Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Review

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass ModelsToday we were lucky enough to find a 9 Ounce “Original” Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass (~$25 on Amazon) waiting for us in the mailbox, provided courtesy of Libre Tea for review purposes. This neat travel infuser provides the ideal way to make yourself a serving of tea and keep it with you no matter where you go. We were eager to take the Libre for a spin and quickly had it out of its package, washed, and ready to make tea!

First Impressions of the Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass

When I got the Libre out of its shipping box, I immediately noticed how tasteful and classy the packaging is. The Libre and the box it comes in both have a very elegant metallic floral design on them which adds a nice aesthetic to the whole presentation.

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass with Water

The Libre is a 9 ounce glass container encased in a plastic shell featuring a built in stainless steel wire mesh filter/tea strainer. Cleverly positioned at the drinking spout of the bottle, the filter allows you to either put loose leaf tea directly into the bottle or fill the filter with your tea to have control over how long it steeps. The filter is easy to unscrew yet exceptionally leak proof, making it simple to access your tea or make new tea at anytime while also capable of traveling without concern.

The design of the filter allows for two methods of making tea with the Libre, both of which are quite simple. If your making loose leaf tea with the leaves in the liquid, you can simply add your leaves and hot water directly into the bottle. If your tea isn’t too finely ground, the filter will prevent any from getting into your mouth.

If you prefer to keep your leaves out of the liquid, simply fill the filter with loose leaf tea, the bottle with hot water, flip the Libre upside down and leave it to steep for as long as you prefer. Once its taken on a nice rich color or you’ve decided times up, you can just dump the spent leaves out and enjoy tea time.IMG_1437

Tea Time!

For my first glass of tea with my new Libre I decided to take the second route in order to have control over my steeping time as I chose a black tea which can be rather bitter. Unfortunately I didn’t have any loose leaf tea on hand so I simply opened up a tea bag of my favorite Darjeeling Black Tea and poured the loose tea into the filter. The tea isn’t meant to be used this way and some of it was a bit fine and fell through the filter – but overall it worked great.

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Review with Black Tea

Now that my tea was loaded into the filter, I just needed some hot water! I took a look at the Libre’s concise instruction pamphlet and noted that they say the bottle is not microwave safe. I can only assume that this is because of the stainless steel filter (since metal and microwaves don’t get along.) While it would be easy enough to remove the filter part and I think the remaining parts of the bottle are microwave safe, I decided to follow the manufacturers recommendations and did not put my Libre in the microwave.

I filled my Libre up to the brim and poured the water into a measuring cup I was 100% sure was microwave safe and sent it for a spin in the microwave. After a few minutes I extracted my nearly-boiling water and carefully poured it into the Libre glass. I noticed as I added hot water that the layer of plastic which encases the inner glass container provides some great insulation. Where a glass would be too hot to handle after adding boiling water, the exterior of my Libre glass never got above lukewarm.

I screwed the lid on tightly and inverted the bottle to let the tea making begin.

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Review First Signs of Tea
First signs of tea!

For a product which is designed to be flipped upside down, it is extremely important to be leak proof. Fortunately, the Libre is quite leak proof – even with its dual-chambered design which has two caps that must be screwed on independently, it is entirely free of leaks and can be safely inverted.

Taste Test!

After about 7 minutes my tea had taken on some nice color and I decided it was time to give it a taste test! The bottle was still only warm to the touch despite the contents being nearly too hot to drink. Emptying the filter was a breeze and then my tea was ready to drink!

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Ready to drinkThe tea came out great! Drinking through the Libre works brilliantly – you can either drink through the filter or remove the whole lid to sip straight from the bottle. The plastic enclosure works to insulate the Libre quite well, which means that tea stays hot for quite awhile inside the bottle, and the outside of the bottle never burns you.


Review Summary

Appearance: 10/10

The Libre definitely gets top marks for appearance. Its design is elegant and minimalist while also offering a bit of a unique flair. Whether filled with a beautiful golden tea or sitting empty waiting for the next brew, the Libre always looks great.

Functionality: 9/10Libre Travel Tea Glass Infuser 9 Ounce Giveaway

Clearly designed with the real world needs of a tea drinker in mind, the Libre is easy to use and offers great functionality. The ability to make teas using multiple methods is a huge boost to versatility. Equipped with a super wide-mouth opening, it is easy to fill or clean – it can even accommodate a normal sized sponge with some wiggle room. The wide mouth also allows for the easy addition of ice cubes for anyone looking for some iced tea to go.

Utilizing glass as the Libre’s container gives the bottle the distinction of using the best material for preserving flavor – 100% BPA-free, the glass within the Libre will never leech strange flavors or let your bottle pickup weird stuff from the environment. Encasing the glass within plastic gives the best of both worlds, offering a wonderful increase in durability and some useful insulation.

We decided to take 1 point off Functionality because it would be nice if the Libre was microwave and freezer safe as that would make it easier to make various kinds of tea. However, its still a fantastically functional product!

Durability: 9/10Loading up the Libre

Despite the inherently fragile nature of glass, the Libre is clearly built for travels and built to last. The super-strong plastic casing is unlikely to break or fracture and keeps the glass within safe. While we haven’t had our Libre long enough to really put it through the test of time, it feels quite sturdy and well-constructed and we expect many years of performance from it.

One clever thing we noticed is that the floral design on the bottle is actually under the layer of plastic – meaning the design won’t wear off over time like some bottle printing does!

Cost: 8.5/10

At around $25 on Amazon, the Libre isn’t exactly cheap, yet for the quality of design, materials, and execution it is well worth the money.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Overall we find the Libre quite impressive and give it an Excellent rating of 4.8! It performs its intended function admirably, looks good, is easy to clean, and would make a wonderful gift for any tea drinker.

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Easily Brew Tea Anywhere
Neat Look

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The Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass provides a simple way to make tea on the go, no matter where you happen to be.

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    • Hey Ann, the Libre Tea Infuser has a little bit of insulation thanks to its design, so it can keep your hot water hot for probably a few hours. I haven’t actually timed it, but I’m sure it would at least be warm after long duration’s. If you are mostly concerned with insulation, look into a Hydro Flask or something similar.

  1. Customer service is kind but not helpful

    Be warned: this company will not help you if they make a mistake in your order. I placed an order for 6 large tea glasses for Christmas gifts. I spent a fair amount of money buying tea etc for gift boxes for 6 people and yesterday I received the small tea glasses but I had ordered the large. They were kind and apologetic but unable to help me in any way to get the right order to me in time for Christmas. Their warehouse is only 1 hour from where I live but apparently they are too busy to correct their mistake and help to rectify their mistake, they just don’t care. Oh, they will apologize and send a return label but their warehouse is just too busy to correct their error so you are left hanging for your Christmas gifts. I love this product but now not so much. I can not believe that they can not fix their mistake. It is a week from Christmas and their warehouse is only an hours drive from where I live. They just don’t really care. that they screwed up 6 of your gifts. They will refund your purchase and send you a return label. They made the mistake but will do nothing to fix it. Just know if you are ordering from this company for any special gifts or events do not expect them to correct any mistakes they may make in your order. You will be left to figure things out on your own with no help form them. Libre Tea does not care to help you when they mess up your order. They are just too busy right now!

    • Thanks for writing in with your experience, Jill. Sorry you ran into some issues with your order. It does sound like an honest mistake though, and the holiday rush can make things difficult on a business. I hope you get everything sorted out and enjoy your holiday!

  2. I’ve had 2 libre classics and they don’t last much over 1 year. Seals on both cracked with normal use. Certainly not an earth-friendly sustainable solution for 2go cups!

  3. Bought a Libre 2go at the Tea Fest in Toronto 2017. I’m having so many leak issues with it, using hot of cold liquid. Using it at work I’ve gotten a few shirts wet, put in in my lunch bag got liquid all over food. My cup must be a bad one, I checked the seals I don’t like using it at all.

  4. I recieved the libre tea infuser as a gift, and i have to say i am very disappointed. it leaks every time! I would never buy another one nor would i purchase one for anyone else. Look cute, but not cute when you end up with Tea all over you!


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