Nalgene Review – 5 Great Reusable Bottles

Multidrink Bottle
BPA-Free Plastic
Versatile lid featuring unique design
20 Ounce Capacity
Durable BPA-Free Plastic
Unique lid with multiple access options
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BPA-Free Plastic
Durable sippy cup for children
12 Ounce Capacity
Durable BPA-Free Plastic
No-spill sippy cup perfect for children
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Wide Mouth Cantene
Collapsible Cantene
Versatile cantene ideal for camping
48 or 96 Ounce Capacity
Durable, flexible BPA-free plastic
Folds and flexes for easy storage
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On the Fly
BPA-Free Plastic
Versatile everyday water bottle
22 Ounce Capacity
Durable BPA-Free Plastic
Convenient design fits in cupholders
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Selection of Nalgene Water Bottles as displayed on

A potent combination of high quality and affordable price tags has cemented Nalgene as one of the leading names in water bottles. Whether you need something to keep yourself hydrated at the gym, the ideal container for your next hiking expedition, or just something to carry around everyday at school or work, Nalgene’s extensive catalog has something to provide.

While most of Nalgene’s water bottles are composed of synthetic materials, these modern plastics are free of harmful bisphenol A which has been repeatedly implicated in contributing to a variety of medical conditions. The BPA-free nature of Nalgene’s products is a major selling point, and Nalgene’s products are often the first to present themselves when someone is looking for a BPA-free reusable water bottle solution.

Below, we’ll take a look at 5 excellent and relatively low-cost Nalgene reusable water bottles.

1. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth 1-Quart Water Bottle (~$10 on

Blue 1-Quart Wide Mouth Reusable Water Bottle

In my mind, the Tritan Wide Mouth is sort of the archetypal Nalgene water bottle. By far their most popular product, I spot half a dozen Tritan’s every time I go to the gym. I have owned several myself through the years. While the design is remarkably simple, it accomplishes everything it needs to brilliantly. The impact resistant plastic is extremely durable and difficult to fracture or crack, easy to clean (dish washer safe!) and can toleratre temperatures as low as -40F or as high as 212F.

The quality screw on lid features a loop-top design which should always help you keep the lid close at hand. Easy to clean, remarkably reliable and extremely affordable (under $10 on Amazon,) the Tritan Wide Mouth is sure to remain a staple in the water bottle world.

2. Nalgene 20-Ounce Multidrink Water Bottle (~$10 on

Nalgene Multidrink 20 Ounce Reusable Water Bottle

The Nalgene Multidrink is a great on-the-go reusable water bottle. Being light weight and low profile at 20-ounces, the Multidrink is a great selection if you’re trying to cut as much dead weight out of your load as possible.

The distinguishing feature of the Mutlidrink is its incorporation of a straw as well as a high flow spout – meaning you can drink whichever way you like! Open the spout to down a big gulp, or take some sips from your straw without even breaking stride.

Composed from BPA free, impact resistant plastics, the Multidrink is just as rugged as the Tritan mentioned above – however, its more complex lid can potentially be a source of problems, as there are a lot of parts on the Multidrink that could break.

3. Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle (~$9 on

Green Children's Water Bottle Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp

Specifically designed for children, the Grip-N-Gulp is colorful and adorned with cute designs. Indents along the bottle make it easy for small hands to grasp, and Nalgene’s “soft touch” lid is comfortable and welcoming to drink from.

Probably one of the best sippy cups on the market, the Grip-N-Gulp does not leak and is ideally geared towards the little ones.

4. Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene (~$16 on

Wide Mouth Nalgene Outdoors Cantene

Exceptionally useful for anyone who loves the outdoors, the Wide Mouth Cantene is composed of a flexible material which can easily be folded or rolled up for optimal storage. The multi-layered material ensures the cantene remains free of leaks and is exceptionally durable. Much better for packing when space is tight than rigid water bottles, Nalgene’s Wide Mouth Cantenes are the favorites of campers and hikers the world over.

Available in 48 and 96 ounce varieties.

5. Nalgene On The Fly Water Bottle (~$10 on

Nalgene On The Fly Portable Reusable Water Bottle

Lastly on our Nalgene round up we have this classic offering. Quite simple and minimalist, the On The Fly Water Bottle features a loop top which swings open to reveal a wide spout. Fitting snugly in a bike bottle cage or a cup holder, the 22 ounce bottle has a minimal foot print lending well to its portability.

The cleverly designed lid provides a locking leak proof mechanism which is easy to open or close one handed with the push of a button. Enabling you to stay on the move, the Nalgene On The Fly is ideal for just about anyone.

More Next Time!

This is only a brief glimpse at what Nalgene has to offer. Want to see what else they have in store? Check out the huge selection of Nalgene’s too long to mention here!

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These 5 Great Reusable Bottles from Nalgene are all great options for everyday use, at home, on the gym, or on the go! Take a look at these neat bottles.

3 thoughts on “Nalgene Review – 5 Great Reusable Bottles”

  1. I have used thousands of reusable water bottles before, but when I got a Nalgene water bottle for Christmas, it was amazing. Getting a Nalgene changed my view on water bottles because of their reusability. In the time that I have owned a Nalgene water bottle, I say I love them. I give them four stars because of their designs, great access, cost, and strength, which cancels out the difficulty of the size and the fast appearing smell.

    There are lots of different colors and designs for you to choose, from an entire Marvel collection to a university collection to seasonal bottles along with different colored bottles that have different color caps. They also have wide and narrow mouthed bottles. This gives you many different options that are perfect for anyone.

    Not only do they have great designs and colors, you can buy Nalgene’s in many different places. They are sold in many retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and REI. You can also buy Nalgene’s on stores websites. The Nalgene website, Amazon, eBay, and many other stores all sell these water bottles online. A problem though is that in store, they have limited types of bottles, so if you want a specific one that you might have seen online, it might not be a certainty that you will find it in stores. Say you were looking at a university bottle online and you go to the store looking for that bottle, you might not find it because it could be only sold online.

    Not only are the designs and store options great, the price is very affordable. The cost of Nalgene’s ranges from $4-$16. The prices all depend on what size and design. The price varies depending on the water bottle that you want to buy. On the other hand, a Contigo water bottle ranges from $7-$19. Those cost much more than a Nalgene, and with a Nalgene you get more for your money’s worth. When compared to a Contigo water bottle, a Nalgene is the better buy.

    When looking for a water bottle, most people look for strength. The Nalgene company says that their water bottle is virtually indestructible. Their water bottles can get minor bumps and scratches, but they are still great to use them outdoors. Not only are they great for outdoors, but they are useful at school and work. They hold lots of water, which means that you aren’t always having to refill your water.

    One problem I have with these water bottles is the size. Most of the Nalgene water bottles are very wide, making it hard to fit in water bottle pockets on school backpacks. I own a 32 oz bottle and if I try and put it in my backpack water bottle pocket, it doesn’t fit, which means I either carry it or put it inside of my already heavy enough backpack.

    Another problem is that a weird smell starts to develop after only a few days of not washing it. About 2 days after washing my Nalgene, it starts to get this weird sticky like smell. When you open it and start drinking, you can smell it and it makes drinking from the bottle unpleasant. The only way I have found to get rid of the smell is by washing the water bottle again.

    If you really want a good water bottle, you should buy a Nalgene. I give Nalgene water bottles 4 stars because of their strength, designs, cost, and availability.


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