Takeya ThermoFlask Review – A Budget Hydroflask Alternative

Takeya Thermoflask Double PackWe’ve gone through insulated water bottles of all varieties. From leading brand names to generic white label products, we’ve tested just about all of them. While some bottles can put a bit of a strain on your wallet and others manage to remain incredibly affordable, there is something to be said for those in the middle of the price spectrum. The Takeya Thermoflask is just such an option – on the cheaper side of affordable, even!

Takeya is a leading name in insulated stainless steel water bottles. You can find their products in use just about every where you go, and for sale at major retailers, as well as available on Amazon.com. While they’ve made it far and wide, the Takeya name still doesn’t hold quite as much weight as a bottle brand as some of its more well-known competitors. But in our testing, we’ve found it to be more than capable of holding its own against the best.

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Getting to Know the Takeya Thermoflask

Takeya Thermoflask Carrying HandleWhile by itself the single-pack 40oz Takeya Thermoflask is certainly a bargain, usually running around $20, the real bargain is Takeya’s double-pack Thermoflask offering. For less than $35, you can pickup two 40oz Takeya Thermoflasks.

This is a bargain virtually unrivaled anywhere in the world of insulated stainless steel water bottles, especially with the large 40oz size offered by the Thermoflask. Where most competitors would easily be charging $25-$30 for a single 40oz insulated stainless steel bottle, Takeya has offered bottle lovers an amazing chance to snag a pair of some of the market’s best-performing bottles for a bargain pricetag.

What the Thermoflask Can Do

Takeya Thermoflask American Spirit EditionIf you’re shopping for an insulated bottle, more than likely you’re looking to keep your drinks hot or cold, no matter what the weather might be like outside or how high the AC might be cranked inside. Takeya Thermoflasks are certainly not the only bottle capable of this, but as the name implies, it is one of their specialties! Using a sort of “bottle-in-a-bottle” principle, a small vacuum chamber surrounds the interior of the bottle, minimizing heat transfer between the contents of your bottle and the atmosphere outside.

As a result, Takeya advertises the Thermoflask as being capable of keeping cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours or hot liquids hot for up to 12. This is a standard claim for these sorts of insulated bottles, but of course we needed to put it to the test! In our trials putting ice water in the Thermoflask and leaving it to sit on our kitchen counter in warmth of the tropics, we came back a full 25 hours later to still find little bits of ice inside, though the ice hard largely melted. Still cold indeed!

Our trial in testing how long the Thermoflask could keep water hot was slightly less impressive. After 12 hours, we found it had cooled substantially and was not far above room temperature. Still, it had a bit of heat left to it. We repeated the trial and checked in at 6 and 8 hours, finding it still warm at 8 but nearly room temperature by hour 10.


Quality Design and Manufacturing

Two 64oz Takeya Thermoflasks on Football FieldThe Takeya Thermoflask is available in 14, 18, 24, 32, 40, and 64 ounce varieties. There is also a selection of up to 20 colors, depending on what size/color combination you’re after. Each bottle is made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and includes a BPA-free plastic lid with a latching spout for easy access when you need a drink and a handle for comfortably carrying your Thermoflask.

As with most stainless steel bottles, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to damage them short of a very serious fall, or perhaps if you happen to leave it in the driveway you might put one out of commission, but overall the Thermoflask gets an A+ for durability.

Review Summary

All things considered, the Takeya Thermoflask is an exceptional and affordable insulated water bottle. It did well in our heat-retention tests, especially with cold liquids. It is comfortable to hold, use, and fill, making it a great choice as an everyday water bottle. With a variety of sizes and colors, you can even get yourself one for every occasion, be it the office, the gym, a hike, or just to always have a drink handy in your vehicle.

With the incredible affordability of the 40oz double-pack, those in the market for more than one water bottle are unlikely to find an option more friendly to their wallet for such a quality bottle. Even if you’re just looking for a single Thermoflask, the pricing on individual units keeps them competitively priced against other insulated bottles on the market.

We award the Takeya Thermoflask 5/5 stars.

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