The LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle Gets An Update and More Filtration – Lifestraw Go 2 Bottle Review

The new LifeStraw Go 2 Filtering Water BottleAs one of the world’s most popular brands of portable filter, LifeStraw is a product we have highlighted more than once here on Hydration Anywhere. We did a complete review of the original LifeStraw Go Bottle so when we learned that LifeStraw had upgraded its filter bottle to the LifeStraw Go Bottle 2 we were eager to get our hands on the updated model and see what’s new.

On the surface, it doesn’t look like much has changed – although the LifeStraw Go Bottle 2 is available in a selection of 4 colors, the bottle looks virtually identical to its predecessor. Where the main upgrades come with the new LifeStraw Go are in its filter. Where the original LifeStraw Go relied purely on its integrated LifeStraw filter, the new Go 2 incorporates a second stage of filtration with an activated carbon filter through which water passes after its made its way through the main LifeStraw filter.

Let’s see just how improved the new LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle really is.

(UPDATE: We’ve named the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle Best Filtered Water Bottle of 2017.)


New Features From An Old Classic – Testing the LifeStraw Go 2 Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go 2 Filtered Water Bottle with 2nd Stage Activated Carbon Filter DiagramFor readers of our old review of the LifeStraw Go Bottle, you will probably remember that we encountered some issues with a “plasticy” or chemical type of flavor from our original LifeStraw Go. With this in mind, we were especially excited to try out the new Go 2, knowing that activated carbon filters are one of the best ways to eliminate bad taste and odors from water. Aside from the inclusion of the new stage of activated carbon filtration, the filter inside the Go 2 is otherwise the same as the original: an integrated LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.

For those unfamiliar with LifeStraws, they are designed to be able to provide drinkable water from almost any source. Using hollow fiber membrane filtration technology, the LifeStraw can filter particles as fine as 0.2 microns. This makes it suitable to tackle most types of pathogens that might make it into your body, such as bacteria, protozoa, and cysts, removing them (along with any chemicals or particulates larger than 0.2 microns) before they have a chance to enter your body and make you ill.

The final stage of activated carbon filtration included in the Go 2 Bottle is primarily concerned with removing flavor and odor from your water to make it more palatable after the main LifeStraw integrated filter has tackled the heavy lifting. But it also removes some chemical contaminants or additives such as chlorine which the LifeStraw itself won’t filter out.

Taste Testing the Go 2 Bottle

Man drinks from LifeStraw 2 Go Water Bottle in the Woods
While not a lot has changed on the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle, it has managed to effectively eliminate our main complaint with its original model: that nasty, chemical flavor we couldn’t get rid of is completely gone. Water from any source tastes pretty good through the Go 2’s double-stage filtration system. And we tested quite a few sources: our tap, some muddy puddles we found in the yard, a flowing stream, even a particularly disgusting stagnant pond we found near the river. All of it tasted at least palatable, if not good. The muddy puddle still had a few hints of bitter flavoring in it, but otherwise we’ve been quite impressed.

With the original LifeStraw Go Bottle, or just a standalone LifeStraw itself, the filtration has always been on point and many people have put their lives at risk to demonstrate that the filtration technology behind the LifeStraw is the real deal. We never questioned its efficacy in that regard; however, it is somewhat well-known among people who have used them that while the LifeStraw will keep you alive virtually no matter the water source, it won’t exactly provide you with the tastiest water. The LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle’s additional filtration stage helps to bridge this gap and make the bottle something you might want to use just for fun, not an “emergencies only” type of product.

The Price of Progress

Replacement Activated Carbon Filters for LifeStraw Go 2 Water BottleAt ~$45, the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle is about $15 more than its ~$30 predecessor. But there is also another somewhat “hidden” cost which will make the LifeStraw Go 2 more expensive still. While the activated carbon filter does a good job of getting rid of taste and odor, it has an abysmally poor filter lifetime of just 26 gallons. Although LifeStraw advertises this as “up to 3 months of continuous use,” it is a very short lifetime compared to many of the filters we typically look at.

Fortunately the activated carbon filters are relatively cheap to replace at ~$12 for a 2-pack, if you plan to be filtering a lot of water through your Go 2 Bottle the replacement carbon filters will make the Go 2 a much more expensive selection than the original Go Bottle.


Review Summary


Ultimately not much has changed with the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle, but what has changed is for the better. Since it solves our main complaint with the original LifeStraw Go Bottle, it is undeniably a step in the right direction. And tastier water is always a good thing in our book!

Aside from the extremely short lifetime of the activated carbon filters, we don’t really have much to criticize the Go 2 Bottle for. It offers the world-famous quality of LifeStraw portable filtration integrated into a BPA-free Tritan plastic water bottle and even cleans up the taste a bit.

We award the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle a 4/5 star rating.

Learn More About the LifeStraw Go 2 Filtered Water Bottle

Fisherman Fills his Lifestraw Go 2 Bottle From A LakeBecause the LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle is so similar in so many ways to its original counterpart, we have somewhat abridged this review. If you want a more comprehensive look, be sure to check out our in-depth review of the original LifeStraw Go which includes all sorts of extra details on the bottle.

If you would like to see what other customers thing, check current prices, or get your own LifeStraw Go 2 Bottle, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

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Impressive Filtration
Activated Carbon Filter Improves Taste and Odor


Costly Compared to Competitors

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The updated version of the classic LifeStraw Go Filtered Water Bottle, incorporating a second stage of carbon filtration for a tastier drink.

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  1. I own one of these LifeStraw Go bottles, and it is a must have! It filters up to 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and it is extremely easy to use. I recommend this to anyone, whether they’re using it for the outdoors or they just want clean water any where.

  2. Mine still really tastes of charcoal! Any suggestions? I’m traveling and would take it back to the store but can’t.


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