Simple Modern Wave 17oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Simple Modern Wave Bottles in Many Colors Review PhotoMost of the vacuum insulated bottles I’ve had had been large – 32-64 oz or so. Great for hiking, backpacking, and camping – activities where that one bottle would be your main source of hydration for the duration of the trip. With the Wave Bottle from Simple Modern we have a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle slimmed down into a more petite package. The Simple Modern Wave Bottle is 17 oz, or about half a liter, the standard size of a typical disposable water bottle – less for a trip into the woods and more for a day in the city.

As much as we love our big bottles, the same thing that makes those giant 64 oz vacuum sealed growlers so handy and practical some of the time is what makes them extremely inconvenient at other times. If you just want something slim, practical and stylish you can use everyday but don’t want to sacrifice quality insulation, slimming down to the Simple Modern Wave Bottle might be just the ticket.


About the Simple Modern Wave Bottle – Vacuum Insulation, Durability, and More

Simple Modern Wave Bottle Close UpSimple Modern’s Wave Bottle is made of FDA approved 18/8 stainless steel with a double walled vacuum exterior. This vacuum sealed insulation technology allows it to keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours. And the outside of the bottle will not be hot or cold to the touch – no matter what the temperature is on the inside. Combating condensation and moisture, the Wave Bottle is both sweat free and leak proof. The exterior of the bottle doesn’t sweat no matter how icy cold the contents might be.

The exceptional leak proofing of the bottle, combined with its anti-condensation design affords the Simple Modern Wave Bottle a high degree of functionality. It lives up to its name of simplicity: just fill it up, seal the lid, and toss it into your back or cup holder. You will never have to worry about putting it in your backpack or purse and getting everything inside all wet. Or leaving water rings on the coffee table – this bottle functions as its own coaster! That, along with its simple single-thread leak proof cap, makes sure to keep what you are drinking right where it belongs – in the bottle. Speaking of the bottle, this thing is durable. Small and compact, I feel like it would be a challenge to do any serious damage to the bottle’s stainless steel construction.

The Insulation Test


Naturally, I felt compelled to push this bottle to its limit and see how long I could keep my drinks insulated in realistic, conditions. The first test was filling the Wave Bottle up completely with just ice. It sat out during the day at room temperature for 8 hours and most of the ice was still in tact. I checked back on it approximately 16 hours later and the ice was mostly all gone, but the water was still ice cold.

But while we’re on the subject of ice, this is a minor complaint we have with the bottle. As we’ve often expressed here at the blog, narrow-mouth bottles and insulation don’t play well together. No matter how great your insulation is, it doesn’t help at all if we can’t get ice into the bottle! The Wave Bottle is definitely guilty of this, and it took me awhile (and quite a bit of chipping) to get enough ice in it to perform my test. A minor gripe, but something to consider if ice-cube clearance size is important to you.

Next, I put piping hot coffee and left it at room temperature for 6 hours. The coffee remained dangerously hot, only dropping a few degrees. After checking up on it 7 hours later, for a total of 13 hours, I would have to officially mark it down from “Hot Coffee” to “Warm Coffee”. Overall, I was very satisfied with Simple Modern’s Wave Bottle’s insulation performance – and I tend not to let my drinks last over 12 hours.

Simplicity and Convenience at its Finest

Simple Modern Wave Bottle in Car CupholderSimple Modern really poured their essence into the cosmetic design of their Wave Bottle. If I had to use 3 words to describe it, they would be: simple, modern, and colorful. These exuberantly bright bottles come in 15 different colors. The thin, sleek design not only looks great, but makes for a more comfortable companion in my day to day life as opposed to lugging around a huge bottle the size of my forearm. That is really the selling point of the Wave Bottle for me, the convenience. The large insulated bottles never fit in my cup holders, and take up most of my backpack. You will never have to worry about space or size with this more compact insulated container.

A lot of people might think that bigger is always better and this is a downgrade from the larger bottles. Those people have never tried jogging with a bulky 32 oz container, almost twice the size of the Wave (let alone a 64 oz) just because you want to keep your water ice cold. The Wave is a godsend for joggers and gym rats, it fits perfectly in your hand or treadmill cup holder and will keep you hydrated all through out your work out. I have also found it very handy around the house or at the office at work! My roommates have stopped yelling at me for not using a coaster because this thing does not sweat. You never really realize how annoying puddles of water under your glass are until they are gone! And having perfectly hot home made coffee is the perfect pick-me-up after you have been at work for hours.

Something to note that is not so convenient is that you should not put a double walled vacuum sealed container in a dishwasher or freezer! The heat from the dishwasher could distort the bottle and damage the seal, and any liquid in the bottle while in the freezer could expand and do similar damage. To clean, I would recommend a long bottle brush, such as an OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush, to easily fit inside the slender Wave Bottle.


Final Thoughts and Review Summary

Simple Modern Wave Bottle Feature Information DiagramThe Simple Modern 17 oz Wave Bottle is a great little package. It offers everything that larger insulated growlers and bottles offer except their carrying capacity, which, in many day to day drinking cases, I prefer the smaller capacity and higher convenience. Fantastic for daily use at home, work, or for working out at the gym. It does its job and looks quite stylish while doing it. The simple design, sweat/condensation free bottle, and leak proof lid make this the ultimate vacuum insulated container for people who don’t need to hold a lot of liquid or don’t have a lot of room to put it.

For day to day use the Simple Modern Wave Bottle is a pretty good choice for anyone who isn’t too concerned with having a high-capacity bottle. The pricetag of around ~$23 might seem a little steep for a single 17 ounce bottle, but given the quality construction and design the price is fairly reasonable.

We really like the Simple Modern Wave Bottle. We award it 5/5 stars.

Learn More About the Simple Modern Wave Bottle

Simple Modern Wave Bottle in Stainless Steel CloseupTo check current prices, read other customer reviews, learn more specifics, or purchase a Wave Bottle of your own, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

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A simple, stylish, and effective vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle ideally sized for carrying where ever life takes you.

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