The Wonderful World of Hydro Flask Accessories

Hydro Flask 40 Ounce Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water BottleMaybe one of the coolest things the Hydro Flask brings to the table is the big world of accessories that accompany them. Everyone has a unique approach to their day, so why not to their water bottle, too? Hydro Flask’s are backed up by a supporting cast of accessories of all flavors. Maybe you want to add a nice straw lid, or just want to put a handle on it. If you want a nifty sleeve you can get ’em in silicone or as a full fledge carrying pouch. Pick and choose from the world of Hydro Flask accessories and you can have a Flask as individual as you are.

In this article, we’ll take a bit of a whirlwind tour of the Hydro Flask accessories available on the market to help you get an idea of the kinds of cool things you can customize your Hydro Flask with. Let’s dive in!

Hydro Flask Lids & Straws, Handles, Sleeves, Stickers & More

We’ve never made any secret of our fondness for the Hydro Flask here at Hydration Anywhere, so it should come as no surprise to say that between everyone involved in this website, we have owned quite a few of them! And along with each Hydro Flask we have a set of accessories which are almost as important as the bottle itself!

Because there are so many different types of accessories available for the Hydro Flask, we’ve split this review up into sub-categories where we’ll take a quick look at a few different examples from each category. We’ll begin with Lids & Straws.

Hydro Flask Lids & Straw Accessories

(UPDATE: For way more on Hydro Flask lids, check out our Easy Guide to Hydro Flask Lids.)

If the stock lid for the Hydro Flask isn’t quite cutting it for you, don’t fret, there are plenty of options. Be careful when selecting a Hydro Flask lid to make sure you are getting the one for the proper type of mouth, that is wide-mouth or narrow/standard-mouth. The distinction will be made clearly in the product name.

Hydro Flask Straw Lid Accessory
Hydro Flask Straw Lid

One of the most popular types of lid is the Wide Mouth Straw Lid (~$16 on The Straw Lid completely replaces the regular lid with a pop-up straw that makes access to the contents of your Hydro Flask easy as pie. Much simpler than fiddling with any screw-on lid, the straw lid is practically a must-have for any wide-mouth Hydro Flask.

Another nifty straw option available for the 21-ounce Hydro Flask variety is the AquaGear Filter Straw Cap. This adds an activated coconut carbon filter to your Hydro Flask, which is effective at removing tap water contaminants and chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, heavy metals and other potentially unhealthy contaminants. We did a complete article on the AquaGear which you can read here.

If you’re looking for something akin to a straw for your narrow/standard-mouth Hydro Flask, have a look at the Hydro Flask Sport Cap (~$9.99 on It is definitely not the same as the Straw Lid, but it provides easy access.

One drawback to the Straw Lid is that the straw can be somewhat difficult to clean, especially the upper mouthpiece. The inner straw is detachable, but the mouthpiece can be a bit tough to get completely clean due to the moving parts. Be sure to scrub well!

Hydro Flask Flip Lid Accessory
Flip Lid

Should you want an easy access lid but aren’t interested in a straw lid, check out the Wide Mouth Flip Lid (~$4.95 on Substantially cheaper than the Straw Lid, the Flip Lid is very basic: just a small area which flips open or closed to let whatever is in your Hydro Flask flow in or out.

Hydro Flask Handle Accessories

JugLug Handle For Hydro Flask
The JugLug Hydro Flask Handle

The simplest form of handle is the classic JugLug (~$8 for 2 on The JugLug is a pretty simple handle: made of a piece of rubbery-plastic, it is screwed under the lid on the Hydro Flask and provides a handy carrying solution. Very simple, yet very effective, the JugLug is an extremely popular accessory. However, at $8, I find it a little pricey considering it is just a thin piece of plastic. But you do get two of them in each pack, which is handy.

The JugLug is surprisingly durable under normal use, but it will wear out after extended periods, especially if you hold up a full Hydro Flask a lot. JugLug’s can fit 18oz-64oz Hydro Flask’s, or bottles with similar proportions. Having two to a package is either a nice boost if you have multiple bottles that can make use of them, or a bit of a useless bonus if you really only need one. If you really just want a single handle, there is another offering from JugLug that might be more your style.

JugLug Pivot Hydro Flask Handle
The JugLug Pivot

A personal favorite is the JugLug’s big brother, the JugLug Pivot (~$10 on While in a way making use of the same basic design of the classic JugLug, the JugLug Pivot is an altogether much more sturdy handle constructed from a solid plastic. It gives you a firm grip on your Hydro Flask, and as the name implies, can pivot around freely. At about $10, it is only marginally more expensive than the much more cheaply constructed classic JugLug.

JugLug tends to have the market pretty well sewn up on most Hydro Flask handles. It is pretty rare to see anyone with any other type of handle out in the wild (at least where I live.) However, there are a few neat alternatives, like this next one.

Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask
Paracord Hydro Flask Handle

What if your handle could not only carry your water jug, but maybe even save your life? (Ha!) Well, hopefully it will never have to, but in theory it could. This Paracord Water Bottle Holder (~$17 on is made from real 550 + 350 paracord. Paracord can be highly useful in an outdoors or survival situation. But even if you never unwind the paracord (which most of us probably won’t,) this is an excellent water bottle handle. It is extremely strudy with minimal motion of the bottle, making it an ideal option for hiking or carrying your bottle for extended periods. Plus, it is hard to get much more durable than paracord!

Also included is a metal ring to fasten it on, and a carabiner for easy attachment to belt buckle, backpacks and more.

Hydro Flask Sleeve Accessories

Onoola Silicone Hydro Flask Sleeve Accessory
Onoola Silicone Sleeve

Sleeves are a neat way to add a bit of individuality to your Hydro Flask by giving it a total make over. Silicone sleeves like the Onoola (~$15 on are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These come with the added benefit of keeping your Hydro Flask pristine under the sleeve, plus making it look neat and unique.

Onoola and a few competitors make a variety of silicone sleeves for Hydro Flasks, but other than that there is not a whole lot in the sleeve department in the way Onoola’s products might make you imagine. Instead, the other type of Hydro Flask sleeve takes us to another offering from JugLug.


JugLug Hydro Flask Pouch
JugLug Pouch/Sleeve

The JugLug Sleeve / Pouch (~$17 on more resembles a sort of bag for your Hydro Flask than it does a form-fitting sleeve accessory like the silicone offerings above. However, it is form-fitting, and provides an extremely cushioned ride for your Hydro Flask, in addition to providing a super useful handle, strap, or sling, depending on how you use it. The model shown here is for 40 ounce Hydro Flasks, but it is available in other sizes as well.

We took a look at the JugLug Sleeve / Pouch and some similar items in our feature “Water Bottle Holders: Everything You Need To Know.”

Hydro Flask Stickers Accessories

Star Wars Storm Trooper Hydro Flask Decal
Storm Trooper Decal

Stickers are an awesome way to spice up your Hydro Flask. Increasingly popular all over the globe, people are using their water bottles are a vehicle of personal expression by adorning them with stickers. You don’t need any special type of stick to put on your Hydro Flask – any type will stick to it. However, you probably want to look for high quality stickers, so not cheap kid’s or toy stickers. Try looking for stickers in the Amazon Arts & Crafts Department and looking for the more high quality stickers. Generally if you are paying more than $0.50 for a single sticker, it will be high quality, and should be able to handle the abuse of being put on your Hydro Flask at least long enough for you to show it off to everyone!

And if you really want it to stick, look for some decals. Those definitely won’t go anywhere! Check out this Star Wars Storm Trooper Decal (~$5 on for just one random example of the kind of awesome flair you can add to your Hydro Flask with the right stickers.

More Cool Hydro Flask Accessories

Pro Bottle 32oz and 40oz Hydro Flask Car Cup Holder Adapter Accessory
Pro Bottle Cup Holder Adapter

Above we have outlined most of the necessities and the most sought after Hydro Flask accessories, but we have not looked at all of them! Around the Hydro Flask has been built a thriving ecosystem of accessories and neat additions to the basic bottle in the way of functionality such as a JugLug product or pure aesthetics like popping a decal on your bottle.

One neat accessory I’ve put to great use is the Bottle Pro Car Cup Holder Adapter (~$15 on Just slide this thing into your standard sized car cup holder and now it is capable of holding your 32oz or 40oz Hydro Flask! Quite a hassle saver, since I’ve been at odds with my cup holder since I became a Hydro Flask devotee!

What Would YOU Like To Have As A Hydro Flask Accessory?


If your Hydro Flask could do anything, what would you have it do? What is that one accessory which is missing and would really bring it all together for you? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with all of your thoughts.

Still haven’t decided if you want a Hydro Flask or not? Read our comparison of Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen, or buy your very own Hydro Flask on Amazon.

Did we miss any of your favorite Hydro Flask accessories in this round up? Let us know, or just pop in to tell us what your favorite accessory is in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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We explore the many accessories available for Hydro Flasks: lids, straws, handles, sleeves, and more.

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  1. Would like to see a keg cap that was nicely made. This would keep beer fresh and carbonated in the growler while adding an extra cool factor. Drink Tank and Man Can have these tops. Would be awesome if one was make for Hydro Flask too!

  2. Would like a removable shallow rubber bottom to protect the edges in the same color as the lid. Mine dropped on concrete and the anadize finish scraped off the edge, exposing the stainless steel..

  3. I am looking for a boot, sleeve, straw lid (with good reviews) and coffee lid and bottle carrying ring for 3 Hydro Flasks 8oz small mouth size. I feel the hard ring carrier on the lids probably contribute to future leakage & fracture and make drinking cumbersome. I saw brightly colored boots and sleeves after Christmas but cannot find them now.

  4. It’s a pain in the ass to pour beer from the 64 ounce, I’d love to see a slip on handle like they used to make for milk containers.

  5. Looking for an infuser for my 40 oz wide mouth. I know I’ve seen people have them but I don’t know where they’ve got them.

      • I have been looking for the EXACT same thing! I love all my hydroflasks (yes, I have three in two different sizes, all wide mouth) but would love the option of a drop in fruit infuser. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one requesting this! Please please someone make a fruit infuser that fits inside my hydroflasks! I refuse to buy another bottle for this… I want an accessory for my hydroflasks.

        • I found this article on a search for these, and am so sad to find out they’re not offered. PLEASE hydroflask, make an infuser accessory!!!

          • Hi Bridget,
            We made one after seeing some comments on this board. Give it a try and see what you think! Would love to hear any feedback.

  6. is there a long camelback styled straw/tube available? I’d like to be able to drink from my flask hands free. I get that camelback reservoirs crush down as the liquid comes out, and that wouldn’t work with a solid sided flask…but surely a one way valve could be incorporated couldn’t it?


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