Kanrel Glass Water Bottle Review

We are certainly no strangers to the glass water bottle here at Hydration Anywhere. I was offered the chance to review the Kanrel Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle, a 20 ounce glass bottle protected by a stylish blue silicone sleeve.

Overall the Kanrel is a pretty straight forward bottle. It doesn’t offer anything too flashy or superfluous, but provides a quality glass water bottle with a stylish design.Kanrel Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle Review

Going Glass with a Kanrel Water Bottle (~$25 on Amazon)

There are many benefits to glass water bottles for both the user and the environment, and with extra durable borosilicate glass like the glass used to make the Kanrel, glass water bottles can prove durable and up to par for everyday use. Borosilicate glass is an extra strong type of glass often used for laboratory glassware and other demanding applications. It is much more durable than regular glass, meaning the Kanrel is not super fragile.

Information diagram on the Kanrel Glass Water Bottle


Further helping to protect the Kanrel from shocks or damage is the inclusion of a silicone sleeve. However, the silicone sleeve on the Kanrel is pretty thin and doesn’t cover the entire bottle. While it might be good for helping to dampen a bit of shocks, it doesn’t provide much protection, but fortunately the bottle itself is made of quality, durable glass which is difficult to break from normal use. What the sleeve is quite useful for is providing a firm, no-slip grip on the bottlle, making it easy and pleasant to hold.

Kanrel Glass Water Bottle in PackageCool Packaging

I gotta say the Kanrel has some of the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen on a water bottle. The bottle arrived packaged in a neat looking, form fitting cardboard box which gave the Kanrel a stunning reveal when I pulled it from the box.

However, I do have to point out an error on the packaging. It lists the Kanrel as a 22.3 ounce bottle, or 600ml. There is a bit of a math error here, as 600ml is actually only about 20.2 ounces, which is the actual capacity of the Kanrel as listed elsewhere. But aside from this minor error, I definitely give the Kanrel the award for coolest packaging.

Hydrating with a Kanrel Water Bottle

Hydrating with Kanrel Glass Water Bottle Action ShotWhen I first opened my Kanrel bottle it had a pretty strong chemical smell, but it washed out easily. Washing the Kanrel is a little tough because it has a narrow-mouth opening, so without a bottle brush you probably won’t be scrubbing the inside. But after a bit of soap and water, the smell was gone and water from the Kanrel tasted fresh.

The lid of the bottle is a BPA-free plastic and it fits to the bottle quite well. There is also a small rubber seal which acts to prevent water from leaking from the cap. It is quite effective at leak proofing the Kanrel, which doesn’t drip even when inverted. However, I had a minor issue when I opened the bottle with this seal sticking to the mouth of the bottle, and at first I thought the seal was affixed to the glass before I realized it was meant to sit in the top of the cap. I pushed the seal back up into the cap so I didn’t have to make contact with it while drinking from the bottle, and this minor adjustment improved the bottle substantially.

Overall Impressions

The Kanrel is pretty well put together, which it should be to justify its ~$25 price tag on Amazon, which is certainly on the high-end of glass water bottles. It is well put together and constructed, executing the must-have traits of a glass water bottle well enough to justify the price for those looking for quality, but doesn’t offer any exclusive features or innovations. The bottle also has the benefit of looking quite stylish, with a neat visual appeal which makes the Kanrel stand out.

We award the Kanrel a rating of 4/5 stars. Learn more on Amazon.




All-Glass Container
Durable Borosilicate Glass


Tricky To Wash
High Price Tag

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4 stars
  • 80%

The Kanrel Borosilicate Glass Bottle is a simple yet functional water bottle made from a durable glass and equipped with a silicone sleeve for easy carrying and added protection.

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