How Much Water Do I Need When Exploring Disney World?

Disney World is one of the world’s most widely visited resorts. There’s good reason so many people love a trip here.

A visit to Disney offers the chance to take advantage of many highly individual parks with something for everyone. There’s an animal park, a water park and lots of places where the focus is on amusement rides and meeting many beloved Disney characters.

Visiting Disney also means plenty of chances for the whole family to have fun at the same time. Any visitors to Disney World need to be mindful of the fact that the parks are located in beautiful central Florida.

As temperatures tend to be quite hot and humid, all travelers should remember that hydration is essential. This is one way to help ward off all sorts of potentially serious health problems that can happen when people do not enough liquid.


Staying Hydrated At Disney World: Things To Think About

How Much Water To Drink At Disney World

The Time of Year

Like the rest of the country, the temperatures in Florida change from season to season.

Summer tends to the hottest time of the year. A typical high in Orlando in the summer can easily head past the ninety and above.

Evening may bring little relief as temperatures may not dip past seventy. Hydration is particularly crucial during the summer months.

While many spaces in Disney are covered, visitors may spend hours walking around from place to place and not be aware that they are getting hotter with each step.

Travelers should also be careful during the winter months. This is the area with the highest winter temperatures in the United States. It can be easy for any traveler to forget to drink and quickly start to feel the effects of the sun.

Lots of Humidity

Another issue that can also impact the traveler when at Disney is the region’s very high humidity.

This is one of the most humid areas in the country. Humidity can leach moisture from the body quickly and make it hard to concentrate on having fun.

Anyone visiting Disney World should make sure to wear light clothing that makes it easier to stay dry and comfortable. They should also make sure to drink as often as they can when waiting on line for a ride or even sitting down.

Great Food Choices

One of the many pleasures of visiting Disney World is that there are lots of terrific food choices within easy reach at nearly every single turn.

Some people opt for a meal plan while others choose to eat a la carte. Many food plans also include at least once drink with each meal.

It’s a good idea to avoid foods that can make people thirsty when at the attraction. Foods that are high in sodium such as salty snacks can increase thirst and bring too much salt into the body.

Good choices in cold drinks for those here include ice water, sweet tea and diet lemonade. These are all available at many kiosks inside each park.

Bringing Items Inside

Disney World officials are very liberal when it comes to letting visitors bring food and drinks inside the parks for their own personal use.

They will check each bag to make sure nothing dangerous is being brought in with the traveler. Travelers are free to bring in varied kinds of foods and drinks as long as they adhere to certain standards and do not threaten others.

Someone with a gluten allergy might want to take gluten free snacks with them. A water bottle is a useful tool that can help each person get access to water when it is convenient for them as they walk around from one attraction to the next.

See our selection of 2019’s best water bottles for a few great options

Water bottles can be stored when they are not in use in any personal bag. They can be refilled in many places in the park including the area’s water fountains.

Younger Children

Babies have highly specific liquid requirements in any given period.

A child who nursing may need to take in nourishment from mommy at routine intervals. A nursing mother will need to drink enough liquid to compensate for the fluid she’s using as she nurses. Toddlers also need to drink a lot of liquid each day.

Parents should do all they can to encourage their younger children to drink at least once or twice every single hour. This the best way to head off dehydration.

Dehydration can be particularly dangerous for babies and younger children. Small children can quickly have heat stroke which can lead to serious symptoms such as seizures. Parents should provide lots of opportunities for small children to nurse and drink as often as they like.

They should also keep a close eye on their children. Any indication that the child is struggling in the heat should be an indication to bring a child into a shaded area and seek medical attention.


Older Kids

Older kids also need to take special care when in the sun at Disney World. They can also find the heat and humidity uncomfortable.

Older kids can be taught strategies for avoiding potentially serious consequences. Providing each child with their own water bottle is a good strategy.

It encourages children to drink as often as they no matter where they are in the park. Kids should also be told to ask for drinks if they are feeling thirsty.

Seniors at the Park

Disney is not just for children.

Older folks can have just as much fun. However, like kids, they can also be especially vulnerable to the effects of the heat in the area.

Older folks should also be aware of the first symptoms of heat stroke. Put a list in a convenient place lets them check if they feel ill. A caregiver can also stow any such list and then check to make sure their loved one is fine as they appreciate Disney.

Drinking as often as possible will help anyone avoid potential problems from the heat and humidity all year long.

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