Glass Water Filter Pitchers: The Limited Options

We’ve done extensive reviews of water filter pitchers and we are often praising glass as the safest and cleanest way to store your water, so when we decided to combine the two it seemed like it would be a logical step. Unfortunately, from our first searches for glass water filter pitchers, we were rather disappointed to find a remarkably limited selection!

In fact, in the spirit of what we were originally looking for — a glass water filter pitcher — we came up empty-handed. But we did find one carafe which fits the bill and performs an identical function to a water filter pitcher. There are also a few other ways you can setup your kitchen to provide you with the same result a glass water filter pitcher would, which we’ll take a look at below. But we are quite surprised to find that a simple glass pitcher equipped with a filter seems to be absent from the market!

What To Do About The Glass Water Filter Pitcher Shortage


There are two solutions for the lack of glass water filter pitchers. First, you can invest in something like the Soma 6 Cup Glass Water Filter Carafe, which we’ll talk about more below. It performs an identical function that a glass pitcher would, though it is a bit smaller in capacity than you may have been hoping for when it comes to a pitcher.

The second option is to filter your water through another device such as an undersink water filter, a gravity filter, or even your home’s whole house water filter, such as the Aquasana Rhino. After filtering, you can select from a huge range of glass pitchers in all shapes an sizes (though shockingly unequipped with filters) to store your water in the fridge for chilling or for easy access when serving.

Let’s take a look at the Soma Carafe.

Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe: The Only Glass Water Filter “Pitcher” Around

Pouring water into Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe

Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe

In terms of a device that functions identically to a glass water filter pitcher, the only checkbox the Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe doesn’t check is having any sort of handle. Other than that, it is identical to a glass water filter pitcher: pour water in, store it on the fridge, counter, or serve it on the table, and pour out filtered water. It also looks quite attractive with a design more modern than you’ll find on any pitcher.

The Soma carafe uses a coconut shell carbon filter with a plant-based casing for an environmentally friendly disposable filter good for up to 40 gallons of water, or around 105 refills of the 6-cup carafe. This is a simple filter designed to improve the taste of tap water. It traps sediments and particulates, reduces chlorine taste and odor, mercury, and has been NSF testing certified to standards 53 and 42. Replacement filters cost around $20 for a 2 pack.

These filters do a great job of making your tap water taste better, especially if it has a strong chlorine flavor. However, if your home has seriously bad water, you will want to look into a more heavy-duty filtration system.

While we would prefer a larger option than six cups, and perhaps something (like a real pitcher) with a handle, the Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe does a great job for what it is. It fits comfortably in the fridge or on the table, is easy to serve from and clean, and the filters do a good job at improving the taste of water. Sadly, Soma’s larger sizes which utilize the same filter all use BPA-free plastic instead of glass.

Learn more details about the Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe and check current prices by visiting the Amazon listing.

The Other Option: KOR Waterfall Filter

KOR Waterfall Countertop Water Filter with Glass Carafes in Use with Infused Water

KOR Waterfall Countertop Water Filter With Glass Carafe and Extra Filter

Technically, the KOR Waterfall isn’t really a container at all, it is a filter. However, included with the KOR Waterfall are two very snazzy 1 liter glass carafes with glass lids. To use the KOR Waterfall, you pour water into the upper container and wait for it to filter down under the force of gravity into the carafe below.

The KOR Waterfall uses a coconut shell carbon filter very similar to the ones used by the Soma filters above. It reduces chlorine taste and odor and removes some common tap water contaminants. KOR is a well-known filter brand and these sorts of tap-water only filters do a great job of improving the taste of most home tap water. Replacement filters run around $20 and are designed to last up to 80 gallons or roughly 300 carafe-fills.

There are some benefits to a system like the KOR Waterfall over a traditional filter pitcher. Being able to fill up not only the two included carafes but also as many other containers as you like is a nice option not available on a water filter pitchers or the Soma Glass Filter Carafe.

You can see what else we have to say about this water filter by reading our complete review of the KOR Waterfall. Or you can learn more details and check current prices by visiting the Amazon listing.


Hope For The Future

While we were disappointed to find that there are no actual water filter pitchers available, we were pleased to discover that at least the Soma Glass Water Filter Carafe is taking steps in the right directions. We’re hopeful we will see a glass water filter pitcher in the future that fits the description with no caveats, and when we find one, we’ll be sure to let you know with a complete review.

Thanks for reading! If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, check out our Water Pitcher Reviews Section to see some selections of water filter pitchers and water infuser pitchers. For more options for water filters, be sure to check out our Water Filters and Purifiers Reviews Section.

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We explore the surprising lack of glass water filter pitchers and what to do in their absence.

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