The HydroSleeve Armband Hydration System Review

hydrosleeve armband hydration system for runners reviewI’m always looking at ways to stay hydrated while running. Previously here at Hydration Anywhere we’ve highlighted hydration packs for runningwater bottle holders of all kinds, we’ve looked at ways to carry your water on your back, your belt, your vest, even on a sling or mounted on a bicycle. It might seem like we’ve exhausted all of the ways one can hope to carry their water on the go, but we’ve so far neglected what is now one of my new favorite ways to stay hydrated when I’m on the run.

Let me introduce you to the awesome HydroSleeve Armband Hydration System.

Stay Hydrated While Running with the HydroSleeve Armband

The HydroSleeve is one of those things that is so obvious and yet genius that when you see it you go, “huh, why haven’t I seen this before?” Strapping to your upper arm around the bicep, the HydroSleeve provides a completely hands-free method of getting a drink while you’re running. Inside the HydroSleeve is a 7.5 ounce insulated anti-slosh bladder, perfect for keeping enough water for a run in without substantially weighing you down.

Because of the placement of the HydroSleeve, it is super easy to get a drink even when I’m moving and jostling about. Drinking access is provided through a BPA-free valve, which makes it simple to bring up to your lips and get a drink any time, even while literally on the run. Drinking while running is further facilitated by the HydroSleeve’s anti-slosh bladder technology, which compresses the bladder to prevent water from sloshing around inside and making drinking more complicated. This is a clever little innovation which really adds a lot of value and utility to the HydroSleeve.


Designed For Runner’s Comfort

Man running with HydroSleeve Armband
Comfortably straps to bicep while running

The anti-slosh bladder is only one example of the design innovations employed by HydroSleeve to make their armband hydration system as runner-friendly as possible. Aside from this, we find the same kind of clever additions all over the design. The armband is made of a well ventilated and highly breathable material, meaning the HydroSleeve’s armband won’t get too sweaty or cumbersome on a long run. The armband is highly adjustable with the inclusion of micro-velcro and includes an anti-slip feature to keep it firmly strapped in place even during the motions of running.

My HydroSleeve fits quite well and stays in place better than I expected it would. It took a little adjustment to get used to the feeling of having it on, but it doesn’t bother me at all now. Three sizes are available (I opted for Medium,) and with the right choice of size and a bit of tweaking the adjustable velcro strap, there should be a HydroSleeve to fit just about anyone comfortably.

A Pretty Neat Purchase

A full HydroSleeve ready to go
A full HydroSleeve

My other major concern with the HydroSleeve was that it would leak, but the angled valve does a great job of preventing any leaks. The HydroSleeve definitely doesn’t leak when being used properly, but I wouldn’t abuse it and expect it to keep dry.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the insulation: while its nothing to really get excited about, it is plenty to keep your water cold during a moderate length run. It is nice to having refreshing cold water, so I always chill my water substantially before putting it into my HydroSleeve.

Overall the bladder is very well made. It can easily be removed from the armband by opening the zipper when makes up the insulated compartment. The bladder itself is made of a durable BPA-free plastic with HydroSleeve’s neat anti-slosh technology. To fill or clean it out, it is a simple matter of opening the bladder in a similar fashion to which you’d open a plastic sandwich baggie. (Check out the video below if you can’t quite picture it.)

Give it a shot! You might be pleasantly surprised. Learn more on


Short Clip from HydroSleeve

This short clip gives a bit of history behind the origins of the HydroSleeve, as well as showing it in action, being filled, taken apart, and more. Check it out:


Comfortable And Secure
Drinking Spout Provides Easy Access
Anti-Slosh Provides Extra Comfort and Easy Drinking


Low Capacity
Requires Some Adjustment To Be Comfortable

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The Hydrosleeve is a simple design which incorporates a hydration bladder into an armband with a drinking valve, providing easy access to a drink without missing a step.

4 thoughts on “The HydroSleeve Armband Hydration System Review”

  1. I’m looking for a container or other delivery system that would make it easier for my 82 year old mother to stay hydrated throughout the day. She has 1) hypercalcemia and 2) mixed dementia, and 3) she lives in a memory care facility, which means that 1) her body hoards calcium which can cause dehydration, 2a) she forgets that she’s supposed to take frequent drinks and 2b) when she becomes dehydrated the symptoms of dehydration look like advanced dementia and advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, so 3a) even memory care staff don’t realize when my mom is exhibiting signs of dehydration. 3b) In the memory care setting, all of the residents need personal attention from a relatively small staff and 3b) there’s not always a convenient or easy to reach spot for my mom to have her water bottle. 3c) The staff often have to bring the bottle to her and take it from her to set it on a nearby table. The also have to prompt her to drink from it. I think the Hydrosleeve might be a perfect receptacle for her to wear and drink from with just a verbal prompt, even from a staff member who is somewhere else in the room. It wouldn’t be too heavy for her to wear, (she’s short, and now very frail.), and ideally, she would get fresh water every one or two hours. I’m going to buy one for her to try. Athletes are not the only people who can benefit from a system like this. The manufacturer might want to consider the elderly market as well.

    • What a great and insightful comment, Donna. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your story. I hope the Hydrosleeve is able to help your mother.

      • There’s another market that I think would love this product, so there are probably more as well. I belong to a class called Rock Steady Boxing that’s designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease. In my class we do drills for 2-3 minutes with maybe 30 seconds to switch stations. That doesn’t give us a lot of time to get our water if it’s elsewhere in the gym. It can also be a challenge to drink from our bottles or straw/cups while we’re wearing boxing gloves. I think I’ll get one for myself, too, to wear during our 1 hour class. This could be really convenient for all the boxers in this class.

        Rock Steady Boxing classes originated in Indianapolis but are now offered across the nation. The number of people with PD in Oregon and Washington alone is estimated to be 25,000!! This news story recently aired about the class I attend in Oregon. You can see how this product might really be popular in a setting like this.

        For that matter, anyone working out in a mild or moderate effort fitness class might prefer to wear their water!

  2. How do you get the plastic smell and taste out of the water bladder. It makes the water taste terrible. I have tried washing it out over and over but it hasn’t changed. It is unusable as is. I would love to use it because besides the taste it’s a great idea!


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