Review of the FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle

The demand for filtered water anywhere you go has created a thriving marketplace for filtered water bottles. I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend some hands-on time this week with the FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle, a BPA-free plastic water bottle which includes an innovative pour through filter on its lid.
FIT Top Filtering Plastic Water Bottle
With the FIT Top, the meat of the product is in its pour-through filtering lid. The bottle itself is a pretty standard transparent plastic, and to be frank the plastic on the FIT Top is nothing to write home about. Although the plastic is quite thin, the bottle still manages to be fairly durable although I would worry about putting it under too much strain.

From the Top Down

Even if the bottle itself on the FIT Top feels a bit flimsy, the FIT Top manages to redeem itself thanks to the filtering mechanism on the lid. Unlike many filtered water bottle solutions, the clever design behind the FIT Top filters water as it enters the bottle. While many filtered bottles are available today which incorporate a filter inside the bottle (which filters as water exits the bottle,) the FIT Top is pretty unique in its ability to filter water as it enters the bottle.
Diagram explaining the FIT Top FIiltered Water Bottle filtering mechanism and isolation technology

While it might not seem like this is an important distinction, for those who love to add a bit of flavor or nutrients to their water in the form of drink additives, the way the FIT Top filters water as it enters the bottle allows you to have the benefits of filtered water and still throw in some additives. In a filtered bottle which filters water as it exits, additives will be filtered out before they ever reach your lips!

A Closer Look

The  FIT Top lid has several moving parts, which allow users to access the filter to pour water into the bottle and a separate spout to drink from with a lid which can be tilted back up to 180 degrees. The design is pretty neat and works quite well, with all of the parts sliding smoothly. The mechanisms seem pretty durable, although on the manufacturers website they recommend occasionally adding some lubricant to the O-rings with lip balm or something similar to keep everything working smoothly.

Filling the FIT Top is a bit slower than a normal bottle. Since the water is filtered as it enters the bottle, the flow rate has to be gradual or it will overflow. But the result is filtered water! Great for removing odd tastes from the tap or making sure you are getting the cleanest water available, the FIT Top utilizes a replaceable carbon filter to get rid of unwanted contaminants in your water. The type of filter used in the FIT Top is not a heavy duty filter designed to filter dirty water to make it drinkable – rather, it is a simple filter to make already drinkable water even cleaner.

The main result of the filtration I notice is a bit of difference in taste when drinking tap water. Water in my FIT Top seems to have generally the same clean taste no matter where I fill it from, which I attribute to the filter.

The Magic is in the Lid

Really the appeal of the FIT Top is its filtering lid, and in some ways the quality of the bottle itself seems to have suffered due to the lid. There is also a bit of a leakage issue – while the FIT Top can be sealed up pretty well, it has multiple points from which it can leak and they must all be diligently closed. I have also had a bit of issue with leaking from where the lid screws on, although admittedly I was actively trying to get it to leak.
FIT Top Lid with Filtering Mechanism
Cleaning the lid can be something of a challenge since it has a lot of small spaces and movable parts. Fortunately, the whole thing is dishwasher safe, but make sure to close the filter before washing! If soap gets into the filter it will contaminate it and possibly require replacement.

Review Summary


Appearance: 7/10FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle Review

With a straight forward yet appealing design, the FIT Top has a nice minimalist look going which is well highlighted by the available color options.

Functionality: 9/10

The FIT Top gets high marks for functionality thanks to its innovative design which is one of the only filtered water bottles which allows for filtering before the water enters the container, allowing you to have clean filtered water with your own additive!

Durability: 5/10

Unfortunately the light weight plastic which makes up the FIT Top bottle might be a bit flimsy, and the large number of moving parts on the lid mean there is much more that can go wrong with the FIT Top than other water bottles. As a result, I am somewhat concerned about how long the FIT Top will last, although so far it has held up well.

Cost: 7/10

At around $25 on Amazon, the FIT Top isn’t cheap, yet considering the advanced lid and highly functional filtering mechanism it is worth the cost.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

The FIT Top would be a great addition to the arsenal of anyone who requires filtered water where ever they go. Aside from a few concerns about its durability, this is a great selection.

Want to learn more about filtered water bottles? Check out our Filtered Water Bottle Buyer’s Guide to learn more about filtered water bottle solutions and be sure to check out the FIT Top Amazon page for more info and a chance to own your very own!

Thanks very much to FitTop USA for providing us with a sample to review.


Pour-Through Filter Lets You Filter Before Water Enters The Bottle


High Cost

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The FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle incorporates an interesting filter design which allows water to be filtered before it enters the bottle, something unique in the world of filtered bottles.

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