Healthy Vacations: 5 Essential Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

There’s more to a healthy vacation than just staying hydrated. Keep reading for healthy vacations: 5 essential ways to stay healthy on vacation.

You’ve been ticking the days off your calendar for weeks and you’ve packed so early that you’ve had to take your phone charger back out to use it. Now you just pray that you won’t get sick the moment you step off the plane. 

Vacations are often a time when we forget to look after ourselves even though there’s surely no better time. You don’t want to spend your precious vacation time in bed with sunstroke or worse. Healthy vacations will give you more energy to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Read our five quick tips to ensure that you stay healthy on your vacation and return home feeling better than ever. 

1. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

A Caribbean cruise can be fun for everyone and you’ll want to work on your tan. But the sun can burn you without turning your skin red thanks to the deep-reaching UVA rays that cause invisible but very real damage. UVB causes red skin and can leave you feeling exhausted and sick. 


No tan is worth ruining your vacation or health for so don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Use a high factor for sunny destinations and don’t forget that the sun reflects off snow, making sunscreen essential for winter vacations too. 

2. Be Mindful When Eating

A vacation often means embracing local foods and splashing out on impressive meals. There are several situations that require close attention to what you eat though to ensure healthy vacations every time. 


If you’re taking a plane journey it can be hard to remember to eat properly. Take healthy snacks with you to keep your energy up. When you’re in countries with different food standards, remember to always wash your hands and avoid foods that should normally be refrigerated if fridges commonly used there. 

3. Check Your Vaccinations

Vaccinations can be expensive but getting treatment for tropical illnesses is far more expensive. Always check if you need any travel vaccinations for the destination you’re visiting and speak to a travel health professional if you need further guidance. 

4. Forget Work

Okay, so it’s not easy to switch off from your work responsibilities but there are steps you can take to reduce work-related stress while on vacation. Try to complete any urgent work before you leave or delegate it to a colleague. 


Let any appropriate colleagues or clients know that you will be away on vacation and won’t be available for the duration. Set an out-of-office on your email and let the reader know when you will get back to them. 

5. Drink Often

With traveling, exciting activities, and a few too many cocktails, it’s easy to forget you need water. In hot places or on fitness vacations, adding in extra hydration is essential for health. Flights are dehydrating as well so always keep a bottle of water with you. 

Healthy Vacations Are Easy When You Know How

Issues like dehydration, missed meals, and sunburn can add stress to your vacation which is the last thing you want. Healthy vacations aren’t difficult if you plan ahead and take care of the essentials. 


Follow these five tips and have a relaxing, healthy vacation that will leave you refreshed until your next one. Follow us for more easy tips to get the most out of life!

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