Review of the Full Circle Wherever Lemon Water Bottle

We are always looking for products which bring us a unique spin on the water bottle, so as soon as we learned about Full Circle’s Wherever Water Lemon Bottle (~$20 on we knew right away that it was something we needed to bring to our readers! Full Circle was kind enough to provide us with a sample to review. This clever bottle incorporates a citrus reamer at the top of the bottle which makes it super easy to juice lemons, limes, or any other type of citrus directly into your drinking water!

Lets take a closer look at this unique water bottle in our hands-on review.

Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle

First Impressions of the Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon Infusing Water Bottle

Aside from its main feature – the citrus reamer – the Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon Infuser Water Bottle is a 20-ounce glass water bottle, with screw-on plastic lid. Both the lid and the citrus reamer are made from a durable, BPA-free plastic which is quite thick. On the bottom of the bottle is a small, green rubber bumper coating the bottom of the bottle just to provide a bit of padding and shock-resistance to protect the glass when setting the bottle down.

The lid has an interesting design with a dome that covers the citrus reamer and includes a small carrying handle. The plastic flip-top design makes it easy to open and close the lid for drinking. Although flip-top designs can sometimes be a bit leaky, the Wherever Water Lemon is quite leak-proof and seals very easily.

My first impressions of the bottle were pretty good: well-designed and constructed, the Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle feels durable and well-made when holding it in my hand. The glass is fairly thick and seems built to last. Although I haven’t done anything too crazy with my bottle, it has stood up to regular handling!

Making Limeade with the Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle

Testing It Out

With summer arriving quickly, the heat is turning up around here. So on a particularly hot day, I decided it was time for some icy refreshments and took this perfect opportunity to test out my Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle. First I washed out the bottle – a process made easy thanks to the wide-mouth design. There are some plastic parts with small ridges you have to be careful to get into while washing (especially on the citrus reamer and lid,) but overall it is easy to clean and can accommodate an average sized sponge.

After washing it out, I realized I didn’t have any lemons – just limes! Oh well. Even though the Wherever Water Lemon has the word “lemon” in its name, the reamer is really a general purpose one which works just as well for lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, and any other similar citrus!

As soon as I began using the reamer, I was pretty impressed with how well the process was working. The citrus reamer works smoothly and made it very, very easy to get all of the juice from my limes, and all of the juice is perfectly captured into the bottle. It definitely works much better for infusing water than using a hand-held reamer or some other method, because the direct collection into the water bottles makes sure you get the maximum amount of juice from your fruits!

Juicing Limes with the Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle

The Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle made short work of my two little limes and I had a nice amount of lime juice. I tossed in some ice (made extremely easy thanks to the wide-mouth design of the bottle,) and got ready to experience some delicious, fresh squeezed limeade.

Adding Ice to the Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle

Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle with Fresh, Ice Cold Limeade

Refreshment Anywhere

My limeade was exceptionally delicious and refreshing, and I definitely think I’ll be making use of my Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon to make some again very soon. The concept behind the bottle is quite cool, especially for those who love flavored water, or lemon water in particular. With the Wherever Water Lemon, it is much simpler to make lemon water where ever you find yourself, since you don’t need to fuss around to find a way to juice your lemon! Although it is pretty rare I find myself out and about with lemons, water, and a knife or something to open the lemon with, its still nice to know I have the option. But portability aside, the bottle manages to make the best use of your fruit possible by being very efficient in extracting and capturing the juice.

The added tang of some lemon or lime juice is a great way to add some flavor and a bit of zing to your everyday water supply. It also adds a nice little boost of vitamin C and other helpful compounds found in citrus juices to your daily diet. If you find yourself wanting something a bit more than just water, picking up a Wherever Water Lemon from Full Circle and investing in a supply of lemons (or any citrus) could be the way to go – get an all-natural flavor boost without any weird chemicals or questionable “flavor packets.”


Review Summary

Apperance: 8/10

I like the look of the Wherever Water Lemon quite a bit – it is simple, has nice colors, and gets the job done without adding anything unnecessary or frilly. Mine came in the color Lime Green (fitting for this review!) which I think is quite pleasant and looks exactly as I would expect a lemon infusing bottle to look.

Functionality: 10/10

Everything the Wherever Lemon Bottle does, it does well. The glass is thick and durable, the bottle is designed well to contain liquids within the glass area and minimize exposure to plastic parts, the flip-top is easy to use and leak proof, and most of all the citrus reamer works brilliantly and gets the most juice from the fruit possible.

Durability: 8/10

The bottle is quite well built and all of the parts feel sturdy, but the glass is largely unshielded from impacts. Thankfully the glass is pretty thick, so I think it will last quite awhile, but probably won’t be too tolerant of strong impacts.

Cost: 9/10

At about $20 on, the Full Circle Wherever Water Lemon is quite a bargain. Well-constructed and highly functional, its quit a great deal at its price point.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

There can be no question that the Wherever Water Lemon does its job very well. It is a great general purpose water bottle, and combined with the unique addition of the citrus reamer, quite a notable bottle and worth looking at for anyone who can’t get enough citrus juice!


Want more info on the Wherever Water Lemon Water Bottle? Check out the listing or head over to the Full Circle website for a look at the Wherever Water Lemon and many other great products.


Portable Citrus Juice
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The Full Circle Whereever Lemon Infuser Bottle is a unique bottle equipped with a portable citrus juicer attached to the bottle, allowing you to have citrus-infused water (or even lemonade!) anywhere you bring the bottle.

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