“Smart Bottles” Bring Water Bottles Into The Digital Age

Moikit Seed Smart Water BottleLiving in the era of smart phones, self driving cars, FitBits, and so much more, there seems like practically nothing that some innovator won’t shove a computer in. And now the time has come for the humble water bottle to get beefed up with some digital technology. A company called Moikit is introducing a bottle known as the Seed, with the hopes of creating a truly “Smart Bottle.”

Just what could you ask your water bottle to do? The Seed’s most impressive feature is a neat technology they call “Air-Elastic Water Consumption Tracking.” Basically, this is a little sensor on the cap which measures the volume of the air in the bottle, so it can keep track of how much water is inside, and how much you are drinking. The bottle will give you a warning to drink more if you aren’t drinking enough water, a helpful little reminder to hydrate.

This tracking capability plays in brilliantly with the ever growing trend of tracking our daily lives through our smart devices. Just as we track calories and steps, sleep cycles and exercise stats, water consumption is an interesting and potentially illuminating piece of information for health-conscious consumers to be aware of.

(Update 4/15/2016: The Moikit has yet to make it to market, but check out our review of the Pryme Vessyl, a smart bottle you can purchase right away.)

The Seed Smart Bottle In Different sizes

The Seed Bottle will also be capable of keeping track of the temperature of your water. It even knows when the bottle was last filled, with a handy little “freshness timer” which lets you know if you need to get fresh water. Rounding off all these features is the Seed’s ability to connect to Android or iOS devices with the company’s app. The app provides statistics about how much water you drink.

As far as the non-electronic part of the bottle goes, the Seed will be a 17-, 14-, or 12-ounce stainless steel bottle. Learn more in this video:

So where can you pick one up? Right now, The Seed is only available through the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, where the only way to get your hands on the Seed is by contributing $44. According to the page, the expected retail price will jump up to $65. As of this writing, the Indiegogo campaign has already substantially exceeded its goal, so we will hopefully be seeing The Seed available through normal retailers before too long.

Other Smart Bottles


While the Seed has a sleek design and some innovative features, we can’t really give it the title of the first smart bottle. There are already a few products on the market which combine some electronics into a water bottle to track things like water consumption, but by and large these devices are in their infancy.

One example of a product which has already been on the market for awhile is the Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle. Admittedly much less elegant and cool than the Seed Bottle, this Sportline is capable of tracking water consumption. Unfortunately we haven’t used it ourselves, and the reviews on Amazon are rather shoddy. In this climate, something as elegant as the Seed stands out.

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Imagine if your water bottle could track your water consumption, water temperature, remind you when to take a drink, even track freshness.

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  1. Smart phones, smart watch, smart cars, and now, smart bottles! Amazing what technology can do in the span of years. Too bad this isn’t available on Amazon yet. But I have to say, this is impressive!


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