Generic Hydro Flasks – 5 Impressive Alternatives

The Hydro Flask is successful for a reason. Named our best bottle of 2015, it’s a bottle we still use well into 2016 and beyond – we even had to mention it again in 2016’s best bottles. Made with 18/8 foodgrade stainless steel, equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, and available in a range of sizes and colors, the Hydro Flask brand has come to dominate the insulated stainless steel bottle market.

All of this success has bred a huge market for hungry competitors. Interestingly, whatever patents Hydro Flask might have seem to be quite loose, as a wealth of generic Hydro Flask alternatives have recently been popping up, imitating not only the design and construction of the Hydro Flask but even going so far as to copy the aesthetic, too.

Being long-time fans of the Hydro Flask, we have been eager to get our hands on some of these generic versions and see if any of them present a worthy alternative to the Hydro Flask itself.

Finding a Worthwhile Generic Hydro Flask Competitor


When we began looking for generic Hydro Flasks, we suspected we might be inviting a lot of sub-par water bottles into our life. However, the results have actually been surprisingly positive. Pretty much every Hydro Flask alternative we explored was of decent quality construction and comparable to the brand name Hydro Flask

Below we’ll explore our five picks which most closely resemble the original. Along the way we’ll point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a generic over brand name and hopefully inform you of some excellent purchasing options. The great thing about all of these options is they represent excellent bargain Hydro Flasks. Nearly the same thing as the original for much cheaper, they are all exceptional ways to carry your water in the most affordable insulated bottles around.

Quick Compare

Quench Bottle
Removable Flip-Top Lid
32 Ounce Capacity
$10-$12 Cheaper than Hydro Flask
2 Colors
Buy on Amazon
Fluid Bottle
Screw-On & Flip-Top
40 Ounce Capacity
$10-$11 Cheaper than Hydro Flask
2 Colors
Buy on Amazon
Klear Bottle
Attached Screw-On Lid
40 Ounce Capacity
$11-$12 Cheaper than Hydro Flask
6 Colors
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FNova Bottle
Sports, Bamboo, Straw
20 Ounce Capacity
$3-$6 Cheaper than Hydro Flask
1 Color
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In-Depth Comparison & Reviews

5. Quench Bottle 32 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (~$21 on

Quench Bottle Flip Top Lid 32 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Generic Hydro Flask

The Quench Bottle is a pretty close mimic of the Hydro Flask in just about every respect. That includes being a quality, well constructed bottle. The Quench feels a little lighter and maybe a tad less sturdy than a comparably sized Hydro Flask, however the difference is minimal.

Boasting exceptional double-walled vacuum insulation, the Quench bottle is capable of keeping its contents insulated as well as just about any other bottle on the market. It also features the useful anti-sweat matte coating, just like a Hydro Flask, and feels nice in the hand, never getting slippery from condensation, or hot/cold from heat transfer. It includes a flip-top lid with purchase, which is not our favorite lid option, but works pretty well. It is leak proof if closed properly, but can be easy to leave a little ajar on accident.

At roughly $21 on Amazon, the Quench bottle more than a full $10 less than a Hydro Flask of the same size.


4. Fluid 40 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Bottle (~$26 on

Fluid Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle 40 Ounce Generic Hydro Flask AlternativeMuch like the Quench bottle above, the Fluid Bottle stays pretty true to the Hydro Flask design. It has a wide-mouth opening and includes both a screw-on and flip-top lid with purchase. Both are effectively identical to their Hydro Flask counterparts. The screw-on lid is excellently leak proof, and we prefer the Fluid’s flip-top lid to the Quench’s.

The Fluid bottle feels very similar to a Hydro Flask when holding, carrying, or using. It has exceptional insulation and features anti-sweat matte coating. Ultra affordable at just $26, the Fluid is about $10 cheaper than a Hydro Flask of the same size.

3. Klear 32 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (~$20 on

Klear Bottle 32 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Bargain Hydro Flask Alternative

A pretty admirable copycat, the Klear Bottle accomplishes its role as a generic Hydro Flask so well there is almost nothing to say about it. Equipped with a screw-on lid, it is exceptionally trustworthy in its leakproofing. The construction feels sturdy and not at all cheap despite the low price tag.

The Klear Bottle is almost identical to the Quench bottle featured at #5, and therefore pretty much identical to a 32 ounce Hydro Flask. Practically the only difference is the logo on the front. At about $1 cheaper than the Quench, it is about ~$11-~$12 cheaper than a Hydro Flask of the same size.


2. FNova 20 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (~$20 on

FNova Water Bottle Review

Named our best stainless steel bottle of 2016, we are pretty big fans of the FNova. Why? Because it offers great quality at a great price. Every FNova bottle includes three very useful lids: a sport-cap with a loop to hook onto a belt or carabiner, a stylish bamboo-capped stainless steel lid, and a highly useful straw-lid for easy access. All of the lids perform admirably, and make the FNova a serious bargain.

As a generic Hydro Flask, the FNova successfully ticks all the boxes to make it a worthy alternative. It has quality insulation, anti-condensation coating, and 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction. Hydro Flask does not make a 20 ounce version, however they do have a 21 ounce Hydro Flask for comparison. The 20 ounce FNova ranges anywhere from ~$3-~$6 cheaper than the 21 ounce Hydro Flask. While this is not quite as exceptional as some of the other savings on this list, it is quite a bargain when you factor in the inclusion of three lids.

1. 45 Degree Latitude 64 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Growler (~$37 on

45 Degree Latitude Insulated Stainless Steel Growler 64 Ounce Hydro Flask Alternative
Not only is this beast of a 64 ounce growler the biggest capacity bottle on this list, it is also the biggest savings. At just $37, we fully expected the 45 Degree Latitude to be a disappointing investment. Afterall, a Hydro Flask of the same size can be easily over double the price of the humble 45 Degree Latitude growler.

Yet despite that, the 45 Degree Latitude bottle boasts just about all the features of its more expensive brother. Wide-mouth opening, leak-proof screw-on lid, top-notch 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction, and the all-important 24 hours cold/12 hours hot insulation, the 45 Degree Latitude growler brings it all to the table for substantially cheaper than almost all of its competition.

Holding a 45 Degree Latitude growler side-by-side with a 64 ounce Hydro Flask growler, we do have to admit that the 45 Degree Latitude feels a bit lighter and maybe slightly cheaper in construction. However, really, in day to day usage the difference is unnoticably negligible. Anyone looking for a bargain insulated growler should give the 45 Degree Latitude bottle a shot. The only thing we don’t like about it is the large logo!

45 Degree Latitude also offers a 100% money back guarantee for anyone unsatisfied with their purchase, so it is a pretty safe bet to give it a shot.

The Advantages of Sticking with Brand Name Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask 40 Ounce Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water BottleOur frugally-minded readers are probably now wondering if there is any reason to go with the original Hydro Flask at all over one of its many alternatives, given the potential savings. Yet there is still some good reasons to go with Hydro Flask itself. Probably the main thing that these generic Hydro Flasks do not offer is the huge wealth of accessories which are available for the Hydro Flask.

And don’t get us wrong, the Hydro Flask is undoubtedly a very high quality product. We still opt for it in our day-to-day usage, even after having explored the alternatives. But if we didn’t already own Hydro Flasks of our own, there is no doubt we’d all be quite happy with any of these alternatives!

Other Insulated Options

If none of the bottles above caught your fancy, be sure to check out our article on the Best Insulated Water Bottles to find some other great options.

You’ll also find a few great options in the Best Water Bottles 2019 Buyer’s Guide.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop us a line in the comments section!

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We sort through the best generic Hydro Flask alternatives to help you save some money and still get a great insulated bottle.

3 thoughts on “Generic Hydro Flasks – 5 Impressive Alternatives”

  1. Forgot to mention the incredible warranty and the minimal upcharge for an American designed product. I had an issue with one of my years old Hydroflasks and they sent me a brand new one, no further questions asked. Paying a little extra up front is usually worth the investment when pertaining to a company who stands behind their product.

    • When you say “American Designed Product” it gives the illusion that the product is US produced when in fact, it is not. On the bottom of the two I own is clearly states “Made in China”… however if it were true that they made and distributed their products within the states that would be a marvelous selling point!

  2. Hydro Flask is a hugely overpriced product. I’ve been using other “Thermos” type flasks for years before the Hydro Flask fad in Hawaii. They have great marketing, but Tiger, aka “Sahara” has been selling equivalent insulated water bottles for years before them which includes a protective carrying bag and strap, and an alternative hot water cup and stopper. The best made insulated beverage bottle I have ever owned is the original Nissan bottle, now part of the Thermos line, which everybody recognizes as the bottles Starbucks used to store their milk and cream in at the counter. You could buy it with either a carafe or bottle spout. I’ve had mine for 30 years. We’ll see if the Hydro Flasks will last that long. Another bottle I’ve tried recently is the Takeya stainless 40 oz. bottles sold through Costco, two for $34.00. They seem to be a virtual clone of the Hydro Flask at less than half the price. I tested the cold capabilities of the bottle and they will keep ice for 24 hours no problem just like the Hydro Flask. I noticed Hydro Flask was acquired earlier this year by Helen of Troy for $210 million cash. Great sell job. “Trees do not grow to the sky”. There are lots of great clones.


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