Mobot Bottle & Foam Roller Review – Hydration and a Massage All-in-One

Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottles in Four Different ColorsIt seems the new trend in the world of water bottles is to offer not just a bottle but instead a gadget. We’ve looked at plenty examples of these products lately: be it a bottle that can light up and play your favorite songs, a bottle with a built-in mister to cool you off, or a digitally enhanced “Smart Bottle” – the trend is undeniable. With the subject of this review, the Mobot Bottle & Foam Roller, manufacturer Mobot has combined two common fitness products into a single item.

Aside from being remarkably novel, there is definitely a practicality to the combination. Fans of foam rolling as a means of stretching and self-massage will appreciate the simplicity and portability of the Mobot, which allows you to foam roll no matter where you go without having to carry an extra bulky foam roller exclusively for that purpose. Underneath the foam, the Mobot Bottle is a 40-ounce, extremely durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottle made from eco-friendly recycled stainless steel. While the bottle lacks vacuum insulation, it does pick up some insulating benefits from its foam exterior.

We’ve had the opportunity to put our Mobot Bottle to the test, and below is what we’ve found out so far.


The Portable Fitness Companion: Mobot Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Foam Roller

Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle Being Used By Woman To StretchIf you’re not familiar with foam rolling, the simplest way to think of it is as a form of self-massage. To quote Wikipedia:

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles.”

A full explanation of foam rolling is a bit outside the scope of this review article, so if you want to learn more or some specifics on how to foam roll, check out this in-depth article from

If you still don’t quite understand foam rolling, have a look at this short video from Mobot, which demonstrates the bottle being used as a foam roller.

Using the Mobot Day-to-Day

Mobot Foam Roller & Water Bottle All-in-One BlackFoam rolling is something I have incorporated into my fitness routine for awhile, and while I do own a classic foam roller it isn’t something I do so often that I felt the need to carry my roller around with me. However, despite my initial skepticism, there is definitely a certain charm to having the Mobot with you enabling you to do a bit of light foam rolling whenever you want.

In everyday use, the utility of the Mobot will vary greatly depending on what you do. If you’re lucky enough to work in a relaxed environment, you might be able to put the Mobot to use throughout the day, or if you’re a student use it to release a little tension between classes. For foam rolling fanatics, the Mobot’s massive portability will soon become indispensable. For those a little less gung-ho about foam rolling everyday, the main utility of the Mobot comes up on extended travels. Substantially smaller than typical foam rollers, it is easy to include the Mobot in your luggage without taking up too much space – plus, you need a water bottle anyway, right?

While I’d probably never bother to lug around my long, dense, and heavy home foam roller, taking the Mobot on a trip is easy enough to toss it in the bag without a second thought. The miniature size of the foam roller is something of a double-edged sword. Sometimes the Mobot is not quite as relaxing or effective as a classic foam roller, on account of its smaller size. It will definitely require a bit of adjusting in foam rolling technique to get used to, but once you’ve made a few adjustments to suit the Mobot it rewards you well. However, larger individuals might find the small size not enough to get a satisfactory massage.

At the Gym

Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle At The GymWhere my Mobot has proven most at home is at the gym, where all of its functionality can come into play more or less simultaneously. Since I’ve had it, I’ve made a point to take my Mobot Bottle to the gym with me every time I’ve gone to work out. Bringing it with me encourages me not to skip foam rolling, for which my body typically thanks me later. And let us not forget that under that foam is a quality water bottle. Able to carry up to 40 ounces of water, the Mobot provides plenty to drink during a trip to the gym.

Equipped with a straw lid, it is easy to drink from the Mobot even during exercise. However, there are two issues which have presented themselves. Firstly, the Mobot is not equipped with the sort of double-walled vacuum insulation that makes some of its stainless steel competitors so remarkably well-insulated. While there is some degree of insulation provided by the foam, it isn’t quite up to par with other insulated stainless steel bottles. The second issue is the narrow-mouth opening, which makes it difficult to get large ice cubes into the bottle.

I like my water cold at the gym for maximum refreshment. Fortunately, after I’ve managed to fit some ice cubes into the Mobot, its insulating capabilities do keep my water nice and cold for the duration of a gym visit. But it does not have the insulating capabilities of something like a Hydro Flask, so if left in a hot car or similar conditions you can typically expect a lukewarm drink.


Environmentally Friendly & Quality Manufacturing


Mobot has taken some steps to make their foam-roller bottle as environmentally friendly as possible. All of the stainless steel used in the bottle is made from recycled materials. Stainless steel is one of the best materials for containers, as it does not leech chemicals, is non-toxic, super easy to clean, and remarkably durable. The Mobot is designed to support your weight any time you use it, plus it has a thick shield of EVA foam, making this without a doubt one of the most durable water bottles you’ll find anywhere.

The lid is made from some plastic parts, all of which are BPA-free non-toxic FDA approved plastics. The straw lid is well produced and sturdy, but is likely to be the least durable part of the bottle. We haven’t encountered any issues with ours so far.

The price of the Mobot is something which we have to call into question. While we don’t deny it is a cool and well put together product, the ~$60+ price tag seems a bit steep. Just for contrast, a small 12-inch foam roller and a 35 ounce FNova Stainless Steel Water Bottle would only set you back about $30 total, less than half the price of the Mobot.

Review Summary

Woman Using Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle to Stretch LegsAs a foam roller, the Mobot is pretty top notch. Comfortable, easy to use, perhaps a bit on the small side for some people but a forgivable issue considering the portability. Probably one of the most portable foam rollers on the market, the Mobot is something many fitness folks will love. As a water bottle, we have just two complaints: we wish it had double-wall vacuum insulation, and we wish it had a wide-mouth option.

Mobot has done a good job of making a sleek looking bottle and offering some different designs to spice things up. The product is well-made and performs as advertised. Their use of eco-friendly recycled materials is also a big plus. However, the Mobot might be suffering from a being a tad overpriced at around $65 on Amazon.

We award the Mobot 4/5 stars. We probably would have opted for a solid 5/5, but the price tag and lack of insulation leave a little something to be desired.

Learn More about the Mobot Water Bottle & Foam Roller

To read other customer’s reviews, learn more specifics, check current prices, or purchase a Mobot Roller Bottle for yourself, visit the Amazon listing.

Want to see the Mobot in action? Check out this short testimonial video put together by Mobot to get a look at the bottle in use as a foam-roller and as a water bottle:


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The extremely unique combination of two unlikely products: the water bottle and the exercise device known as a foam roller.

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