The Head Turning Looks of Tervis Water Bottles

Altimg-logo-topbarhough I have yet to get my hands on a Tervis water bottle for some actual usage testing, they have always caught my eye while browsing for their intriguing and colorful designs. If you’re looking for the most aesthetically appealing designs on the market, Tervis might just be what you’re seeking.

Made in the USA from a BPA- and Melamine-free modern plastic material, Tervis bottles are sure to be highly durable. They also have the highly useful quality of being quite suited to different environments, making them safe in the dishwasher, microwave or even the freezer.

Unique Designs

With a wide range of water bottles each featuring a unique design, there is plenty to choose from in the Tervis catalog. Featuring original designs, depictions of favorite characters, logos, and all sorts of other art, I could lose a day or two just browsing through the selection.

Check out these two favorites I selected and click any of the images to get more information.


Tervis Plastic Reusable water BottleTervis Plastic Water Bottle

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Take a peak into the catalog of Tervis with some of our hand-picked selections of their finest products.

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