Self-Filling Water Bottles Will Soon Be An Awesome Reality (Or Maybe Not…)

Fontus Airo Self Filling Solar Water Bottle In Sun

(UPDATE: We are sad to report that the Fontus self-filling water bottle appears to have been a scam. We apologize to our readers for reporting on this bottle without being aware of this. Many blogs and IndieGoGo users have debunked the science behind the Fontus bottle, showing that it is almost impossible for the bottle to perform as advertised given present technology. For more on this, read our article It Looks Like The Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle Was A Scam.)

What if your water bottle was not only the container of your water, but the actual source of it? Sound crazy? Well, the self-filling water bottle is already here.

In our recent feature “5 Amazing and Unusual Ways to Make Drinking Water” we looked at two technologies which extract moisture from the humidity in the air in order to gather clean, drinkable water. As amazing as this technology is, we have evidence that this concept is, in one way or another, an ancient one. The people of the Inca Empire were familiar enough with it to construct “fog fences” which harvested moisture from the thickly clouded forests of the high Andes, producing enough water to aid their agricultural efforts.
The modern era has seen technology relying on this principle developed to new extremes. One of those includes the revolutionary self-filling water bottle.

Meet Fontus: The Self-Filling Water Bottle

Fontus Ryde Self Filling Bicycle Water bottleThe recipient of a James Dyson Award, the Fontus is the product of Vienna-based Kristof Retezár, a designer and inventor who set out to create a small-scale device which can harvest moisture from the air. His invention, the Fontus, now has working prototypes of two self-filling water bottles. The first, the Fontus Airo, is a solar-powered self-filling water bottle, and the Fontus Ryde is a self-filling bottle which relies on the flow of air while riding a bicycle to get the job done.

In ideal conditions for the Fontus, it can produce as much as 0.5 liters of water in a single hour. What are those conditions like? According to the manufacturer, the Fontus will work best in high humidity, like 80-90% and high temperatures as well, between 84-104 degrees Fahrenheit.


Where Can I Get One?


Unfortunately, the Fontus is not yet available for sale. For some good news, the designer wants to keep the retail price-tag at less than $100, which means the Fontus should be a pretty reasonable investment once it hits the market. Aiming to launch a crowdfunding campaign in March 2016, the folks behind the Fontus hope to have the bottle on the market sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. We’ll be sure to keep you posted here at Hydration Anywhere when the Fontus becomes available.

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Learn More About Fontus

You can learn more at the company’s website,, or check out this great article from for some more technical details.


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We look at the future of water bottles with the amazing Fontus Self-Filling Water bottle

3 thoughts on “Self-Filling Water Bottles Will Soon Be An Awesome Reality (Or Maybe Not…)”

  1. This could be the answer to water scarcity especially in Africa and other third-world countries. What an amazing invention!

  2. I hope you’ve heard by now that there’s no way this bottle is going to happen. To generate the power necessary to run a dehumidifier with an output has high as they’re claiming their bottle would get, you’d need a solar panel with a power output of hundreds of watts. For that, you’re going to need a sun-tracking solar panel of more than a square meter.


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