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Refresh2Go Filtered Water Bottles in Three Models (Grip, Insulated, and Milestone) Family Portrait PhotoAwhile back we were offered the chance to review Refresh2Go Water Bottles – a super-affordable brand of BPA-free Tritan plastic water bottles equipped with an all-natural coconut shell activated carbon filter. The nice folks over at Refresh2Go actually sent us three models to try out, and we’ll have a bit to say about all of them in our review below. While all three models are made from the same BPA-Free durable Tritan plastic and contain the same filter straw, there are a few differences.

Since each of these bottles comes in at the impressively low price point of about $10, they all represent an excellent selection for a budget filtered water bottle. The activated carbon coconut shell filters inside each Refresh2Go Bottle are ideal for making already potable water cleaner without adding any extra steps. Since the Refresh2Go’s filter is embedded into its straw mechanism, all you have to do is fill the bottle and drink from it normally to get the benefits of the filtration. The activated carbon filter removes impurities from tap water and is very useful for reducing the amount of chlorine in your drinking water. These types of filters are great if you have to deal with foul-tasting tap water, as they can save your tastebuds tons of unpleasant sips from the tap!

Below we’ll be looking at the 20oz Refresh2Go Chill Double-wall Insulated Bottle in blue, the 34oz Refresh2Go Milestone Bottle in grey, and last but not least the 26oz Refresh2Go Bottle with Grip in purple.

(UPDATE: Refresh2go has come out with a new model of filtered water bottle! Incorporating the same coconut shell activated carbon filter we reviewed here, the new Refresh2go Excursion also offers double-wall vacuum insulation and a stainless steel water bottle! Be sure to read our complete review of the Refresh2go Excursion Stainless Steel Insulated Filter Bottle.)


Reviewing and Comparing Three Models of Refresh2Go Filtered Water Bottles: Insulated, Grip, and Milestone

Refresh2Go Chill, Milestone, and Grip Bottles Family Portrait of Filtered Water Bottles


With the selection of Refresh2Go Models, there is definitely more similarity than there is difference between the bottles. This is nice, because it means whatever your preference for a bottle – be it something slim and simple that can accompany you anywhere (like the Grip,) or a high capacity bottle that can keep you hydrated all day or through a long hike (like the Milestone,) or something capable of keeping your drink nice and cold (like the Chill) – Refresh2Go has an option to accommodate.

The main features which all bottles share is their BPA-free Tritan plastic construction, their wide-mouth opening, and their flip-close straw lids equipped with coconut shell activated carbon filters. Despite being plastic, the Refresh2Go bottles are extremely hardy and are definitely set up to withstand some abuse. The plastic is thick and will not easily crack, and overall we give the Refresh2Go bottles high marks for durability and overall design. While the design is very simple, it is a no-frills approach to making something highly functional. The Refresh2Go gets its job done and doesn’t add anything unnecessary or extravagant to the package.

A Closer Look at the Refresh2Go’s Filters

Closeup of Activated Carbon Coconut Shell Filter on Refresh2Go Water Bottle Straw

Refresh2Go Activated Carbon Coconut Shell Filters Replacement Three PackOn every Refresh2Go Bottle is a simple filter made from all natural coconut shell fiber. This acts as an activated carbon filter, trapping impurities, small particles, and certain chemical contaminants or additives (such as chlorine) commonly found in tap water. It is important to note that while these filters can be effective at removing some things, they are designed to make already potable tap water a bit cleaner. They are not the kind of heavy-duty filter that can render contaminated water drinkable. If that’s what you’re after, be sure to check out our Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide for more information or suggestions, or have a look at our piece on the Best Portable Water Filters for Camping or Hiking.

The filter on Refresh2Go bottles comes as a small plastic attachment which affixes to the bottom of the straw. In order to filter water, you must provide suction through the bottle’s straw, drawing water up through the filter. While this design works fine, you might find it adding a bit of resistance as you pull from the straw. One draw back of having the filter on the end of the straw is that it is somewhat bulky, and when the water level nears the bottom of the bottle it becomes difficult to impossible to get the last draws sucked up through the filter, so you often have a bit of water unable to make it through the filter.

But if you have problems with nasty-tasting tap water, the Refresh2Go does a great job of eliminating bad tastes and funky odors from your tap water, as well as kicking out the chlorine flavor. The filters have a very short lifetime of around 40 gallons, but replacements are as cheap as ~$8 for a pack of 3 filters, which is advertised as a “six-month supply,” though obviously this will vary with the size of the bottle and your frequency of use.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the commonalities of these three models, lets take a closeup look at each of them individually.


Refresh2Go Chill 20oz Filter Bottle

Refresh2Go Chill Double Wall Insulated Plastic Filter Bottle

Refresh2Go Chill Double Wall Insulated Filter BottleThe smallest capacity bottle we reviewed from Refresh2Go, the Chill Double Wall Insulated Bottle sacrifices some of its capacity for a bit of insulation. Encased in a sort of “bottle-in-a-bottle” design, the double walled construction creates an insulating layer of air which seperates the bottles contents from the atmosphere outside, minimizing heat transfer, helping to prevent condensation, and (hopefully) keeping your drink hot or cold.

While the double wall construction of the Chill does provide it with a bit of insulating capability, it is not really that dramatic of an effect, certainly nothing like the best insulated bottles. But this is mostly a question of materials: the best insulated bottles tend to be made from stainless steel. For being plastic, the Refresh2Go Chill actually offers some appreciable insulation, and definitely helps prevent the bottle from sweating with condensation. But I wouldn’t really depend on it to keep my ice frozen for any extended period – more of a nice feature to keep it chilled while I’m drinking it.

The bottle also includes a wide mouth design which allows plenty of clearance for adding ice cubes to the Chill, which is something we always look for on any kind of insulated bottle. Another noteworthy thing about the Refresh2Go Chill is that it is something of a rare combination. There are not a lot of insulated filter bottles around on the market, and especially not at this low pricepoint.

Purchase or learn more about the Refresh2Go Chill Bottle on Amazon.

Refresh2Go Milestone 34oz Water Filter Bottle

Refresh2Go 34 Ounce Milestone Filtered Water Bottle Closeup

Refresh2Go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle In GreyThe largest capacity bottle we tested from the Refresh2Go line, the Milestone Bottle is a good size to act as a companion for an all-day adventure. While a little bulky (too wide to slide into a cup holder, anyway) the Milestone is every bit as functional as its slimmer siblings.

Overall a simple bottle, the Milestone doesn’t go out of its way to do anything fancy. Despite its simplicity, the Milestone is well put together and of course featuring the Refresh2Go coconut shell filtration. One thing the Milestone does toss in to spice things up is its inclusion of water level measurements on the side of the bottle to make it easy to keep track of how much water you’re drinking from the bottle. Or, in a pinch, the Milestone bottle could double as something of a measuring cup.

Purchase or learn more about the Refresh2Go Milestone Bottle on Amazon.

Refresh2Go Grip 26oz Filtered Water Bottle

Refresh2Go Grip Filtered Water Bottle

Refresh2Go Grip Water Bottle With Filter Straw Removed Of the three Refresh2Go models we tried, the Grip Filtered Bottle represents the middle-of-the-road in terms of its capacity. The 26 ounce capacity is a nice size for an everyday use bottle, as it easily fits into cup holders and remains very lightweight even when full. This ease of use and portability is where the Grip excels, with its ergonomically curved shape and its rubber grip. The grip provides a nice tactile feel when holding the bottle and adds a bit of traction to make sure the bottle isn’t going anywhere.

Equipped with the same filter and quality construction of the other Refresh2Go models on this list, the Grip is the selection to go for if maximum portability and convenience is your concern.

Purchase or learn more about the Refresh2Go Grip Bottle on Amazon.

Review Summary

Refresh2Go Grip, Milestone, and Chill Filtered Plastic Water Bottles

Refresh2Go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle in Four ColorsAfter putting all three models of Refresh2Go filtered water bottles through their paces, we’ve come to like the brand quite a bit. Each of these filters is a serious bargain at only about $10, and while they aren’t equipped with anything too fancy, it is a great deal for the price.

As simple as the bottles are they do not compromise on construction. Made from durable BPA-free Tritan plastic, they are able to withstand abuse and remain functional. The wide-mouth lid design on each of them makes them easy to clean and fill, and the simple screw-on lids are leak proof enough to never worry about the contents of your Refresh2Go seeping out if properly sealed.

The filter further echoes this “simple but effective” design philosophy behind the bottles. While a very simple filter, it is adequate to deal with foul-tasting city taps and add a bit of extra protection for what enters your body. Equipping low-cost bottles with simple filters is a great step which we hope to see become increasingly common in the future.

Overall, the Refresh2Go line is a great bunch of budget filtered bottles. Considering the price range, they are a great buy. For bottles in their price range, they offer quite a bit of value both in quality construction and the inclusion of the filter. If you are looking for a low-budget option for a filtered water bottle, the Refresh2Go products are certainly worth trying out.

We award the Refresh2Go Bottles 5/5 stars.

To learn more details, check current prices, see what other customers had to say, or buy a Refresh2Go Bottle yourself, be sure to visit the Amazon page.


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Simple BPA-Free Plastic reusable water bottles equipped with nifty activated carbon coconut filters.

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