Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Flask Review

Hydro Flask Food Flask in Mango ColorSince the focus of our site is hydration, when we talk about Hydro Flask we are typically talking about their insulated water bottles. But the Hydro Flask Food Flask is a nifty little device from a favorite brand which we just couldn’t help but take a look at. The Hydro Flask Food Flask takes the exceptional insulating power of Hydro Flask’s double-walled insulated design and scales it down a bit to make a perfect little food container ideal for keeping your food stuff hot or cold for hours.

We got our hands on a couple Hydro Flask Food Flasks and have been putting them to use over the past few weeks. They are an ideal way to pack a hot lunch for work or school, or have something nice and warm (or cold!) at the end of a hike or run. Available in 12- and 18-ounce varieties, the Hydro Flask Food Flask has proven an ideal storage method for a diversity of food stuffs – everything from steaming hot ramen to ice cream can take advantage of the Food Flask’s insulation.

The Perks of an Insulated Hydro Flask Food Flask

Woman enjoying food from insulated stainless steel Hydro Flask Food FlaskThese Hydro Flask Food Flasks aren’t really something new – they’ve been on the market for awhile. This has given us plenty of opportunity to put them through their paces, and we can definitely say they live up to the Hydro Flask name quite well. Exceptionally durable, well-constructed, stylish in appearance and formidable in functionality. The Food Flask has proven to be a brilliant insulator on both ends of the temperature scale. I first put this to the test by using it as my everyday container for my lunch. I’d prepare something in the morning (typically ramen or soup) and store it in my Food Flask until lunch (or snack) time rolled around.

In this capacity the Food Flask never failed me. My lunch is always piping hot when I crack it open around 4-6 hours later, sometimes too hot to eat immediately. More out of curiosity than anything, I decided to fill it up with some ice cream one night and took it with me to a concert. When I got back to my car after the show, everything was still nice and frosty and I enjoyed a delicious frozen treat miles from my freezer.

The Hydro Flask Food Flask features 18/8 food-grade stainless steel construction over the entirety of the container. Unlike Hydro Flask water bottles which feature a plastic lid or cap, the entirety of the enclosure on the Food Flask is made from quality vacuum-insulated stainless steel, possibly lending the Food Flask an even more exceptional insulation capacity than its water bottle brothers.


A Simple Luxury

People enjoying their Hydro Flask Food Flask in the snowMuch like with an insulated water bottle, something as simple as an insulated food container might seem a bit blasé to some, but once you’ve owned one and used it for awhile you quickly realize what a massively useful convenience it is. Hydro Flask markets their Food Flasks as “…like a mini-fridge that you can actually carry, small enough to easily throw into a backpack, book bag, or purse” – but really it is more useful still, since it can also keep foods warm.

Hydro Flask recommends “pre-heating” the Food Flask with warm tap water before putting anything hot in it, just to maximize its potential heat-retention time. This can be useful if you are really concerned with maximizing the heat, but is a step we have typically been skipping with no ill effects. The bottle is extremely durable and requires pretty much no maintenance aside from a regular cleaning, which is very easy to do with a regular sponge thanks to its wide-open design.

No matter what you put in it, hot or cold, the 18/8 food grade stainless steel never leaches any weird flavors or adds any hint of chemical contamination to whatever you’re storing in the Food Flask. It also features Hydro Flask’s no-sweat exterior coating, preventing condensation on the outside of the Food Flask even if what is contained inside is icy cold. Not only that, the double-walled vacuum insulation is so effective at limiting heat transfer that you can easily handle the Food flask even if the contents are boiling hot.


Review Summary

Campers Eat From Hydro Flask Insulated Food FlaskOverall the Food Flask is a very simple and elegant little insulated container. With a pricetag of ~$30-$60 depending on the size and color selected, the cost might be a little on the steep side for some, but Hydro Flask has not compromised their usual quality, making the Food Flask a built-to-last item of the same high manufacturing quality that won Hydro Flask our pick as Best Insulated Bottle.

Though something few people own, these nifty little insulated food containers are something that virtually everyone could make good use of. An ideal item to add to your every day carry equipment, or replace your old-school lunch pale, or the perfect way to pack a kid’s hot school lunch.

We award the Hydro Flask Food Flask 5/5 stars.

Learn More About the Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask

To learn more specific details, check current prices, or see what other customers had to say, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

Want to see the Hydro Flask Food Flask in action? Have a look at this YouTube video from user ReviewsOnAnything to get a visual demonstration!


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With this nifty Food Flask, Hydro Flask has taken their proven design and scaled it down to make the perfect little insulated snack container.

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