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Klean Kanteen is one of those names which needs no real introduction. Their wide selection of insulated stainless steel water bottles has cemented the company as a leader in the world of water bottles and by all appearances, Klean Kanteen is here to stay. I’ve owned many Klean Kanteen bottles over the years and find myself coming back to them for their exceptional practicality, ease of use and no-nonsense design.
Today I’d like to turn the Hydration Anywhere spotlight on one special Klean Kanteen I own: my Jack Johnson “From Here To Now To You” 12 ounce insulated Klean Kanteen.

Review of the 12 Ounce Insulated Klean Kanteen (~$20 on Amazon.com)

Jack Johnson Insulated 12oz Klean Kanteen Posed in Tree

I picked up this particular Klean Kanteen at a Jack Johnson concert a couple years back. While unfortunately I can’t find this exact bottle available for sale anywhere, the bottle itself is identical to a typical 12 Ounce Insulated Wide Mouth Klean Kanteen. I’ve owned other bottles of the same model (sans the Jack Johnson flair) and can attest that there is no actual difference aside from the Jack Johnson branding.

The scope of customized Klean Kanteen bottles extends far past just Jack Johnson – I’ve seen Klean Kanteen’s sold everywhere from rock concerts to health food stores with different logos, brands and designs on them. As far as aesthetic variety goes, there is a pretty huge selection when it comes to Klean Kanteen. But many of these bottles are limited run items or released as part of an event, like my Jack Johnson bottle was sold during his tours to support his album release. Getting your hands on a custom Klean Kanteen can mean having a neat collectors piece as well as a top of the line insulated stainless steel water bottle.

The Klean Kanteen in Everyday Life

Jack Johnson From Here To Now To Everywhere Klean Kanteen with Lid Off

Made from neigh-invincible 18/8 food grade stainless steel, the Klean Kanteen can put up with just about any abuse you can put it through. Even the threads which the cap screws onto are constructed from formed stainless steel, which has the added benefit of providing a super tight leak proof seal. The Klean Kanteen is an awesome fill it and forget it water bottle: its not fragile and it won’t leak, so you can toss it casually into your bag and not worry about spills or breakage.

For insulation, the Klean Kanteen features double-walled vacuum insulation. Unarguably the best type of insulation you’re going to get in a water bottle, double-walled vacuum insulation makes use of a thin section of nearly empty space (vacuum) suspended in a hollow cavity within two stainless steel walls. The effect of this vacuum insulation is an incredible reduction in heat transfer. Whatever you put in the Klean Kanteen stays more or less just how you put it in: whether its hot or cold, the buffer zone provided by the insulation prevents heat from escaping or getting in.

The Klean Kanteen has the best insulation I’ve ever encountered in a water bottle – equal to a Hydroflask, which uses the same double-walled vacuum insulation. I have found my Klean Kanteen sitting in the sun so blazing hot I couldn’t stand to hold the bottle, yet inside was still refreshingly cold and even had ice cubes floating about. I’ve also left hot coffee in it for an entire day, and found it still toasty warm when I finally remembered it. Ideal for taming liquids which are too hot to handle, no heat transfer occurs between the contents of the bottle and its outer surface, so you don’t have to worry about burning or chilling your hands.

This insulation lends the Klean Kanteen a remarkable flexibility. It is equally equipped to function as a water bottle, a thermos, or even a food container. The wide-mouth lid makes it accommodating to put everything from ice cubes to soups into the Klean Kanteen for easy access, storage, and transportation.

Getting Extreme with the Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen in tree with Jack Johnson logo

Remember when I said the Klean Kanteen is ready to stand up to just about any kind of abuse? Well, some people have taken that to serious extremes and really explored every possibility for the Klean Kanteen. It is a popular choice because the rugged construction of the container not only ensures it won’t break no matter what you’re doing, but also provides you an extremely sturdy container to hold quite literally anything.

In an emergency situation, or while camping with minimal supplies, having a high quality container like a Klean Kanteen can make all the difference. One interesting possibility may occur to the survivalist-minded: can you boil water in a Klean Kanteen? Interestingly, the answer is definitely yes – many people have successfully boiled water in a Klean Kanteen. In fact, here’s a video of it:

By the end of this video, we can see that not only did this guy successfully boil water in his Klean Kanteen, but overall the bottle really isn’t that much worse off for having been in a fire. Now, just to be clear, we don’t recommend you go boiling water in your Klean Kanteen (and more than likely neither do the manufacturers) but it is nice to know that you have the possibility. This gives the Klean Kanteen an added versatility which few other bottles can compete with.


Review Summary

Functionality: 10/10

Everything the Klean Kanteen sets out to accomplish it manages to do well. Vacuum insulation provides brilliant hot/cold storage, the slim profile of the 12oz bottle allow it to fit comfortably in most cup holders, the wide-mouth design makes it easy to put just about anything into the bottle, and the lid is easy to access yet exceptionally leak proof.

Durability: 10/10

You could chuck a Klean Kanteen off a bridge or literally set it on fire as demonstrated above (again, we don’t recommend either of these things) and it would probably still be functional. I’ve managed to dent a few Klean Kanteens, but never inflicted any more damage than that.

Cost: 8/10

At about $20 on Amazon for the 12oz variety, the Klean Kanteen isn’t cheap, yet the high quality construction and overall performance of the bottle justifies the prices.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Wide-mouth insulated Klean Kanteens are nothing short of a staple of the water bottle world. They have proved useful to me for everyday use for many years not only to help me hydrate, but even to hold my lunches and frozen treats. Being unarguably one of the best options on the market, I have to give the Klean Kanteen a solid 5/5.Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle with Jack Johnson

Klean Kanteen does their part to reduce pollution and waste worldwide. Every Klean Kanteen can mean a substantial reduction in a persons daily waste output if it enables them to cut out things like plastic bottles from their daily routine. It seems befitting to see Jack Johnson emblazoned on my Klean Kanteen – in addition to making some great mellow tunes, Jack is often supporting various environmental initiatives with a focus on pollution reduction and recycling.

In fact, at the very concert I picked up my Jack Johnson Klean Kanteen, he did his tune “The 3 R’s.” Check out a version of the same song in the video below, and also have a look at the album featured on my bottle, “From Here To Now To You.”

Or Explore Alternatives

Not totally sold on the Klean Kanteen? Check out our Hydro Flask vs. Klean Kanteen article to see how the Klean Kanteen stacks up to HydroFlask, the other major player in the insulated stainless steel water bottle market!


Top Notch Insulation
Exceptional Build Quality

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A classic insulated Klean Kanteen with a bit of extra flair lent by its Jack Johnson logo - an example of the many customized and limited Klean Kanteens floating around.

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