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ShredTech Electric Vortex Mixer Bottle Product PhotoIf you’re a fan of protein shakes, water additives, or supplement packs, you are probably all too familiar with the hassles of mixing up your own drinks. Whether you’re getting a bit of a workout shaking your old-school agitator bottle up, dirtying spoons or other utensils to get the mixing job done, or even opting to pull out the big guns and using your home blender to get that perfect consistency, any method you employ tends to be a bit of a hassle, leaving you with dirty dishes and often clumpy mixtures.

Enter the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle. This simple device is designed from the ground up to provide an all-in-one solution to mixing and drinking your protein shakes or whatever additives you prefer to put in your drink. The ShredTech Mixer Bottle looks at first glance like a simple plastic water bottle with a flip-top drinking spout – but take a closer look inside and you’ll find an agitator equipped with a detachable, rechargeable little electric motor. At just the press of a button, the ShredTech Mixer Bottle produces a vortex inside the bottle, perfect for mixing up the contents of your bottle without any more effort than just pressing the button once and watching the vortex work its magic.


Mixing Up Some Supplement Powders With the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle

ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle with Vortex Action Shot

The ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle is fairly self-explanatory and has an intuitively simple design. The only important thing to remember when using it is to add your supplement power after you’ve added water and already started the vortex action. If you dump the powder in before adding water or starting the vortex, you’ll run the risk of getting clumps and a subpar mixture. Since you’re meant to add powder after the vortex is already in action, its important not to put too much water into your ShredTech Mixer Bottle, or you’ll quickly find the excess being spit out onto your counter by the action of the vortex.

It’s actually pretty entertaining to make up a protein shake or some pre-workout supplements with the ShredTech Mixer Bottle. To start the vortex mixing action, you just press a small button on the base of the bottle. You don’t have to hold down the button to keep the vortex going, which makes it super easy to use, literally requiring no more effort than two pushes of a button. Once you see the vortex forming inside the bottle, dump in your powder and voila! According to the manufacturer, most powders can be mixed to the desired consistency within 30 seconds inside the ShredTech bottle. Just keep an eye on the consistency of your mixture and hit the stop button once it looks right.

The vortex effect is definitely one best appreciated visually. Check out this brief promotional video from ShredTech which shows off the bottle’s vortex in action.

Neat Features

ShredTech Mixer Bottle With Vortex in Action

Woman Exercises Next To ShredTech Electric Vortex Mixer BottleShredTech has includes a couple of clever features on the mixer bottle which really help to round off the usability of the bottle. The mixer is just a small electric motor, powered by a rechargeable battery contained in the bottle’s base. It is easy to recharge, connecting to a standard USB port with the included charging cord. It charges up fairly rapidly and has a great battery life – we haven’t bothered to charge ours in over five days of use and it is still going strong after its initial charge, which was completed in less than 30 minutes.

One thing we really like about the design is the fact that the base which contains the motor and the battery is completely detachable from the bottle. With a simple twist you can remove it and just have the bottle portion of the ShredTech – so after you’ve mixed up your drink, you can ditch the motor and just have a simple bottle. This not only makes the ShredTech a little lighter, but also means you’re not forced to tote around the portion that contains electronics when you don’t want to, which will be useful for improving the lifetime of the device.

Of course, if you decide to detach the base, it can hamper one of our other favorite features of the ShredTech: remixing. If you let your mixture sit for too long and find some clumps starting to form, all you have to do is press the button and let the vortex run for a bit to get a freshly stirred up drink with no effort. If one sip isn’t the consistency you were going for, you’re only one press of a button away from getting the drink you desire (assuming you added the right proportions, anyway!)

Cleaning the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle

ShredTech Electric Vortex Mixer Bottle Mixing Powder


One of our major concerns with any bottle you add powders to is cleaning. Its easy for them to become gunked up and nasty, so proper maintenance is key for anyone looking to use one of these regularly. In this regard, the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle is actually quite exceptional. If you follow the instructions and make sure to never put the powder in before starting the vortex, the bottle shouldn’t suffer too much from the powder residue that plagues many shaker bottles. Be careful not to add too much powder though, or you’ll end up with excess sticking to the sides.

But when it comes time to clean out the ShredTech, the vortex once again proves its utility. Just toss in some soap and warm water and let the vortex run for awhile – it is actually impressively effective at cleaning out the inside of the bottle. This works well most of the time, but if there is some serious gunk stuck to the bottle, you’ll probably need a bottle brush or some similar implement to get it sufficiently de-gunked.

If you do find yourself needing to clean out the inside of your ShredTech Mixer Bottle, be careful of the agitator element that creates the vortex. It is made out of a fairly thin plastic and could probably be easily broken from a vigorous cleaning. This isn’t much of an issue, since with proper use and care it is rarely necessary to clean the bottle with anything more than just the power of the vortex.

Final Thoughts and Review Summary

ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle on Counter

ShredTech Mixer Bottle Held By ModelThere is a lot to like in the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle – it is certainly a neat addition for anyone who can’t live without their protein shakes! The product is well-designed and made from high quality BPA-free plastics. It feels pretty durable and reliable in the hand – although we haven’t had it long enough to assess the lifetime of the motor or how many charge cycles the battery can handle. The only part on the bottle with questionable durability is the little agitator that makes the vortex, but since it is well protected inside the bottle, with proper handling this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

For its pricetag of roughly $25 on Amazon, the ShredTech Mixer Bottle is an affordable buy for the value on offer. If you rarely make protein shakes, it might not seem like a worthy investment – but the first time you come home from the gym with rubbery arms unwilling to shake up your much-needed protein shake, you’ll find the ShredTech to have been a wise purchase.

The bottle itself is simple but effective. Since the plastic is nice and transparent (aside from the helpful measuring lines,) it is always fun to watch the vortex swirling about inside. Atop the bottle is a lid with a flip-top drinking spout, and overall the lid is great: very well leak-proofed, easy to take on and off, and water-tight enough to prevent worries when transporting the bottle.

At the end of the day, the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle is definitely a product worth checking out. We like it quite a lot, and award it a solid 5/5 stars.

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The ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle promises to mix up your protein powder or supplements with just a press of a button.

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