Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle Review

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle Posed in Shopping CartTakeya water bottles seem to be popping up just about everywhere these days. After reviewing Takeya’s ThermoFlask, an insulated stainless steel bottle offering the company’s answer to the HydroFlask, we were excited to take a look at the Takeya Classic Glass bottle and see if it offered the same combination of affordability, durability, and functionality we found in reviewing the ThermoFlask.

As we’ve explored before here on the Hydration Anywhere blog, there are many benefits to choosing glass as a container material for your water bottle. Unlike plastic or some cheap metal bottles, glass does not “leach” any chemicals or nasty flavors into its contents. They are easy to clean and made from modern durable glass capable of standing up to the demands of everyday life.


Getting to know the Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle in Purple With Lid OffRight away, we liked the design of the Takeya Classic Glass Bottle for its clear commitment to glass. Unlike many other glass bottles which compromise with plastic drinking spouts, the Takeya Classic Glass features a glass rim for a drinking spout, which means your lips never need to touch any plastic. If you prefer a bit of extra convenience, Takeya also offers their Flip Cap, which features a small lever that allows you to easily open the bottle, revealing the glass lip underneath. With either option, you are still drinking from glass!

If kept right-side-up and not inverted, the contents of your Takeya Classic Glass never need to make contact with plastic at all. Only the bottle’s lid is made from a durable, BPA-free food-grade plastic. We were impressed with both of Takeya’s lid designs. They are very sturdy and feature plastic gaskets that make the bottle top-notch in terms of leak proofing. Shaken, tossed about, held upside down — the lids hold.

With a 22 ounce capacity, the Takeya Classic Glass is slightly heavier than some other water bottles, weighing about 1.5lbs. This is largely due to the density of the glass, which adds a bit of weight compared to a super-lightweight plastic or even a stainless steel bottle. When full, the Takeya can weigh just shy of 3lbs. Despite the weight, the Takeya Classic Glass has a very balanced feel when being held and a small footprint that allows it to easily fit into just about any cupholder. While it is possible to put into the water bottle cage on a bicycle, it will be a tight fit in most cages and will add a fair amount of weight.

Durability of Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottles

Man drinks triumphantly from Takeya Classic Glass Water BottleDurability is always a huge concern with a glass water bottle. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is cleaning up a huge puddle of wet, broken glass, doubtlessly having shattered at the most inconvenient time imaginable. With the Takeya Classic Glass Bottle, you probably have less to worry about than you might think. Like most modern reusable glass water bottles, the Takeya Classic Glass is made from a very thick and sturdy type of glass manufactured in Japan.

This makes it far more durable than something like a glass soda, juice, or beer bottle. Reinforcing the high-quality glass is a rubbery silicone sleeve which covers the entire bottle except for a viewing window that lets you get a look at the level of the bottle’s contents. The silicone sleeve makes the bottle easy and pleasant to hold, while also serving as a first line of defense shock absorber should to happen to drop the bottle.

In our day-to-day testing we have carried Takeya Glass Bottles with us far and wide over several months and never managed to break one. While it is important to remember that at the end of the day it is just glass, these bottles are more than sturdy enough to handle everyday usage.

Review Summary


Unlike many of its competitors, Takeya doesn’t charge a premium for the luxury of a high-quality glass water bottle. Instead, you can get the Takeya Classic for around $20, which puts it at a competitive price point among 22oz glass water bottles. Considering the high quality manufacturing and the clever design of the bottle, in particular it’s thoughtful all-glass drinking spout, we find this bottle to be more than reasonably priced.

On the whole, the Takeya Classic Glass is an ideal bottle for someone looking for a quality everyday carry glass water bottle. It is unlikely to break unless treated very poorly, if kept clean the glass will never impart any nasty flavors or odors to your beverage, and the lid options ensure it is easy-to-use whenever you need a drink.

It is worth noting that the mouth of the bottle is fairly narrow, limiting it to only smaller ice cubes or sliced pieces of fruit. And, as we highlighted above, the Takeya Classic Glass certainly has a bit of weight to it, though it is not unpleasant to carry.

There is a lot to like from this bottle. We award it 5/5 stars.

Learn More About the Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

To read more reviews, see additional photos, get more specific details, check current prices, or purchase one for yourself, head over to the Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle Amazon listing.

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A 22oz glass water bottle from manufacturer Takeya.

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