MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle with Fruit or Tea Infuser Review

MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle Product PhotoToday on Hydration Anywhere we’ll be taking a look at the stylish new MIU Color 22 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Infuser which the kind folks at MIU sent us for review. In addition to being a stylishly designed 22 ounce glass water bottle with a nifty insulating sleeve, the MIU COLOR also comes equipped with an infuser perfect for making tea or adding a bit of fruity flavour to your favorite drink.

From first glance, we’ve been pretty impressed with the MIU COLOR. Whether you make use of the infuser or not, this is undeniably a well designed, stylish bottle. Made from strong borosilicate glass, the MIU COLOR has a very eco-friendly glass design and is unlikely to break – borosilicate glass is the same type of stress-resistant glass used for high intesity applications like laboratory glass!

MIU Color Glass Water Bottle With Tea/Fruit Infuser – 22 Ounce (~$26 on Amazon.com)

The MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle with its Packaging and included cleaning brushes

Right out of the box, the MIU COLOR makes a good introduction. MIU was nice enough to include two fantastic cleaning brushes (pictured above) with the bottle they sent us. These brushes fit perfectly into the MIU COLOR and make cleaning it a breeze – I might even find myself putting them to other uses! These cleaning brushes are included with Amazon orders of the 22 ounce variety. We are looking at the 22 ounce version in this review, however MIU COLOR also offers an 18.5 ounce version as well as a 12 ounce version.

The MIU COLOR bottle feels like it is made of a very thick and strong glass. There is nothing flimsy about its design or construction. On both ends of the bottle stainless steel lids act as the caps, and they are excellently leak-proof. So far I have been unable to coax a stray drop from either end of my bottle. The bottom cap comes off to provide easy access to the MIU’s infuser which sits on the bottom of the bottle. Made from a little mesh basket, the infuser is ideal for holding your favorite fruit, loose-leaf or bagged tea, or anything else you want to infuse your water with. With a simple to use, unobtrusive design, the inclusion of the infuser makes the MIU COLOR fantastically versatile: the perfect on the go tea glass when you need it, a simple water bottle when you require nothing more, or a fruit-infused treat wherever you are.

MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle with Infuser Out of Sleeve

One of my favorite parts of the MIU COLOR water bottle is the awesome nylon sleeve included with it. It feels very soft and makes the bottle nice to hold. The sleeve has a small zipper on it which works very well at allowing you to take the sleeve off or secure it snugly on your bottle. Also included on the sleeve is a nice little handle for carrying the bottle. The sleeve provides a bit of insulation to keep your tea from cooling, and provides a great barrier against burning yourself if you’ve made a hot beverage in your MIU COLOR bottle.

For the most part I am a 100% water drinker – I rarely have anything more complex in my water bottle than some ice water. However, since I’ve been testing the MIU COLOR, I’ve found myself growing partial to lemon-infused water. I just toss a few lemon slices into the infuser basket on th MIU and I’m good to go with lemon water all day. It adds a nice little zing and bit of flavor, plus fruit-infused water has potential health benefits.

Another beverage I’ve found myself enjoying from my MIU COLOR bottle is yerba mate, something I’ve been a fan of for awhile now. The infuser basket on the MIU COLOR is ideal for making loose-leaf mate. Yerba mate is more or less a type of tea originating in South America, with similar caffeinating effects. Making it in the MIU COLOR is a breeze. Since the MIU has some metal parts, it is not microwave safe, so I simply heat up some water in a different container, measure out some loose-leaf yerba mate, toss a slice of lemon in, and voila! Fresh yerba mate hot and ready to go.

Making Lemon Infused Yerba Mate with the MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle
MIU COlor Water bottle with Fresh Brewed Tea

Review Summary


We don’t really have anything negative to say about the MIU COLOR! So far it has met all of our expectations and more. The look of the bottle itself is quite cool, with an eye catching contoured design in the glass. The addition of the super stylish nylon sleeve rounds off the bottle’s aesthetic, while also adding a nice functionality in the way of making it easier to carry and providing a bit of insulation. Not to mention the luxurious feeling of the nylon as you hold the bottle.

The MIU COLOR is easy to use whether you are making tea or just using it as a normal water bottle. The addition of the infuser really makes this a bottle that will appeal to all sorts of different users, but whether you like to make tea or add a hint of orange or lemon to your water or not, the MIU COLOR is a stylish and useful water bottle ideal for everyday use. Made from strong, thick, borosilicate glass, it is unlikely to break and the durability is further compounded by the addition of the nylon sleeve. Stainless steel lids and infuser basket are made to last and the entire bottle is 100% BPA free, letting you drink with peace of mind that nothing is leeching into your water or tea.

Rounding off the whole package, the MIU COLOR is extremely easy to clean thanks both to its design and the generous inclusion of two purpose-made cleaning brushes with each purchase. We have highlighted before how cleaning your water bottle can be a real hassle, and we think the commitment to clean bottles MIU has shown by including these brushes to be something other bottle makers would be wise to emulate.

We award the MIU COLOR 5/5 stars! Learn more details on the MIU COLOR Amazon Listing.


Well-Designed Tea Infuser Works Well
Versatile Design
All-Glass Container


Tricky To Clean

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The MIU COLOR Bottle provides a versatile means for drinking tea, water, or whatever you fancy to put in it.

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  1. Who knew there was an internet site devoted to hydration? I have such a hard time getting myself to drink water. I’m pretty sure I stay somewhat dehydrated most of the time. Maybe it would help to have a bottle like this. I will be following you site.
    Btw, you don’t know of a bottle that yells at you every now and then “drink me, now!”, do you?

    • Hey Suzanne! Thanks so much for reading! At the moment, there aren’t really any great products on the market that do what you are describing. However, the Moikit Smart Bottle is a bottle in development which will have reminders. In the meantime, there are lots of apps for Android or iOS that can make your phone give you hydration reminders. Search for them!


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