Marky Products Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler Review

Front/Interior View of Marky Products Insulated TumblerThe stainless steel tumbler is a pretty neat invention: superbly easy to clean, virtually indestructible, providing insulation capable of keeping your coffee hot or your ice frozen, all in an affordable and stylishly designed cup. It is a neat, modern means to hold your beverage. We were given the chance to test out a 20 ounce stainless steel tumbler from Marky Products, and over the course of a few weeks we’ve put it through daily use to compile our review.

In the Marky Tumbler we find a pretty straight forward stainless steel tumbler which more or less ticks all the boxes: vacuum insulation, 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction, and a transparent BPA-free plastic lid with a rubber gasket to provide a water-tight seal. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what the Marky Products tumbler brings to the table.

Getting To Know the Marky Drink Tumbler

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We’ve been fans of the concept of the stainless steel tumbler since we first encountered them, and we’ve had an opportunity to get our hands on quite a few of them. We have been pleasantly surprised by the Marky Tumbler. Aiming to provide a sturdy, simple, and highly functional design, the Marky Tumbler doesn’t have a whole lot of bells or whistles, but the features it does have are well designed and put together well.

Featuring a no-nonsense stainless steel finish, the Marky Tumbler has a streamlined aesthetic which gives it a pretty cool look. However, the Marky Tumbler’s exterior tends to get dirty pretty quickly. Oils from hands or little bits of dirt really show up on the tumbler’s exterior quickly, so it needs frequently washing. Fortunately, the tumbler is brilliantly easy to wash inside and out. Unlike the sometimes nightmarish task of cleaning out a water bottle, the Marky Tumbler accommodates a sponge or large brush no problem, and the 18/8 food-grade stainless steel shines up good as new after a bit of gentle scrubbing.


A Great Everyday Beverage Tumbler

Marky Tumbler Vacuum Insulated Beverage Container Review


One feature we like about the Marky Tumbler is its lid. Made from a BPA-free transparent plastic, it provides a little window inside your tumbler so you can see how much liquid is inside. It slides in and out of the tumbler’s body easily and is lined with a little rubber gasket that forms a tight seal when inside the tumbler. Since it features a small opening from which to drink, we can’t consider the Marky Tumbler to be a leak-proof design. However, the liquid-tight rubber gasket prevents leakage from any point aside from the drinking opening, which minimizes the risk of spillage.

It would be pretty cool if Marky Products had included a way to close the drinking spout on the lid, ideally making the tumbler entirely leak-proof. Maybe on a future design? For now, the tumbler’s lid accomplishes everything it needs to pretty well, and if you aren’t too reckless with your beverage-filled tumbler, you probably won’t run into too many spills.

Insulation For Whatever You’re Drinking

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The Marky Tumbler makes use of the same double-wall vacuum insulation technology found in the best insulated water bottles on the market. By making use of a small evacuated vacuum chamber between two stainless steel walls, the Marky Tumbler is effective at minimizing the heat transfer between your beverage and the environment. This means that whatever you’re drinking should stay at the temperature desired for quite awhile!

Because the Marky Tumbler does have a plastic lid (with an opening at that) it doesn’t quite provide the kind of long-term insulation you might expect from an insulated bottle, however it is absolutely perfect for keeping your beverage at ideal drinking temperature as you enjoy it. Whether it is a nice iced tea on a hot day, a warm cup of coffee in the morning, even a frosty brew after work, the insulation from this tumbler makes it far superior to any flimsy glass or cup, providing not only insulation but exceptional durability on account of its stainless steel construction.


Review Summary

Marky Products Tumbler With SmoothieThe Marky Products tumbler is certainly a well put together product. At roughly $20 on, it is modestly priced, well-manufactured, and offers decent insulation. While we would have prefered if the lid had a cap or some means to provide complete leak-proofing, it works plenty well for what it is and could perform great as a to-go cup or as a stay at home tumbler.

Extremely easy to clean, the 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction is complete throughout the entire tumbler, except for the lid. The lid is fairly durable in its own right, and provides a window to keep an eye on the level of your drink.

We award the Marky Products insulated tumbler 4/5 stars.

Learn More About the Marky Insulated Tumbler

To learn more about the Marky Product’s tumbler, or to purchase one for yourself, head over to the Amazon listing.


Decent Insulation
Affordably Priced


Not Leakproof
Lid Lacks Insulation

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The Marky Products Tumbler is a stainless steel drink tumbler equipped with vacuum insulation to keep its contents just the right temperature.

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  1. Hello,
    I recently (a bit over a week ago) sent an email to your Customer Svc team regarding a recent purchase…The bev resistant lid slider has already broken & I purchased it less than a month ago at time of first email! (purchased thru Amazon & Delivered on 11/6) & I drafted a very positive review soon afterward; I will really appreciate it if you could mail a replacement lid (the one w/the slide opening)! I cannot safely use this on my way to work w/out it!!! So disappointed ;( It’s a great tumbler & keeps my coffee hot but…obviously the lid is an issue! The lid has a cleaning & potential bacteria issue w/beverage seepage between the lid base & slide opening which is sometimes problematic if coffee cream remains any length of time, but it is certainly functional otherwise, when it doesn’t break. Please Reply as my tumbler is now a decorative counter vessel…I will look forward to hearing from you to provide my mailing address in a secure manner. Sincerely C.H.

    • Cheryl,

      You are not on the Marky Products manufacturer’s page. Hydration Anywhere is a third party site which reviews products. We cannot assist you with your issue. Your best bet would be to use the contact page from the manufacturer’s website, which you can find here. Thanks for reading and I hope they can solve your issue.


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