Katadyn Gravity Camp 6-Liter Portable Water Filter Review

6-Liter Katadyn Gravity Camp Portable Gravity Water Filter Review ImageWhenever I finish a hike, I usually only want two things: to relax and to drink some water. The last thing I want to do is more physical activities such as pumping dirty water through a filter. The Katadyn Gravity Camp lets gravity do some of the heavy lifting, using its Ultra flow filtration technology to quickly pump out clean water at 2 liters per minute – the fastest gravity driven filtration flow on the market!

This more-or-less hands free speedster really piqued my interest, so I got a hold of one to put it to the test. This is what I’ve found out so far.


A Simple, Portable, & Effective Camping Companion: The Katadyn Gravity Camp Portable Water Filter

Katadyn 6-Liter Gravity Camp Water Filter Hanging From Tree In UseThe 6 liter Katadyn Gravity Camp is around ~$80-$90 and features a 0.2 micron glass fiber filter, capable of filtering out over 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa cysts, and the always undesirable ‘bad water’ taste. It also has a mesh filter protector and sediment trap, stopping stones and larger objects from wearing down or even interacting with the actual filter itself, preventing clogs and helping the filter do its job efficiently and effectively.

Weighing in at 12.4 ounces – just under a pound – it’s a great tool to stash away in your camping gear until you find a water source or a resting spot to set it up. The Gravity Camp’s ultra flow filter filters water at 2 liters per minute, that’s 2.5 gallons in 5 minutes, making it ideal for groups – allowing each individual to get their fill without much waiting around for their turn. And if 6 liters isn’t enough, Katadyn also offers the the Base Camp 10 liter version for just a little more money. Though in our experience of small, 3-5 member groups, the 6 liter Camp version suited us fine. Both models include the ultra flow filter, a 48 inch quick-connect hose, cleaning sponge, the water storage carry bag (6 liter/10 liter, respectively), and a nice little on/off clip for the hose (the filter itself has an auto shut off feature when the hose is not attached, helpful for conserving water.) Katadyn also offers a highly useful shower adapter nozzle for the filter, sold separately, allowing you to bath in the wild – even when skinny dipping is out of the question!

How To Use Your New Katadyn Gravity Camp Water Filter


The first thing we did, as Katadyn suggests, is to clean the filter at home before using it in the field. This can be done with clean tap water and a small amount of bleach or water purifying tablets. After this one time cleaning cycle, the Gravity Camp requires little maintenance or upkeep, even with regular use.

The Water Storage Bag can double as a hydration bladder if you fill it up before your trek, or can be used to collect contaminated water. We would suggest using a cup or bottle to collect dirty water, then pouring it into the storage bag – or at the very least, wiping the bag after collection and remembering to clean it at home. Once you have the water in your bag, all you need to do is fold the top over and secure the buckle, creating a sturdy loop. Then, simply hang the loop on a tree or anything which can support its weight, attach the hose, and let the Gravity Camp do the rest!

The highlight of the Katadyn Gravity Camp for us was not only the relaxation of not having to pump out our water, but easily being able to cook with it! Thanks to the handy measuring window built into the water storage sack, you can accurately measure out the correct amounts of clean water required to cook for your camping party. In the past, we usually ate dry foods we brought along so we wouldn’t need to worry about either boiling water for cooking or extra filter pumping. With the Gravity Camp, you can have fresh, hassle-free ‘home’ cooked meals quickly. It really hits the spot!

Filter Lifetime & Durability

Katadyn Gravity Camp Ultra Flow Filter Replacement CartridgeThe Gravity Camp’s filter is advertised to have a 1,500 liter lifetime (just shy of 400 gallons,) meaning you could fill the 6 liter version all the way up with dirty water roughly 250 times on one filter. All the individual parts are replaceable, the Ultra Flow Filter Replacement Cartridge will set you back about ~$40. Filter lifetime aside, I doubt you’d need to replace any parts due to damage, each part of the Gravity Camp’s set seems to be very durable, you’d need to actively try pretty hard to harm them.

The filter’s mesh shield does its job well in guarding the filter from obstructive large objects, and I especially liked the sediment trap design – keeping the Ultra Flow filter safe and lasting as long as it can without having to worry about what might be in the water I’d be dumping into the storage bag. That being said, people have reported clogging occurring sooner than they would have hoped, and needing to purchase new Ultra Flow filters frequently – and the consistently buying new filters can really add up.


Review Summary

Katadyn Basecamp Pro 10 Liter Gravity Camp Water Filter In UseI love the ease of not having to physically pump my own water, and the Katadyn Gravity Camp proves itself in carrying capacity and speed. It provided my party of four our clean water for drinking and cooking quickly, safely, and in good taste. Personally, I didn’t have any complaints. Great for small groups experiencing the wilderness. However, I’d suggest avid camping enthusiasts and larger groups be wary of the stacking price of going through filter after filter. Especially due to some buyer’s comments of shorter than advertised filter lifetime.

If I had to describe the Katadyn Gravity Camp in two words they would be “Fast” and “Easy”. The Ultra Flow filters dish out water four times faster than comparable filters, and all with no pumping necessary. But, if you’re willing to put in some extra time and effort in order to save some money long-term on replacing filters from insistent use, maybe another filter is for you.

The Katadyn Gravity Camp really shines as an addition to any camp site. The design of the device affords it a huge amount of versatility. When empty it is light and folds up readily, leaving a very small footprint and proving an easy addition to your camping gear. When you want to transport some water, the 6-liter capacity offers an ideal balance between adequate supply and minimal weight.

Overall, the Katadyn Gravity Camp performs quite well, living up to its claims. We award it 4/5 stars and look forward to taking it on more outings!

Learn More About the Katadyn Gravity Camp

To learn more specifics, read other customer’s reviews, check the current prices, or purchase a Katadyn Gravity Camp Filter for yourself, head over to the Amazon listing.

Want to see the Katadyn Gravity Camp in action? Check out this extremely in-depth video from YouTube user Rick Deutsch as he demonstrates the Katadyn Gravity Camp along with its attachments.


Filters Quickly & Effortlessly
Highly Portable & Lightweight


Low Filter Lifetime

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A great way to keep your whole party hydrated, the Katadyn Gravity Camp combines modern filtration technology with a little help from gravity to keep pure, clean water flowing and available for everyone at camp.

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