Precidio Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle Review

Precidio Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle ReviewPrecidio is a brand which has caught our attention more than once with their interesting products. Our piece on their “Unbreakable” Glass Bottle remains a popular one, and later we took a look at their Drink In The Box Reusable Juice Box, both neat takes on the water bottle. But apparently, Precidio’s innovation does not stop there. With the Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle Precidio has created a 3-in-1 solution geared towards providing the ideal container no matter your choice of beverage.

The Multi Flask accomplishes this with a glass interior surrounded by a hard Tritan plastic outer-shell. This provides a similar design to Precidio’s “Unbreakable” Glass Bottle, meaning the Multi Flask is conveniently shatter proof. This container-within-a-container design also provides a bit of insulation (nothing to compare to the best insulated bottles, but at least you won’t burn or freeze your hands while handling your drink.) Rounding off the package, the Multi Flask includes a filter for easily brewing teas or infusing your water.

Exploring the Many Functions of the Precidio Multi Flask

Precidio Multi Flask Disassembled All Components Shown

Despite Precidio’s decision to name the Multi Flask a “revolutionary water bottle,” we think the name is a little generous. There is not much revolutionary about the bottle, although it is a pretty nifty product with some intriguing features. For the most part, it is just a glass filter/infuser bottle equipped with a plastic shell. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it is no revolution! Over a year ago we looked at the Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass which bore effectively the same design. More recently we had a look at the MIU Color Bottle.

However, while the design might not be a particularly new one, it is a good one. Not only that, the Multi Flask brings a few things to the table its competitors don’t. One thing that stood out immediately is its flip-top lid, which opens up easily to provide access to your beverage. This makes it much easier to use than something like the Libre or MIU Color which don’t lend themselves to this degree of portable ease of use with their screw-on lids.

Filtering and Infusing with the Multi Flask

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The filter on the Multi Flask comes in handy in a couple of ways. For those who like to drink loose-leaf teas with larger leaves (finer ground teas are too small and readily escape through the moderately-sized holes on the filter,) the Multi Flask makes brewing easy on the go. One downside of the design is that the filter is placed at the top of the bottle, meaning that once you’ve drank tea below the level of the filter, it is no longer steeping in the water. This is not a problem if you make your tea in advance, but can be a bummer if you’re trying to have it brew and drink it at the same time! Of course, you always have the option of inverting the bottle to insure the filter and the tea remains submerged.

On the other hand, there is a benefit to having the filter placed at the top. If you’re a fan of infused water, you can place large chunks of fruit or herbs within the water itself and not have to worry about them passing through the filter. This works well if you don’t mind leaving whatever you’re infusing your water with inside your drink. But even if you prefer to remove it, you can do so by instead using the filter as an infuser basket. Multi-functional indeed!

The “3-in-1 Design”

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Truth be told we struggle a little bit to understand Precidio’s meaning when they advertise the Multi Flasks 3-in-1 design. According to the box, the tree functions are: hot beverage, cold beverage, and filtered beverage. Again, along with the “revolutionary” title, this advertising feels like it is grasping at straws a bit. We aren’t disputing that the Multi Flask is great for all of these beverages, though. Actually, it is intimately well suited no matter your drink of choice.

The mouth of the Multi Flask has a wide mouth opening which allows plenty of space for ice cubes. While the Multi Flask doesn’t have serious insulation, the plastic shell it is encased in does help to mitigate heat transfer, and provides some insulation. It also means the outside of the bottle will sweat much less than it otherwise might from condensation, and it won’t burn your hands even if the contents inside are scalding.


Easy to Work With

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The entirety of the Multi Flask easily disassembles into its componenet parts: the screw-on lid with flip top mouth, the filter basket which screws onto the lid, the interior glass container, and the exterior Tritan plastic shell.

This design has the benefit of making the bottle super easy to clean. It also means that, in a pinch, you could have a larger plastic water bottle if you decided to just use the Tritan shell without the glass insert. If capacity is what you’re going for, this might not be such a bad idea. The glass interior only holds 11 ounce of liquid, which is a pretty small drink. The plastic shell holds over double that at 23 ounces, and is made from quality BPA-free Tritan plastic, meaning it is safe to store your drinking water in. Every time you look for another use, the Multi Flask seems to have one!

Review Summary

There is a lot to like about the Multi Flask: perfect for infusing or making larger loose-leaf teas, a quality glass water bottle with shatter proof design, wide-mouth opening, flip-top drinking spout, screw-on lid, dishwasher safe. No doubt Precidio has accomplished their goal of making a multi-talented bottle well suited for a variety of beverages.

However, the 11 ounce capacity of the main glass part of the bottle leaves a bit to be desired. You can opt to toss out the glass entirely and be left with a reasonably nice 23-ounce Tritan plastic water bottle just using the Multi Flask’s shell, which is a nice option to have. Maybe you like to drink tea in the morning and fill up the plastic part of the bottle later for your water throughout the work day, or some other variant. Depending on your habits, the Multi Flask could be just what you’re looking for.

Coming in at about $27 on, the Multi Flask isn’t exactly cheap, but is a fair price compared to similar infuser bottles. The design and manufacturing are both of high quality, which goes a long way towards justifying the price.

At the end of the day, we think the Multi Flask is pretty cool. We award it 4/5 stars.

Learn More about the Precidio Multi Flask

Still undecided? Visit the Amazon listing to check current prices, read other customer reviews, and get a look at some more specifics.

Or check out this brief clip which demonstrates a few different uses the Multi Flask can be put to.


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This water bottle/tea maker contraption from Precidio seeks to be every kind of bottle you could want, all rolled into one "Multi Flask."

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