Precidio Drink In The Box Reusable Children’s Drink Container Review

Drink in the Box Closeup Product PhotoNo matter how old or young, staying hydrated is vital. Even though we typically give most of our focus at Hydration Anywhere to water bottles for adults, when Precidio offered us the chance to review their reusable juice box, we decided to give it a spin.

One important note we have to make is that since we originally received our Juice in the Box, Precidio has since changed the name of the product to Drink in the Box (~$15 on Amazon), however the products are identical except for the different name. Precidio felt it was a good idea to move the emphasis away from juices, which can be extremely high in sugar, and instead brand the product as a versatile container for children’s beverages of all sorts. We will be using the new name, Drink in the Box, throughout this review.

Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Box with lid Off

The Problems Tackled by a Reusable Juice Box

The juice box is a popular childhood staple for millions of families. Yet this seemingly innocuous way to get a beverage comes with a big problem: massive pollution. According to statistics from the University of Michigan, as many as 4 billion disposable juice boxes make their ways to landfills in America each year.

Just from juice boxes alone, the average kid growing up in American can make a pretty substantial amount of litter over the course of their childhood. It is even worse when you add in bottles or cans for other beverages they might be drinking, and we have previous explored the problems of plastic bottles.

Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Box Container Filled with Juice

Juice Box Convenience, Eco-Friendly Approach

Hoping to do at least a little something about this problem is Precidio’s Drink in the Box. Made from durable BPA-free Tritan plastic, the Drink in the Box is designed to provide a durable and leaf-proof means of conveniently storing any drink. Taking its design cues from classic juice boxes, the Drink in the Box incorporates a straw for easy access and a square design reminiscent of regular juice boxes.


Featuring a locking lid with a press-button opening, the Drink in the Box manages a leak proof seal when properly closed. This is accomplished with a few pieces of plastic which clamp the straw closed and plug a small hole the straw uses for ventilation. It works quite well, forming an adequate seal which is not likely to leak. Even if it did leak, it would be somewhat contained within the plastic which closes over the lid.

The Drink in the Box is made from some pretty thick Tritan plastic, so it is very resistant to cracks or damage from rough handling. However, the lid is definitely a vulnerable point. If it was pushed back too far, the relatively thin plastic on the lid could easily snap off. Some customers have reportedly ran into this problem. Breaking the lid wouldn’t put the Drink in the Box entirely out of commission, but it would make it substantially less useful and much leakier, so be careful with the lid.

Drink in the Box formerly Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Box Drink Container Review[wp_ad_camp_1]

Filling & Cleaning the Drink in the Box Reusable Juice Box

Opening the Drink in the Box for filling is simple enough, just give the whole lid assembly a firm upwards tug and it pops open. This is easy enough for an adult, but would be unlikely for a toddler to manage to open. Filling up or cleaning the inside of the Drink in the Box is very easy, as there is plenty of space for a normal sponge to fit in, making regular cleaning a breeze. The transparent plastic design also means you’ll always know when it is time to clean it out.

This brief clip shows the Drink in the Box being taken apart, filled, and used. Check it out to get an idea of the Drink in the Box in action.


If you go through a lot of juice boxes, or just want a great leak-proof reusable container for your kids beverages, the Drink in the Box is a good option to consider. Aside from the lid, it is pretty durable. The straw works well, and the leak-proofing measures are adequate. Check it out on Amazon.

I don’t have children myself, so I gave my Juice in the Box to a friends daughter after reviewing it. Their family finds it quite useful and she enjoys having her own drinking vessel. Seems like a winner! We award it 4/5 stars, docking one point due to the vulnerable lid design.


Leak-Proof Strawlid
Unique Design
Durable Construction


Lid Durability Concerns

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The Drink In The Box is a fun children's plastic portable drink container, resembling the classic juice-in-a-box design, but with some added durability and reusable design.

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  1. I loved the old design. The new design is too difficult for my kid to open. Can you recommend something comparable? What I like about this is that it’s compact to fit inside a lunch box, you can put lemon in the water in this, or coconut water into it, not just plain water. And it use to stay shut but be easy to open. I’ve searched and searched and found nothing. Thanks.


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