Stay Cool This Summer With O2Cool Cooling Mister Water Bottle

O2COOL Mist N Sip Mister in ActionThe water bottle is already a key ally to beating the heat anytime of the year. But a company called O2COOL has decided to take it a step further by equipping their water bottles with a nifty little mister which allows you to spritz yourself with a cooling mist at the press of a trigger. The O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip is a 20-ounce plastic water bottle which totes your water where ever you go, providing you with a drink or a cooling shot of mist whenever you require one.

This seems like a bit of a silly gimmick, but with temperatures rising as summer warms up, any way to stay cool suddenly won’t seem quite so silly. With that in mind we decided to grab our very own Mist ‘N Sip for a bit of testing to compile the review you’ll find below. But before we get into that, O2COOL has some other neat gadgets for alleviating the summer strain, like their portable misting fan, or some neat little 5-inch and 10-inch fans.

The O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottle & Cooling Mister Review

Front view of O2COOL Mist N Sip Water Bottle with Mister
There are a few different types of O2Cool Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottles, but they all work pretty much the same way. The main differences are the drinking spout and also the type of plastic. Two options are available for the type of plastic: one, like the model we tested, is a hard rigid plastic. Other varieties are made from a flexible and squeezable plastic which lets you give the bottle a squeeze to get your drink out.

There are some more options from there, mainly on the type of drinking spout. and also an option for double-walled insulation. There is actually a huge amount of variety available from the Mist ‘N Sip line, so we can’t go into them all! You can check out the full catalog of Mist ‘N Sip options for more!


A Nice, Cooling Mist

Mist N Sip Squeezable Plastic Misting BottleAt first, we were a bit skeptical about the Mist ‘N Sip. It just seemed like another weird gimmick. But in practical use, we actually like the idea quite a bit. The mister works nicely, providing a very fine mist which is actually quite refreshing, especially after exerting yourself. This would make a great companion for athletes in training or competing, or as a cycle companion, which is how I’ve used it. It really is nice to hop off after a long ride and have some refreshing mist ready to go.

The water bottle itself is not much to report on, just a pretty standard BPA-free plastic bottle. It feels fairly durable, though I don’t imagine it would survive any serious abuse. The mister itself performs its function admirably, and so far I haven’t encountered any issues with it. However, I have seen some Amazon reviews which complain about the mister failing after regular use. It certainly makes sense that there would be some failures, since it is a pretty inexpensive plastic mechanism which provides the mist.

However, Amazon user LadyC left this helpful advice for how to fix the O2COOL Mister should it fail, which we’re keeping in mind should ours start to act up. Thanks LadyC!

“How to fix the mister when not working any longer….take the top off, take the tube out and ensure it is filled with water (you might have to suck the water up and hold it in with your finger) Now, while holding the spray button down, insert the straw. The goal is to ensure water is sucked up into the misting hole. And it works like new!!!”

If Only It Was Insulated…


Now, don’t get me wrong: plastic is a decent material for water bottles. Especially if you opt for the squeezy variety of the Mist ‘N Sip, which provides something no other material can. However, we really wish the O2Cool Mist ‘N Sip had a full on insulated stainless steel version. While they do offer the double-wall insulated version, this is still made from plastic. We can say from experience that while insulated plastic bottles do provide some extra cold lifetime, it is nothing compared to a quality stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle.

Which would be perfect for a mister! Ice in my O2COOL Bottle melt much too fast, often long before I even get a chance to work up enough of a sweat to want to shoot some mist in my face. If the O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip was an accessory for a Hydro Flask we’d really have something I’d use everyday.

Review Summary

Mist N Sip in ActionThe O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip is a decent product. It provides a pretty great way to cool off. It has a simple but effective execution. However, we have some concerns with its durability and have seen complaints about the malfunctioning mister. So far our Mist ‘N Sip has worked fine, but we can definitely see how its plastic construction might be prone to giving out.

One thing O2COOL has certainly done right is providing a huge amount of variety to choose from. Whether you want a straw, a spout, squeezable or rigid plastic, there is an option for most tastes. They are all pretty affordable too, ranging from about $10-$20 on Amazon depending on which model you select. However, as I mentioned above, we’d really love to see this design on a bottle with more insulation than plastic can provide!

At the end of the day, we like the O2COOl Mist ‘N Sip, but it does have a few flaws with its durability concerns. We award it 4/5 stars. Definitely worth picking up if you just can’t stand the heat!

Learn More About the O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip

Check out the many different designs and styles available, see current prices, and learn more specific details at the O2COOL Amazon Listing.

You can also check out this brief video from O2COOL to get a look at some of the different models and how they work.

Find A Different Water Bottle That Sprays Mist

If this particular O2 Cool bottle isn’t the one for you, head over to our Top 5 Water Bottles with Mister Guide to find something else that might be more suitable.

Thanks for reading and remember to keep hydrated!


Refreshing MIst At The Press Of A Button
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Durability Concerns

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Cool off with a refreshing blast of mist from the O2COOL Mist N Sip - a handy combination of a mister and a water bottle, perfect for cooling off and staying hydrated when the weather heats up.

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