KOR Waterfall Review: The Budget Countertop Gravity Water Filter

KOR Waterfall Countertop Water Filter with Glass Carafes in Use with Infused WaterThe KOR Water Fall incorporates an all natural coconut carbon filter into a stylish countertop water filter. The Waterfall includes 2 1-liter all-glass carafes with toppers ideal for storing, chilling, or serving water filtered through the Waterfall. Right from the outset, we liked what was included and the look of the package, so we knew we had to do a review of the KOR Waterfall.

Recently, in our search for glass water filter pitchers we highlighted the KOR Waterfall as an adequate stand-in for that category which is strangely lacking. But we wanted to know more about the KOR Waterfall, so we started to do a little digging on the filter and some testing in the kitchen.


Filtering Water with the KOR Waterfall

KOR Waterfall Countertop Water Filter With Glass Carafe and Extra Filter

The design of the KOR Waterfall is very simple and brilliantly easy to use. You simply place one of the glass carafes below the Waterfall’s output spout on the bottom and pour water into a small plastic bowl on the top. Water flows from the top of the Waterfall and down through the coconut shell carbon filter under the force of gravity.

These coconut shell carbon filters are tap-water only filters. They remove common tap water contaminants, reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, and improve the overall taste, appearance, and odor of your home’s tap water. According to manufacturer KOR, the Waterfall filter is designed to meet and expected to pass NSF Testing 42 standard for chlorine reduction and is awaiting formal certification as of this writing.

This means that, similar to a water filter pitcher, the Waterfall can do a good job of cleaning up already potable drinking water. It cannot remove serious contamination, microorganisms, or treat water which is not already drinkable. That said, if you just want to improve what comes out of the tap, the KOR Waterfall and this variety of coconut shell carbon filters are an awesome and environmentally-friendly way to make your home’s drinking water tastier and healthier.

Life with a KOR Waterfall

KOR Waterfall Filter Lifetime Info DiagramKOR certainly struck on a pleasing way to present their Waterfall filter. It would look great even in the most modern of kitchens. Thankfully, they have found a lovely marriage of form and function, as the aesthetic of the filter doesn’t compromise its ease-of-use or overall functionality. The KOR Waterfall functions exactly the way it looks like it should.

It takes a few seconds for water to percolate down through the filter, but the flow-rate is high enough to not leave you waiting for too long. The Waterfall is equipped with a lid and a valve for its upper chamber, so you call fill it with water ready to pour through by simply opening the valve. To fill one of the included heavy-duty glass carafes, it takes a couple minutes at optimal flow-rate.

Note that the flow-rate and overall filter performance decline over the lifetime of the filter. KOR rates the Waterfall’s filter lifetime at 4 months/80 gallons, or about 300 refills of the 1-liter carafes. KOR Waterfall Replacement Filters cost about $20. Compared to similar products on the market featuring coconut carbon filters, this is a rather high cost to upkeep the filter.

Questionable Construction?

KOR Waterfall Countertop Gravity Water Filter In KitchenAs much as we like the overall design of the Waterfall, there is something in its construction that feels a little cheap. The overall functionality of the design is fantastic, however the materials and manufacturing used in the upper part of the Waterfall could use a little bit of work. We haven’t had any problems with ours, but it is unlikely to survive too much abuse. Reports from Amazon customer reviews talk of the upper water chamber bowl leaking or cracking, but this seems to be a relatively isolated occurrence.

We have written at length about the benefits of glass as a container material. Not surprisingly, we were excited to see a product like the Waterfall putting glass containers at the forefront. The glass carafes, which may be one of the most attractive parts of the product, could also be beefed up a little. The glass is serviceable but rather thin, about on par with your average drinking glass. We do like the look of them and the glass stoppers are a great touch.

Tap Water Taste Test With The KOR Waterfall Filter


The Waterfall’s filter does a good job of cleaning up mild- to poor-quality tap water. It significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor, gets rid of any particulates or sediments, and traps a plethora of potentially foul-tasting contaminants. That said, it’s not going to do the heavy lifting, and if your tap water is severely tainted you may want to look into a more advanced countertop gravity water filter, or even consider something like a whole-house water filter system.

But for just cleaning up your tap, the Waterfall not only freshens the water but also provides a great way to store and serve it. Its design is very convenient when compared to something like a water filter pitcher, as it allows you to quickly fill up a variety of containers with filtered water for storage or serving.

Review Summary

KOR Waterfall Countertop Gravity Water Filter SpecificationsWhile the KOR Waterfall suffers from a want of better materials and construction to improve its overall “feel” and durability, we very much appreciate the spirit of the problem. And despite recognizing some of its flaws, so far it has not failed us and has operated as advertised without issue. That said, for the price point, we expected a better quality.

Yet we won’t be throwing the Waterfall out of the kitchen. It has its place in a niche seemingly unexplored in the world of countertop gravity water filters: small, low-cost, tap-water-only filters to act as a last line of defense to rid contaminants before they reach your tastebuds. It also earns great marks for style and overall design quality, as it is both easy-to-use and easy-to-look at, an essential combination for anything wanting to find its way onto your countertop.

KOR Waterfall Replacement Filter Made From Coconut Catalytic CarbonAt the end of the day, the KOR Waterfall needs a bit of improvement. The cost of its replacement filters also puts it at odds with more affordable, and perhaps more durable water filter options such as filter pitchers. But for all its apparent flaws, the model we purchased to review has stood up through our testing and turns out tasty, fresh water, all while looking like a mad scientists prop that made its way into our kitchen.

We award the KOR Waterfall Countertop Gravity Water Filter 3.5/5 stars.

Learn More About the KOR Waterfall Countertop Gravity Water Filter

To learn check current prices, learn more details, read other customer’s reviews, and much more, head over to the Amazon listing.

You can also check out this short video about the Waterfall prepared by manufacturer KOR Water to get an idea of what it looks like in action.

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We take an in-depth look at KOR's budget, tap-water-only countertop gravity water filter complete with 2 glass carafes and engineered to stand out on your countertop with its unique flair and modern design.

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