Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Bottle – Summit Wide Mouth Coffee Tea Thermos Review

Simple Modern Summit Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle In Purple In three SizesThe new Summit Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Bottle by Simple Modern was an exciting find for us. Awhile back we reviewed the Simple Modern Wave bottle, a slim, ultra-compact insulated stainless steel water bottle. We like the quality of the design, the range of colors, and a few other things about the Wave Bottle, and we were excited to discover that many of these great qualities had been preserved in the new Summit Wide Mouth.

Of course not everything is just the same. The main difference between the Wave and Summit is the Summit’s wide-mouth construction. Where the Wave has only a rather narrow mouth (complimenting its slim and low-weight design,) the Summit opts for a larger capacity, a much wider mouth, and a somewhat bulkier design. While this might add a little weight, it also affords you more carrying capacity – not to mention makes the bottle exceptionally more versatile! With a wide mouth your bottle suddenly becomes an ideal receptacle for ice cubes, or even filling up with foods like soup.

Let’s take a closer look at the Simple Modern Summit Insulated Water Bottle in our in-depth review.


Spending Some Time With The Simple Modern Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Summit Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle With Color OptionsIn pretty much all respects the Summit Wide Mouth is another iteration on the rapidly-becoming-classic wide mouth insulated bottle design. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation capable of keeping its contents hot or cold.

While testing out the Simple Modern Summit bottle, we find its insulation to be perhaps a little on the lacking side when stacked up to some other bottles. (Click here to read our guide to the best insulated water bottles.) However, it does perform pretty well. We found it keeps soup or coffee hot for around 6-8 hours, depending on how hot it was going it. Colds fare a bit better, providing a decent range of at least 12-16 hours of respectable insulating ability.

The outside of the bottle is coated with an anti-sweat powder coating, which both gives the bottle a bit of a matte feel and ensures that there is never any condensation. Combined with the double wall vacuum insulation, this ensures that the bottle is never wet from sweating or hot/cold from heat transfer. Handling the Simple Modern Summit Insulated Water Bottle is never slippery, dangerously hot, or frigidly cold, like a non-insulated bottle might be.

Includes Two Useful Lids

Two Included Lids For Simple Modern Summit Water BottleOne thing which certainly adds some value for the money to the Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle is the inclusion of two different lids. The first lid is a simple stainless steel screw-on top. Although the exterior of the lid is stainless steel, the inside of the lid which actually contacts water is made of a BPA-free plastic. While we would have preferred a 100% stainless steel design, in our testing the plastic doesn’t impart any taste to the water, and the bottle’s contents only contact it when inverted. Overall the screw-on lid works just fine and provides a decent leak-proof seal.

The second lid is an all-plastic sport cap with a easy access flip top tab to open a small drinking mouth. This works great for getting a quick sip without having to unscrew the entire screw-on lid, and is a great inclusion by Simple Modern. Both lids are excellently leak-proof, and we haven’t had any issues with either lid leaking. Properly secured, I feel confident putting the Simple Modern Summit Bottle in my bag with either lid on and not worrying about ending up with a soggy mess. However, it is important to make sure the little tab on the flip top is properly secured, or you could end up with a leak.

Still Compact At 14, 18, or 22 Ounces


The Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle is certainly on the small side of insulated stainless steel bottles. At its largest capacity of 22 ounces, it is definitely sized as an everyday companion type of bottle, something that you refill throughout the day as your main container. It definitely isn’t a beastly, 64oz growler you only fill up once a day – but what you lose in capacity, you gain in portability.

Much like its predecessor the Wave Bottle, the Summit is has a small enough foot print to fit into most cup holders. By being relatively low-capacity, it always remains lightweight even when full, but can still hold enough water to keep you hydrated or even enough soup for a meal. Combined with the two included lids, the Summit Bottle makes for a versatile and portable companion.

Huge Range of Colors

When we reviewed Simple Modern’s Wave Bottle, we applauded the huge range of colors options they offered. Fortunately, Simple Modern has extended this huge range of options to the Summit Bottle line. Offering a range of colors spanning the spectrum polished steel to candy apple green, there is something for everyone in Simple Modern’s range of eye-catching colors.


Review Summary

Simple Modern Summit Insulated Water Bottle In Blue on SideOverall there is a lot to like from the Simple Modern Summit Bottle – not to mention its bargain price tag. As of this writing, the Simple Modern Summit is going for about $16 on Amazon, a remarkably cheap price for such a well-constructed bottle.

While its relatively low capacity might turn some off, for those looking for a portable and compact bottle which still offers some insulation, the Simple Modern Summit Bottle is a good choice. However, as we noted above, its insulation does leave a little something to be desired when stacked up against some of its competitors.

Yet given the price, and the overall quality of the construction and execution of the bottle, we give it high marks with four out of five stars. Definitely worth investigating for anyone seeking a budget insulated water bottle.

Learn More About The Simple Modern Summit Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle

To learn more specifics, see other customer’s reviews, check current prices, or purchase a Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle for yourself, click here to visit the Amazon listing.


Lightweight and Portable
Very Affordable
Includes Two Lids
Huge Range of Color Options


Mediocre Insulation

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4 stars
  • 80%

A super portable wide-mouth vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle from Simple Modern.

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