Go Caddy Water Bottle Carrier & Tote Bag Review

Go Caddy Water Bottle Carrier with Phone Keys Wallet EtcIn addition to our obsession with water bottles themselves, we can never help but gravitate towards a useful water bottle accessory. So when the nice folks from Go Caddy asked us if we could review their all in one water bottle carrier and tote bag, we were happy to oblige.

Employing a simple and straightforward design, the Go Caddy is effectively a standard tote bag or purse equipped with a large pocket ideal for carrying a water bottle. The durable yet flexible material of the Go Caddy allows it to accommodate water bottles from just about all sizes – the 35 ounce FNova I tested with fit quite snugly, and the Go Caddy advertises its ability to hold bottles as big as 1.5 liters.

Hands on Review of the Go Caddy Water Bottle Carrier (~$20 on Amazon.com)

The Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder with Wallet and Bottle

In addition to the large pocket for carrying water bottles, the Go Caddy also features a deep pleated front pocket with a compartment secured with a strip of velcro. On the back is an elastic back pouch which provides quite a bit of space on account of its elasticity. As you can see in the photo above, we managed to stuff a pretty oversized wallet into the elastic back pouch with little issue. The elastic makes for a snug fit when inserting large enough items, providing a bit of security from it falling out.

However, I personally wouldn’t feel too comfortable putting anything too important in the elastic back pouch on account of the fact there is no way to close it. The front velcro pouch also (personally) seems a little risky for valuables as well, however it can be closed fairly securely with the velcro and is much more suitable for a phone or wallet. It also includes a “hidden interior pocket,” but really it just seems more like the main pocket is divided more than hidden. An interior zipper pouch might add a touch of security, but for short outings where you don’t need much the Go Caddy is a good option.

Carrying the Go Caddy

Go Caddy Water Bottle Carrier and Tote Bag With Contents Out

Carrying the Go Caddy is mainly accomplished with the use of its 1″ wide, 54″ long adjustable carrying strap. The strap is very easily adjustable, lending itself well to the unisex, one-size-fits-all design of the carrier. The strap makes carrying the tote bag a breeze, even with a fairly heavy water bottle with a full load. With the help of the easily adjustable strap it is no problem to find a comfortable position at which to carry the Go Caddy.

I have yet to take it on a long hike, however through the walks I’ve taken with my Go Caddy I have found it quite comfortable to carry and not causing any fatigue.


Attached just below the strap is also an included carabiner, perfect for securing keys or similar items. It is a durable metal carabiner with a small clip and provides a secure way to fasten keys or other objects.

Other Neat Features & Info

Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder Front Velcro Pouch View
Go Caddy with Money, Passport, Keys, Water Bottle
Also included with the Go Caddy is a water bottle sleeve, which is made of a stretchy material that can fit most water bottles. It stretched pretty snugly over the 35 ounce FNova pictured above, and while the insulating properties are a bit wasted on a vacuum insulated bottle like the FNova, I put the sleeve on for demonstration purposes anyway. On a glass water bottle the Go Caddy’s sleeve could provide a bit of extra protection from breakage, in addition to a nice bit of insulation.

For plastic bottles or other types of non-insulated bottles, the sleeve can be quite handy at keeping the contents of your bottle a little better insulated.

For those curious about what the Go Caddy is made out of, the materials are a microfiber equipped with rubber backing for the body with a 100% poly inner lining. The pouch is 420 Denier nylon, and the strap is a polypropylene webbing.

Go Caddy is currently available in red, brown, and black colors.

Review Summary

Overall, we like the Go Caddy. Aside from a few concerns about the security of the pouch, the design accomplishes its goals and provides a more than adequate way to tote your water bottle along with a few essential items.

Learn more about the Go Caddy by visiting the Amazon listing or checking out the Go Caddy website. You can also check out this short YouTube video to get a bit of an idea of the Go Caddy in action.

Other Ways To Carry Your Water Bottle


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Fits Most Water Bottles
Storage Pocket


Frount Pouch Doesn’t Secure Well

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The GoCaddy Water Bottle Carrier & Tote provides a handy way to carry your water bottle with you where ever you go, and even offers some extra storage space for a few additional items.

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