Innovative Squeezable Titanium Water Bottle from Keego Coming Soon

Keego Flexible Titanium Water BottleJust when we thought we’d seen water bottles of every description, along comes something new. “Elastic titanium,” “squeezable metal” — these sound like terms out of Star Trek. But instead of classic science fiction, these terms are hopefully science fact. A start-up company called Keego claims to have invented a durable and functional alternative to plastic squeeze bottles by using lightweight, food-safe titanium and some clever engineering which lets the bottle function like a squeezable plastic water bottle.

The Keego bottle is slated to begin deliveries in August 2018, according to an article from CNBC, though the official Keego Indiegogo estimates deliveries for September. As of this writing, it appears the Keego hasn’t reached the hands of any of its customers or reviewers yet, so despite its massive success in reaching over 800% of their Indiegogo funding goal, we have to await the public release to fully evaluate just how revolutionary the Keego will be.

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What We Know So Far About the Keego Bottle

Keego Flexible Metal Bottle Info DiagramAccording to Keego’s advertising, the bottle is designed with athletes and active users in mind. In an effort to avoid the drawbacks of plastic water bottles, both reusable and disposable, the Keego is engineered to provide a bottle just as lightweight and easy to use as a plastic athlete’s squeeze bottle, which can be easily operated with one hand even in the heat of the moment.

The Keego is advertised as being constructed of 99.8% titanium, ensuring its contents are not exposed to any plastic while being stored, preventing any chemicals from leeching into the bottle’s contents and making it simple to clean the interior. The bottle’s cap and drinking spout are made from medical-grade silicone.

Of course, these details are pedestrian in comparison to the main feature of the bottle, which is the clever engineering that will (supposedly) make this metal bottle as easy to squeeze as flexible plastic. Take a look at this short video from CNBC to get an idea of what squeezable titanium looks like.

Keego Bottle’s Drawbacks

Keego Titanium Squeeze Bottle Lid CloseupRight away, one of the major benefits of a metal bottle is lacking in the Keego: insulation. Keego is attempting to stand out in making a lightweight, flexible bottle, as opposed to the rigid and often bulky metal bottles which saturate the market. But while metal bottles are typically regarded for their insulation, we worry the Keego, thanks to its titanium exterior, will actually have quite the opposite effect of insulation, rapidly transferring heat — hot or cold — to the atmosphere. And as anyone who has left their metal bottle in the sun for awhile will know, they can get quite warm to the touch!

The other major drawback is Keego’s considerable price. While it has yet to reach retailers, in its current form it is only available for pre-order for the steep price of $59 + shipping. For any 24 ounce bottle, even a fancy futuristic titanium one, this is far from a bargain!

Crowdfunding Skepticism


We’ve looked at plenty of projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding campaigns that have not worked out. We even wrote a piece about the Fontus Self-Filling Bottle scam, after we discovered our earlier reporting had been on a product that was not going to reach market – or at least, not perform as promised.

While we look forward to the promise of the Keego, no third party has had the chance to take a look at the bottle and see if it lives up to its claims. We look forward to having the opportunity to do so, and will be reporting back with our findings in a comprehensive review once the Keego makes its market debut.

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We take a preview of the successfully crowdfunded Keego bottle, which claims to be the first example of a new squeezable titanium design sure to shake up the water bottle market.

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