The 5 Best Hydration Packs for Summer 2015

TETON Sports
Oasis 1110 Hydration Pack
Hydration Backpack
70 Ounce Bladder
Storage compartments
Ventilation Padding
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Camden Gear
Hydration Pack
Lightweight minimalist pack
50 Ounce Bladder
Small pocket storage
Wide-Mouth Opening
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High Sierra
Wahoo Hydration Pack
Large capacity pack
473 Ounce Bladder
Multiple pockets and mesh pouches
Plenty of room for all your gear
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Ledge Sports
Gooseberry Hydration Pack
Affordable minimalist pack
67 Ounce Bladder
Small storage pocket
MP3 Player Storage & Access
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Use a hydration pack to beat the heat of summer 2015If you have some outdoor activities planned this summer, you’ll need to make sure you take a few steps to beat the heat. Staying properly hydrated is more important than ever when the temperature is high, as sweating can quickly deplete the body of its water supply. For those enjoying the great outdoors in the summer sun, it is vital to always have something to drink readily available – like the water stored in your reliable hydration pack!

Of course the trusty water bottle is an invaluable day-to-day companion most of us have readily on hand, but when it comes to hiking or biking in the heat, the hydration pack is a far better solution. These lightweight bladders can contain far more water than most water bottles and are immeasurably more portable. Not to mention, the hydration pack is the ultimate hands-free solution for getting a drink! Equipped with durable and easy-to-clean straws, it is simple to get a drink no matter if your cycling or hiking without having to break the task at hand. Instead of stopping to dig through your bag for a water bottle, just grab the straw and take a drink.

But which hydration pack should you select this summer? To help you get the best pack available, we’ve spent some time compiling the options and doing what we can to help you answer the question of which hydration pack to buy, no matter if your cycling, running, or hiking. Let’s have a look at 5 of the best hydration pack options available.

5. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack (~$45 on

Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack

This offering from TETON has enough space to work as a primary backpack as well as a hydration pack, making it an all-in-one solution for short trips. The 70-ounce hydration bladder is made from a durable BPA-free plastic and a long flexible straw is included for easy access.

The Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack has pockets large enough to store enough supplies for short trips in its main storage compartment and its side mesh pouches. It is an ideal selection for a day out hiking or biking, and is equipped with some foam padding for ventilation to help you stay cool while wearing it.

4. Camden Gear 1.5 Liter Hydration Pack (~$40 on

Camden Gear 1.5 Liter Hydration Pack

In contrast to the TETON above, this hydration pack from Camden Gear is extremely minimalist and lightweight. Perfect for cycling or running, the Camden Gear Hydration Pack adds almost no weight or bulk when carrying it, allowing the wearer to move unimpeded by a heavy pack.

This lightweight design is ideal for running or minimizing weight while cycling. Though the Camden has very little storage space, it does include a pocket which can store a few small items. One helpful feature for beating the heat is the wide-mouth opening for filling the Camden’s 50 ounce hydration bladder, which allows you to easily slip in some ice cubes to have a refreshing chilled drink on the go.

3. High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Pack (~$50 on

High Sierra Wahoo Hydration Backpack

In the Wahoo Hydration Pack we find an amazingly well put together hydration pack, with adequate space for holding your gear and an impressively large 14 liter hydration bladder. Several easy to access pockets are on the Wahoo which make it great for anyone who has tools they need to carry and access regularly.

Durable and well constructed, the Wahoo is lightweight enough for cycling yet spacious enough for long hikes. An excellent go-to option which could quickly become a new favorite.

2. Ledge Sports Gooseberry Hydration Pack (~$25 on

Ledge Sports Gooseberry Hydration Pack

With a price tag nearly half of what many brand name hydration packs cost, the Gooseberry Hydration Pack is notable for its bargain value alone. But a closer inspection reveals a well made product, which while it might not have the reputation of a Camelbak or a TETON hydration pack, is more than enough to get the job done!

The quality to value presented by the Gooseberry is quite impressive, as the bag is durably constructed and can store up to 2 liters of water. A small pocket allows for storage of small items and includes MP3 access. With a minimalist lightweight design similar to the Camden Gear Hydration Pack explored above, the Gooseberry is ideal for running, cycling, or hiking.

1. Camelbak M.U.L.E. 100Oz Hydration Pack (~$115 on

Camelbak MULE 100oz Hydration Backpack

While our last entry might have been about value and small size, this selection is a beast! If you’re looking for an all-in-one pack to take with you on your hiking, trail running, camping, or just about any other adventure – look no further than the huge Camelbak M.U.L.E. Boasting 488 cubic inches of cargo volume, there is more than enough space to carry supplies and tools, and the 100oz capacity of the hydration bladder means you’ll never be hurting for a refill.

Though the price tag is pretty steep, the Camelbak M.U.L.E series is known for its rugged nature and high build quality, which has distinguished them as the leading name in hydration packs. We previously featured an in-depth review of the Camelbak MULE3, another exceptional MULE hydration pack which is just as well-built and feature-rich as the 100oz MULE, but offering a bit less storage capacity.


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Take a look at 5 of the best Hydration Packs available to keep you cool and hydrated where ever you go.

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