How Much Water Does It Take To Make Our Food? Water Consumption Infographic


Have you ever wondered just how much water goes into the food stuffs we eat everyday? In addition to the water you consume directly from drinking it throughout the day, all of the food you eat contains a considerable amount of water. Not only that, the process of growing your food — no matter what it is — takes massive amounts of water. This is something we explored here at Hydration Anywhere before in our in-depth feature Where Does All The Water Go? Analyzing World Water Usage For Clever Ways To Save.

In that article, we talked about how reducing food waste is one of the major ways an individual or household can reduce their water use footprint. This is something we always try to keep in mind. When you get a look at the numbers of just how much water goes into food, it really is staggering!

To get an idea of how much water goes into some of your favorite foodstuffs, the folks at Natures Water Ltd put together this very informative infographic. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Thanks to Natures Water for sending it over and allowing us to display it on the blog.

The Amount Of Water It Takes To Make Your Food

How Much Water Does It Take To Make Our Food Infographic


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