Hydro Flask: The Best Water Bottle & Insulated Thermos?

If you’re anything like me, you can’t leave the house without your trusty water bottle. The difference between a day spent well hydrated and a day spent fighting off thirst is enough to turn a good day into a great one or a bad day into a terrible one. But even though I know this, it is easy to find myself not drinking enough water during the day – especially if I don’t have my own water readily at hand.

Enjoying a drink from a Hydro Flask on the go.

Over the years I’ve gone through so many bottles. Looking into my past we would find a mountain of cheap broken plastic, a treasure trove of stainless steel containers accidentally forgotten on buses, left on trains and abandoned in movie theaters. We would sort through the rejects, too: foul bottles willingly discarded because of their undesirable (and sometimes downright disturbing) habit of imparting my days water supply with an uncomfortable chemical tang, the malfunctioning duds with lids that don’t close or straws that don’t work. Dozens and dozens of containers I’ve purchased over the years in search for the best water bottle on the market, almost all of them lost to the ages.

But over the last year, I think my 20+ year search for the ideal water bottle has come to its conclusion.

(UPDATE: This is one of the first article we published and things have come along way, but we are still huge fans of Hydro Flask! Be sure to check out Hydro Flask Just Got Better: New Flex Cap Improves Insulation for details on the latest and greatest Hydro Flasks. Or have a look at our review of Hydro Flask’s Food Flasks – handy little Hydro Flask brand insulated food containers!)

The Perfect Container for Hydrating on the Go

I have a few demands my water bottle needs to meet. They are pretty simple, really, but if a single one isn’t met, it usually spells the end of my interest in that bottle. Here is a quick checklist:

  1. Free from any chemical linings or plastics, especially the dreaded BPA.
  2. Durable enough to take a beating without leaking or breaking.
  3. Insulated enough to keep my water cold for at least a few hours.

There are plenty of minor details which also present themselves, but those are largely bells and whistles that make every day use easier. But these three core tenants form the backbone of any quality water bottle – and there are plenty of options on the market which meet these specifications. Yet one brand in particular seems to rise above the pack…

Meet the Hydro Flask

Born somewhere in the intersection between an insulated thermos flask and a standard water bottle, the Hydro Flask brand offers some of the highest quality construction to be found on any water bottle on the entire market. Free from any nasty chemical coatings or plastics, Hydro Flask’s are constructed from premium grade 18-8 Stainless Steel. This gives the Hydro Flask its extreme durability while also letting users rest assured that nothing undesirable is leeching into their water.

Hydro Flask Infographic

And durable they are: I have owned 4 Hydro Flasks to date, and I have not failed to drop each of them repeatedly. Yet despite taking some spills that would be catastrophic for even the best water bottles I used prior to the Hydro Flask, they are never much worse for wear – a few dents, scratches, and a bit of a messed up paint job, but never leaking or cracking.

Amazing Insulation

When it comes to keeping hot liquids hot, or cold liquids cold, the Hydro Flask is truly king. Thanks to its double wall vacuum insulation, the contents of the Hydro Flask are almost entirely isolated from the world outside – meaning there is no transfer of heat, even to the outer surface of the flask! As a result, the contents inside can be boiling hot while the exterior surface of the bottle is cool to the touch. I have left my Hydro Flask full of ice water in a car in scorching 100+ degree heat, only to find my ice cubes still pleasantly bobbing and awaiting my need for refreshments – of course, I had to wait until the outside of the bottle cooled down to hold it properly!

On the other side of the token, I’ve tried to test the Hydro Flask’s ability to retain heat. Filling it with boiling water, I placed it into my deep freeze for a couple hours. When I retrieved it, the outside of the bottle was almost too cold to handle, but inside was still steamy hot.

Hydro Flasks stay cool even in the hottest conditions

The result of this amazing insulation is a far more useful container than any standard water bottle could provide. In addition to water, my Hydro Flask’s have found themselves holding hot soups, frosty smoothies and even boiling water to make tea during a hike! The nature of the insulation also prevents the bottle from “sweating” – meaning you don’t have to worry about condensation making your bag soggy.

My Flask of Choice

For every day use, I’ve come to rely pretty heavily on my 40-Ounce Wide Mouth Hydo Flask. For me, I find it to be just about the perfect ratio of minimal weight and plentiful water. Available in sizes ranging from 12oz up to 64oz, there should be a size to suit whatever your water needs might be – not to mention a color to please your eye and match your wardrobe.

Another great plus from the Hydro Flask is the unique ability to customize it with a wide range of accessories. There are all sorts of options available for handles, lids, and other things to make your Hydro Flask more in tune with your unique desires. Check out our full article on Hydro Flask accessories to learn more about what is available.

The only major competitor to the Hydro Flask in the insulated stainless steel world is the Klean Kanteen. Read out Hydro Flask vs. Klean Kanteen comparison if you want to scope out the competition!

Hydro Flask 40 Ounce Wide Mouth in Black
2014 Hydro Flask Specifications Chart


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The Hydro Flask is a leading brand in water bottles, providing top-notch insulation and unrivaled build quality, along with the reputation of a trusted brand.

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