How to Get a Job as a Water Operator in the USA

The United States is home to over 119,000 water treatment facilities. The main purpose of these facilities is to provide residents with clean water that is free of dangerous bacteria. If you are interested in a career in the water treatment industry, figuring out exactly what role you want to fill is important. While there are a number of different positions in the average water treatment facility, among the best is a position known as a water operator.

Are you curious to learn what a water operator does and how to land a job as a water operator? If so, check out the useful information below.

What Does a Water Operator Do?

Unless you have previous experience in the water treatment industry, the term water operator is probably foreign to your ears. In short, a water operator is responsible for both maintaining and running a water treatment plant. Generally, your responsibilities as a water operator will involve ensuring the water is filtered and treated properly and repairing the various pieces of equipment used in this process.

In most cases, a water operator will collect water samples routinely to have them analyzed. With this analysis, a water operator can see whether or not the water in their facility is being properly cleaned and dispersed. There are times when water operators fill treatment chemicals and the filters located in the equipment in the facility. As a water operator, you will be required to keep a log of your work. These daily logs can come in handy if there is a problem with the treatment facility or the water being delivered to the residents in a particular area.

Becoming a Water Operator

Now that you know more about what a water operator does, we will discuss how to get a job in a water treatment plant as an operator. In most cases, a water operator will need at least a high school diploma. If you really want to impress a water treatment facility, then certifications are a must. Luckily, there are a number of courses you can take to learn more about things like surface water, coagulation and membrane processes. Having this information not only makes you a more desirable candidate, it will also help you once you start your career in a water treatment facility.

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Why Becoming a Water Operator is Beneficial

Before you jump into a new career as a water operator, you need to find out more about the benefits of this line of work. One of the main benefits that come with becoming a water operator is that it provides you with a long-lasting career. The pay for water operators is also quite competitive. The water treatment facility industry is also growing, with an estimated 124,000 positions available in the next four to five years.

Being a water operator is also a very rewarding job. The people who work in water treatment facilities serve their communities by ridding drinking water of various diseases and bacteria.

How to Ace Your Water Operator Interview

Once you find an open water operator position, you need to apply and start preparing yourself for the interview process. One of the main things a potential employer will want to know is why you want to work as a water operator. Explaining your desire to help others by reducing the harmful elements in their water is a good answer to this question. If you have previous experience working in a water treatment plant, you need to provide details about this to a potential employer.

During your interview, be sure to highlight your ability to work well with others and let your potential employer know you are trying to make a career in this industry. By letting them know this, you can show them you are reliable and in it for the long haul. Be sure to also ask questions during your interview. Not only will this provide you with more information about the position in question, it also shows a potential employer you are passionate about landing the job.

There is no denying just how beneficial a career as a water operator can be. By using these tips in this article, you should be able to land your dream job in no time.


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