The Importance of Drinking Water

A glass of refreshing Mineral Water.Everyone needs water. There can be no question about that – but are you really drinking water  as you need to be? Without a doubt the most vital substance to life as we know it, water is the basis of all of our bodies essential functions. We are all aware that prolonged periods without water can be fatal, but perhaps less aware that balancing our intake to ensure our body always has enough water to work with is essential to good health.

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In a comprehensive scientific review entitled “Water, Hydration, and Health,” (full text available free courtesy of HHS Public Access and PMC) the intricate relationship between hydration and health is explored. In the review, the authors expound on how water effects quite literally every system and organ of the body. They note the importance of hydration in both physical activity and cognitive function, as well examining the intricate relationship between hydration and the bodies overall energy. As the authors note, scientific study has proven that dehydration has the potential to negatively impact both immediate and long term health, leading to loss of energy or poor functioning in the short term and potentially chronic disease in the long term.

Though it might be tempting to think that the kind of effects noted in such a review are mostly related to extreme cases of dehydration, our growing scientific understanding of the bodies need for water seems to indicate this is not entirely the case. A 2007 study entitled “Hydration and Disease” (PubMed Abstract) notes that “[t]here is increasing evidence that mild dehydration plays a role in the development of various morbidities. “

Staying Hydrated in Daily Life – Drinking Water Habitually12 Ounce Hydro Flask, Blue

Although the old school recommendation of drinking 8 8-ounce glasses of water of day might be a great way to justify picking up a new 64oz Hydro Flask, as it turns out this idea might not hold water at all (ha!) According to WebMD the new scientific consensus is to simply drink whenever your thirsty – not measuring your intake to meet some guideline.

Personally, I’ve noticed a trend in my daily life. If I have water available to drink, I drink far more often and tend to feel better for it. Yet if I don’t have water available, I don’t necessarily feel too thirsty – yet I know I am still suffering for it.

Keep a Reusable Water BottleAvoid plastic waste with a reusable water bottle.

Making sure you can stay hydrated all the time is actually pretty simple. Just pick up a quality water bottle, keep it filled, and voila! You’re on the road to healthier living. Plus, carrying a reusable bottle has the great benefit of reducing waste as you’ll no longer need to buy bottled water – saving you money and saving the environment a major hassle!

Looking for a new reusable bottle? Check out 5 Great Budget Nalgene Bottles or join me in my Hydro Flask addiction.

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There are few things more important to good health than drinking enough water! We examine the health benefits of proper hydration.

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