25 ounce capacity makes it a mid-sized water bottle, which affords it some nice portability. The design is pretty leakproof, with a plastic stopper cap that closes over the top of the lid to seal off the straw when not in use.

The lid also features a micro-USB port for charging the Smart Lid. The Smart Lid is advertised with about a 12 day battery life, which seems a little generous from our testing. The app includes a battery meter to let you know how long until the device needs to be recharged again. Having to charge it is kind of a pain, but thankfully the battery life is long enough that it is a fairly rare occurrence.
I was excited to set it up syncing to my FitBit, as I’ve been using it to track my water consumption lately. It does exactly what I wanted, syncing up to my FitBit every time I finish a bottle-full of water, so that I can get accurate water consumption data into my FitBit app completely automatically. This is a benefit, but would be even better if it worked with other fitness trackers as well.

One neat thing is that it tracks when water is being sipped through the straw. This means if you spill your water, or if you dump it out, it won’t track it. Only when you draw it through the Smart Lid’s straw will it record it. It tracks stats like the number of sips taken, time since the bottle’s last refill, and time since last sip – all of these are reset when the bottle is refilled.

Review Summary

Thermos Smart Bottle Smart Lid ReviewOverall the Thermos Smart Lid is an okay entry into the world of first generation smart bottles. Compared to some of the other smart bottles we’ve looked at, the Thermos Smart Lid is kind of lackluster. The bottle itself is simple, the app is functional but spartan, and the decision to confine the Smart Lid purely to the included bottle really hurts the product. We are also a little concerned with the lack of Android support, but the FitBit support is a huge plus.

With a pricetag around $60, it is important to note that the Smart Lid is cheaper than a lot of the higher-end smart bottles we are comparing it to above. Still, at $60, we wish it had a little more polish. Regardless, if you are looking for a simple way to track water consumption, the Smart Lid is definitely not a bad option.

We award it 3/5 stars.

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You can learn more about the Thermos Smart Lid by visiting the Amazon listing.

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Tracks Water Consumption


iPhone and Fitbit Only – No Android Support
Lid Only Works With Included Bottle

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The Thermos Smart Lid Bottle is equipped with a simple meter to track how much water you drink from it during the day, and syncing up to your iPhone or Fitbit.

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