The Amazing Drinkable Book Brings Water Purification Worldwide

Despite the fact that technological improvements have expanded the possibilities of water filtration and purification systems to an The Drinkable Book - Revolutionary Water Filtration Technologyincredible point where powerful filters can be made completely portable and even fitted into a water bottle, hundreds of millions of people lack access to clean drinking water. The situation is probably more grim than most realize. To quote the U.N. Water Facts and Figures Website:

“85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet. 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. 6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases.”

Though many of these people may have access to water sources which could be made into safe, clean drinking water if they had even basic filtration systems, these technologies are often completely inaccessible in the locations which need them most. While quality filtration systems are becoming increasingly affordable and available (a trend reflected in the consumer market with powerful sub-$30 portable filters like the Survivor Filter and the LifeStraw,) the challenge in getting these technologies to impoverished areas has prevented these technologies from realizing their potential.

Proper distribution of filtering technology has many challenges confronting it: the technologies themselves must be cheap and portable enough to easily take and distribute to remote locations, effective research needs to be done to find the areas which need it most, and extensive manpower is needed to transport and distribute the filters.

Introducing the Drinkable Book

What if a highly effective water filter could be made into something as lightweight and portable as a piece of paper? This might sound Drinkable Book Water Filtration with pAge Drinking Paperlike science fiction to some, until you learn of the work of Dr. Theresa Dankovich. Working on her PhD at McGill University, Dr. Dankovich developed an anti-microbial filter paper capable of reducing the bacteria in water by more than 99.9%.

By infusing a piece of thick paper with anti-microbial silver nanoparticles, the revolutionary pAge Drinking Paper can purify water from a variety of sources and is comparable to other high quality portable filters.

But the innovation did not stop there. Packaging the Drinking Papers into a clever book, the Drinkable Book was born. In this initiative with the nonprofit, the pAge Drinking Paper is printed with food-grade ink containing instructions and useful information on proper water sanitation. This helpful information can be used by recipients to further improve their access to clean water sources, making the Drinkable Book truly a two-pronged approach to solving the world water crisis.

Sample page from the Drinkable Book
A sample page from the Drinkable Book

Costing only pennies to produce each book, over a month of clean water comparable to American tap water can be provided almost anywhere in the world for each page. A single Drinkable Book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to four years. This is an efficiency of cost versus utility and a scale simply unmatched by any other type of filter available – and more than that, the useful information provided on the books pages is an invaluable resource in itself.

For more about the Drinkable Book, check out the video below, and also visit and (UPDATE: It appears the Page Drinking Paper website is no longer online. If interested, you can view’s archived version of the page.)


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What if powerful water filters could be made for pennies and transported as easily as paper? Well, now it can. This revolutionary filter may bring clean water the world over.

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  1. Would like to know where can we buy this book. People living in Amazon drink the water of the river that is extremely poluted. The number of ilness os tremendous. There is a missionary boat that does a wounderfull voluntary work in the comunities. Can you inform where can we buy um quantity to help tem distribute


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