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Most of the time here at Hydration Anywhere we talk about water as the main source of hydration. Yet as it turns out, hydration is a more complex issue than just having enough water in the body. In addition to water itself, the body requires important compounds called electrolytes in order to remain properly hydrated.

US Marine Drinking Sports Drink
A U.S. Marine hydrating with a popular sports drink. (photo from Wikimedia)

The importance of electrolytes to maintaining proper hydration has come to the public awareness largely thanks to the mass-marketing efforts of various sport drinks. For athletes during extended sporting events or particularly intense exercise, water alone is not enough to hydrate. Even if drinking more than enough water, the absence or improper balance of electrolytes will eventually lead to dehydration with potentially serious consequences. In response to this, the sports drink was developed: a cocktail of electrolytes, sugars, and sometimes vitamins or other compounds.

Enter the Hydration Vitamin

To make sports drinks more appealing to a wider consumer base, they are heavily loaded with sugars and artificial flavoring chemicals. Although these drinks are effective at keeping you hydrated, you wind up consuming quite a bit of sugar and calories in the process.

Looking to find a solution to this problem, Marc Brodeur set out to develop a sugar free, zero calorie “hydration vitamin” which would give users all the hydrating capabilities of an electrolyte-rich sports drink without any of the caloric content. After experimenting with different formulas in his apartment, the Brode Hydration Vitamin was born.

Brode Hydration Vitamins Electrolyte Hydrating Pill

What Brode is Made OfBrode Hydration Vitamin Ingredients

I had the chance to review some Brode Hydration Vitamins, but first I wanted to know just what is inside this little green pill.

As we can see in the Supplement Facts provided to the right, Brode has a bit more in it than just electrolytes. In addition to basic electrolytes, Brode includes a “supporting cast” of vitamins which are designed to keep the body better hydrated. Lets examine some of these ingredients a little closer.

  • Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium: These are all electrolytes, each essential to the bodies function in a variety of ways.
  • Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacinamide,  Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine HCl, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin: The eight B Vitamins often packaged together as “B Vitamin Complex.” Each has an important role in cell metabolism  – essential to the production of energy and a huge range of metabolic functions.
  • L-Cysteine: An amino acid which contributes to the building of protein.
  • Vitamin C: Essential nutrient with a huge scope of biological significance.

The goal behind this formula (according to Brode’s website) is to provide maximum hydration and overall support for staying hydrated during intense activity or rehydrating after getting dried out from exertion, alcohol overindulgence, a cold, or whatever else might have left you in need of some hydration. The addition of vitamins to the mix helps support the bodies overall health and hydration during activity.

Trying Brode Myself

When I was tasked with the goal of reviewing Brode Hydration Vitamins, I tried to figure out how to really get an objective review of Brode. Brode is marketed towards athletes exerting themselves a lot, drinkers nursing a hang over, and those in hot climates or areas like airplanes which can dehydrate the body.Two Brode Hydration Vitamins

So far I haven’t had the chance to drink myself into a hangover or take any airplane rides, but I have had the chance to hit the gym and go out in the hot tropical sun to see if Brode keeps me feeling any better than just water alone.

The pills have a bit of an interesting taste to them – sort of salty, mixed with other flavors sort of like vitamins but not quite. I wouldn’t call the taste unpleasant overall, but a bit odd… In any case, it is easy enough to gulp down some Brode without tasting it at all. I always take Brode with a full glass of water and make sure to keep my water bottle close at hand to keep the liquid part of my hydration flowing.


Overall Impressions

Since I don’t have any scientific tools to measure my hydration levels myself, and since I’m not an athlete competing in a major competition, my evaluation of Brode will have to be a bit subjective. Taking Brode before I go to the gym, I have noticed that I feel as if I am performing better – exercise is overall a bit easier, I feel more energized when I get there and have been doing a bit extra. While it is difficult to say if this is the placebo effect or not, it is enough of a boost to keep me interested in taking Brode before I go to the gym.Lego Working Out

My other “test” of Brode was to see how I felt when taking it before an extended bike ride on a hot day. Compared to average, I feel as if I need to stop less to drink water when taking Brode. Normally I need to stop pretty consistently to take a few swigs from my bottle (if I don’t have my hydration pack with me) but with two hydration vitamins thrown in the mix I feel comfortable going longer duration without stopping for water. Again – I have no way to discount the placebo effect, so your mileage may vary. But Brode is quite cheap, so it costs you almost nothing to give it a try.

You can learn more about Brode and purchase your own hydration vitamins at their website,

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We take a look at the Brode "Hydration Vitamin" - a mix of electrolytes designed to promote optimal hydration.

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