HIIT Bottle Review: An Insulated Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Bottle

HIIT Bottle Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Protein ShakerIf you’ve ever exercised, there is a pretty good chance you’re familiar with the protein shake. Even if you don’t exercise a bit, you’ve probably at least heard of it, maybe even tried it out. While still a main staple of fitness fanatics and athlete’s diets, the virtues of the protein shake have spread far and wide (not to mention they somewhere managed to cross the line from palatable to tasty.) Offering a convenient way to get a healthy boost of protein and vitamins, the protein shake is also a source of hydration. So when the folks from HIIT Bottle offered us the opportunity to do a review of their 22 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Bottle we were happy to give it a shot!

Designed to provide something much more rugged and usable than your typical plastic shaker bottle, the HIIT Bottle is constructed from high quality foodgrade 18/8 stainless steel. It makes use of the same type of vacuum insulation that we have explored at length in previous articles. This high quality construction and considerable insulating power combine to give the HIIT Bottle a versatility one does not typically expect from your run-of-the-mill protein shake mixer bottles. Portable, stylish, and insulated, the HIIT Bottle can easily be filled with a protein shake, accompany you to the gym, and have kept your shake refreshingly chilled until you’re ready for it.

Making Protein Shakes And Other Goodies With The HIIT Bottle Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Protein Shaker

HIIT Stainless Steel Insulated Protein Mixer Shaker Bottle

HIIT Bottle Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle in Polished Steel With Box and AgitatorThe HIIT Bottle is geared as a protein shaker bottle, and includes a plastic agitator perfect for mixing up a protein shake at home or on the go. But there is much more versatility to the HIIT Bottle than just making protein shakes. It is a great container for smoothies, milkshakes, coffee, water, or just about whatever you want to put in it. The insulation performs admirably: fill it up with a cold protein shake or a smoothie and it is still nice and frosty several hours later when I’m ready for it.

On the exterior of the bottle we find a pretty simple yet stylish design. My particular bottle, the Matte Black version, has a coating on the outside of the bottle which provides a lot of grip traction. Personally, I think the feel of the bottles coating is pretty cool, however it might feel a bit rough or sandpapery to some peoples tastes. I believe the other color options (the HIIT Bottle is also available in Gold/Bronze and Polished Steel) don’t have this coating and opt for a smooth stainless steel texture, so if the somewhat rough texture of the Matte Black doesn’t appeal to you be sure to check out those options!


Awesome Bottle, So-So Lid

HIIT Insulated Stainless Steel Protein Mixer Shaker Bottle
HIIT Bottle Lid DiagramThe bottle itself is awesome. The insulation is great, the grip coating is unique, and it has a stylish look. It is also designed for function: the tapered design provides it a slim bottom which can fit into standard cup holders while still providing a considerable 22 ounce capacity. HIIT has also gone above and beyond to solve some of the challenges associated with common shaker bottles. By making the interior of the bottle have no tight corners and all rounded edges, the HIIT is remarkably easy to clean even of notoriously difficult protein powers! This adds convenience when washing it, as well as making the bottle a safer and healthier option than plastic shaker bottles, which are porous and give bacteria all sorts of nooks and crannies to grow in.

When you get to the top of the HIIT Bottle, things aren’t quite as impressive. The lid consists of a locking pop-top mechanism to provide for easy drinking, with the entire lid unscrewing for filling or cleaning. The lid does its job pretty well, and the bottle manages to remain leak proof when inverted if the lid is secured properly. However, it can be a little finnicky and requires some attention to make sure it is properly sealed and locked. It also feels like it will without a doubt be the first part of the bottle to break. We feel like the bottle might have been better served by a simpler screw-on lid, but this is hardly a deal breaker given the overall quality design of the HIIT Bottle.

A Great Gym Or Office Companion

HIIT Insulated Stainless Steel Protein Shaker bottle With Lid On and BoxHIIT Bottle Protein Supplement Mixing Agitator
We’re always looking for nifty gym accessories and the HIIT Bottle certainly fits the ticket. In the past we’ve done articles on the best water bottles for the gym or even looked at the Mobot Foam Roller and Water Bottle. But while the HIIT Bottle immediately set off our sensors for a great fitness product, we’ve actually found it even more at home at the office! If I’m running up on a deadline and don’t want to skip out for lunch, I can just pick up my HIIT Bottle and make a protein shake in just a few minutes without hardly interrupting what I was doing at all.

Rattling the shaker around can be a bit noisy for the office sometimes, but it’s worth it! As a shaker bottle the HIIT works quite well. The agitator has a shape designed to be maximally effective at getting your protein and supplements evenly distributed as you get a mini-workout shaking up your lunch. I find the agitator design is easier to clean than the more common “wire ball” design I find in agitators for my cheaper plastic protein shaker bottles.


Review Summary

Cross Section Showing Interior of HIIT Bottle and Double-Walled Vacuum InsulationThere is a lot to like about the HIIT Bottle. From first glance it is a very nice looking bottle, and the manufacturers have done their duty to create both a well-designed and well-produced item. Not only is it stylish, the HIIT Bottle has all kinds of functions – definitely more than your average bottle! While it is marketed as a protein supplement shaker bottle (and includes an exceptional agitator to help get the job done,) the HIIT Bottle is just as capable of holding whatever you want to put into it. And thanks to its insulation, it is an ideal container for beverages hot or cold, be they coffees, teas, smoothies, protein shakes, or even just plain old H2O.

But as enamored as we might be with the bottle, the lid leaves a little something to be desired and its plastic construction certainly won’t stand the test of time in the way the virtually indestructible stainless steel bottle will. While it does provide leak-proofing and continues displaying HIIT’s devotion to highly functional design with its locking flip-top and multi-tiered design, we are left wishing that HIIT had opted for simplicity on this one.


At around ~$35 on Amazon the HIIT Bottle is a pretty good deal. While you might be able to find a vacuum insulated water bottle with a capacity larger than the HIIT Bottle’s 22 ounces at a similar price point, it won’t include the HIIT’s agitator or its clever easy-to-clean design optimized for a protein shaker.

Overall we like the HIIT a lot. It is also a pretty unique product, as there aren’t a whole lot of alternatives available for anyone seeking to up their shaker bottle game from the standard plastic ones. We award the HIIT Bottle 4/5 stars.

Learn More About the HIIT Bottle

To learn more specifics, check current prices, read other customer reviews, or purchase a HIIT Bottle for yourself, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

Want to see the HIIT Bottle in action? Check out this in-depth review from YouTube user Phat Doods Fitness to get a more animated perspective on the HIIT Bottle!


Insulated Stainless Steel Construction
Effective Agitator


Questionable Lid Design

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An insulated stainless steel shaker bottle, the HIIT Bottle is an ideal compliment for any gym-goer who can't live without their protein shake.

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  1. The lid broke the first day I used the water bottle, rendering the bottle worthless. Better yet, the company never responded to my emails, or Facebook messages (the only 2 ways to contact them), despite their stated 1-year warranty. Would have been much better off with a couple-dollar plastic bottle. So, the “Lambo of water bottles” analogy doesn’t really work; Lamborghinis don’t break on the first day I’d assume, and if one were to break, I’m sure Lamborghini really does support its warranties.

    • Hey Chad,

      Very sorry to hear about your issues with the HIIT Bottle. I will see if I can get in touch with someone from HIIT Bottle for you. We haven’t had any issues with our bottle, so it sounds like you got a defective one.


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