LIFESAVER Filtering Water Bottle Review

LIFESAVER Filtered Water Bottle with Pneumatic Pressurized FlowIn many ways, the LIFESAVER Filtering Water Bottle is the crème de la crème of filtering water bottles. Yet given its $100+ price tag, this is a distinction the LIFESAVER truly needs to earn. Though it is much more expensive than many filtered water bottles, it also packs in some features no other bottle on the market can offer.

One feature which sets the LIFESAVER apart from the pack is its ability to provide actual running water. Equipped with a pneumatic pump, the LIFESAVER can be pressurized with just a few simple pumps. Once pressurized, water will flow freely from the spout if opened. This can be handy for all sorts of reasons, giving you more than just a source of drinking water but also a portable source of running water. The pressurized design also benefits from passing the water through the filters with greater force, creating better filtration results.


Getting Dirty with the LIFESAVER Filtered Water Bottle

LIFESAVER Filtering Bottle with Pump Handle ShownThe concept behind the LIFESAVER bottle is to have a simple, practical, portable solution to filtering water from practically any source. Making use of a powerful ultra filtration microbiological filtration system, the LIFESAVER bottle is capable of filtering virus to a minimum of Log 4 ( 99.99% removal), bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999% removal) and cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9% removal). Thus meeting the ‘clean’ water parameters set by the 1987 Environmental Protection Agency Guide for waterborne pathogens removal figures. This means that the LIFESAVER is capable of creating potable water from the most inhospitable of sources.

In addition to the powerful microbiological filter, the LIFESAVER also includes an activated carbon block filter. This provides a second line of defense and helps to remove foul tastes, odors, and discoloration from the water, making it both safe and even tasty to drink.

The quality filtration in LIFESAVER products has been used by explorers, distributed to refugees and impoverished areas, carried by rescue crews, militaries, expedition companies, always finding itself in high-demand situations, establishing its reputation as a vetted, field-tested filter.

Portable Filtration Power

LIFESAVER Filtering Water Bottle DisassembledThe LIFESAVER bottle has a 25 ounce capacity. Like with most filtered bottles, the LIFESAVER is meant to carry dirty water. Water is filtered as it exits the bottle via the filtered spout. The capacity is more than enough, actually fair spacious for a filtered water bottle.

Pressurized design makes it easy to fill other bottles or vessels from the LIFESAVER bottle, meaning you have a great way to distribute filtered water as needed. This is a huge benefit over something like the LifeStraw or similar products which rely on suction to move water through the filter and therefore can only provide you with as much filtered water as you are going to drink.

We were happy to find that the flow rate on the LIFESAVER bottle is great. Just a few pumps and the water comes shooting out fast enough to rapidly fill your cup or bottle. This was nice to see, as we recently reviewed the LIFESAVER bottles big brother, the LIFESAVER Jerrycan, and found its flow rate a little lacking.

Filtration Quality

Chart showing the different sizes of water contaminants vs LIFESTRAW filter pore sizeOf paramount importance in any portable filter is the quality of the filtration itself. If you are planning to entrust your safety to a product by using it to filter from a questionable water source, it is important to do due diligence in researching the capabilities of that product. Fortunately for the safety conscious, LIFESAVER has done an excellent job at creating transparency in the process of vetting their products. They have released the complete text of a lab report done by an independant company assessing the efficacy of the LIFESAVER filter.

With ultra filtration technology that meets and exceeds National Sanitation Foundation and Environmental Protection Agency clean water standards, the LIFESAVER offers one of the most effective filters anywhere. Enough to eliminate 99.9%+ bacteria, viruses, and water-borne pathogens, the filter is probably one of the best you can equip yourself with. The filter is also far more effective than competitors not only on account of its ultra filtration technology, but also due to the pressurized design which is more effective at passing water through the pores of the filter. It is important to note that it is not designed to filter certain types of chemicals, so in the event of a chemical contamination the LIFESAFER should not be used.

Our Take on the LIFESAVER Bottle


Previously we documented some of our issues with our LifeStraw Go Water bottle – namely that it had a pretty weird chemicaly taste that refused to go away for months. So when it came time to test out the LIFESAVER bottle, we expected something similar. In preparation we ran a few bottles worth of liquid through it before trying to drink. To our surprise, there was no weird taste at all. Water from our tap tasted delicious and clean, without a hint of odd flavors at all.

Next we put it to the test by taking the LIFESAVER on an outing and filling it from the local river. Pretty much the same result as from the tap: fresh, clean, tasty water. Looking to step it up, we tried to find some muddy puddles, but the dry weather recent left us unable to find anything too gross, so we mixed some river water with some dirt and gave that a shot. There was no hint of strange taste or any discoloration in the water after passing it through the filter, despite being gross and black going into the bottle.

As far as its ability to filter water, our tests all showed it to perform admirably. The bottle itself feels like a solidly constructed product, and the design is a step ahead of any other filtered water bottle on the market. Of course, at nearly $150 all of these things should be practically expected. But the design and construction really do make this a step ahead of anything else you can buy, and we regard the LIFESAVER bottle as a solid investment. Considering it filters over a thousand gallons within a single filter lifetime, the filter lifetime is also pretty much on par for the high price tag.

Learn More about LIFESAVER

The quickest way to learn more about the LIFESAVER Bottle is to visit the Amazon listing. You should also check out the interesting YouTube video below, where LIFESAVER found Micheal Pritchard gives a TEDx talk regarding the LIFESAVER Bottle, water scarcity, and the problems of getting filters where they’re needed most.

Also take a look at the LIFESAVER Expedition Jerrycan – the LIFESAVER Bottles super-sized, 5-gallon capacity big brother. Read our review of the LIFESAVER Jerrycan.

Not What You Wanted?

If the LIFESAVER bottle isn’t quite what you were looking for, check out our article Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide to get some more ideas of whats available!


High Quality FIltration
Long Lasting Filter Lifetime


High Cost

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The LIFESAVER Filtered Water Bottle offers high quality filtration in a portable and easy-to-use water bottle with a squeeze-through filter.

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